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Where to Play Mini Golf for New York City FamiliesFor many families, mini golf is a quintessential summer activity that they look forward to every year. While there are plenty of courses on Long Island and in New Jersey, you don't need to head out of town for putt-putt golf. In addition to a driving range and a pro shop for grown-ups, this Queens course boasts a nine-hole mini golf course for kids and families. This funky seafood shack has an eight-hole mini golf course in its backyard along with three cornhole games for your amusement before or after dinner. This lovely 18-hole putt-putt course is part of a larger complex that features grown-up golf, a driving range and a pro shop. The most offbeat course of them all, the Jewish Children's Museum has a small Six Holes of Life Mini Golf installation on its fifth floor. Run by Manhattan Youth, this 13,000-square-foot, 18-hole course debuted in 2011 and quickly became a family hot spot due to it being easy, inexpensive and accessible. This course is absolutely beautiful with a waterfall and lovely landscaping that makes you feel like you're far from the city. This newcomer to the putt putt scene was put together by some well-known Brooklyn buddies, who previously banded together to build the Holiday Lights Spectacular in South Slope. This 18-hole mini golf course in lush Pelham Bay Park (not on City Island, despite the address) features landscaped gardens, shade trees and water features.

And while it's technically not mini golf, kids may enjoy the five-hole AstroTurf putting green in the southwest corner of Bryant Park, which is open every day, weather permitting. While it's not on top of my go-to list for fun, my son loves it and so we've tried just about every putt-putt course in the tri-state area.
There are currently a dozen places to play mini golf right here in New York City, including a brand new indoor course in Red Hook. The course changes every year and always features wildly innovative holes, all designed by artists and usually fashioned out of recycled materials.
Of course playing isn't the sole point; each hole is meant to teach a specific Jewish ritual, from bris to bar mitzvah. Even mini golf novices should be able to complete the game in less than 20 minutes, and the holes have some cute features, like the one where your ball ends up in a stream and floats back to the green. Kids get to explore concepts like propulsion, gravity, escape velocity, launch window and gravitational assist while playing.
The indoor, 18-hole course features four golf rooms, with theatrical lighting and mini shows that tell the story of Captain Red Hook.
In addition to mini golf, there's a go-kart racing track, a roller hockey rink and batting cages. While it won't take long to tackle this six-hole course, there are plenty of other things to do at the museum once you're through.
If you don't want to take the public M35 bus (which doesn't come very often), there's a shuttle bus that runs from the Upper East Side directly to the center.

Forget spinning windmills; in Splash Down, players attempt to shoot their balls across the putting green into a Skee-ball-type mechanism, with a globe as its main target.
Once you've finished the course, spend some time in the arcade with its retro video games (think Frogger and Donkey Kong) for a quarter per play. The 18-hole golf course is pretty traditional, with water and sand traps that stymie players throughout.
Having hit Figment's courses in years past, I want to note that they work better as interactive art installations than as mini golf. Clinical psychologist, chartered psychologist mit materials science technician free resume writer.
If your kids are like mine and into scoring and setting up their shots, let them know the deal in advance so they don't become frustrated. European court presentations doctorate, ipm, apiculture, wood-boring beetles, expert use this.

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