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I tested the boards and tried to troubleshoot the code I wrote (also, no success, because of the C libraries on my PearPC).
After that, get your FabISP or AVRISP and your FTDI cable, and get the master board connected to the FTDI and to the AVR. Then, open the C code with your favorite text editor (I recommend Notepad++ for Windows, TextWrangler for Mac and GEdit for Linux) and change the node id (in the #define node_id '0' line) from 0 to 1 (because the master board is number 0).
After that, disconnect your master board from the FabISP or from the AVR and connect a cable from the master 4-pin to the node 4-pin.
How can you make sure you’re profiting from their latest changes to build a profitable network? Browse the explanations of each tactic, why it’s important, and what it can do for you. Remember to share this infographic with your own network, using the social buttons at the top & bottom of this post.
You can add hyperlinks to your profile as calls-to-action.  Make the most of your profile by giving people actionable steps to connect with you, get a free resource, or call you. Each profile has a Contact Info section, and this is a hugely underused tool.  You can add up to three hyperlinks here, and customize them so they are calls-to-action instead of just the standard Website, Blog, and Email links. Be detailed about what you offer, ensuring your descriptions includes answers to the most frequently-asked questions about your products.  Also consider stamping out objections here as well.

Just like you can get a recommendation from another LinkedIn user for your profile, you can do the same for each of your products.  Recommendations are a much stronger credibility-builder than endorsements, as your clients can include specific details about their results with you. Write posts from your business at least once per week to keep your brand visible.  LinkedIn removed the ability to do this via RSS feeds with their latest updates, so create a schedule and be consistent with your posts. LinkedIn offers excellent analytics about visitor traffic to your page, as well as demographic data about your visitors including job title, geographic location, industry, and more. Get ultra-specific by searching for connections within LinkedIn Groups or specific companies.  If you serve clients in the accounting niche, this is where you can search for connections within groups you belong to or by a particular firm. Any section of your profile, from Summary to Experience, can have a gallery associated with it (Projects cannot have a gallery).  You can also reorder your sections, so if your Work Experience is what you want viewers to see first, you can move that to the top of your profile. Solve a problem, give people a solution or an action they can take with your gallery titles, and visitors are far more likely to check out the descriptions.  Tell people what your gallery resources will do for them with a compelling title that makes them curious enough to click to read more. Groups tend to have a spammy reputation because so many LinkedIn users simply blast their marketing message in the discussions without ever doing any real networking.  That makes it easy for you to stand out by being authentic. Who are the top thought leaders and respected professionals in your field?  If you could meet any one of them at a conference (if you could get through the crowds), who would it be?  Why not reach out to them on LinkedIn?  If they use it regularly, instead of having a profile they rarely use, they’ll almost always be open to new connections. Superconnectors are those individuals who have large networks of diverse professionals from a wide variety of industries, and who enjoy introducing people to forge new relationships. Whenever you offer or receive a new endorsement, that activity appears in your connection’s latest News Feeds.

Endorsements don’t allow you to go into detail about why your colleague is awesome at blogging or marketing.
One LinkedIn profile tends to look the same as the next, unless you have Recommendations, which set you apart from the crowd as having earned a testimonial.
The best Recommendations are specific, not only in what skills the person has, but in how they benefited you. Providing a Recommendation to a client bolsters that working relationship in a way that few other things do. The savviest LinkedIn users create a systemized way of asking for Recommendations on a regular basis.
Get the Free Template ??Your EZ button for creating your most successful Facebook posts yet! Identify every tactic you haven’t done yet and commit to 10 minutes a day to implement it.

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