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Today, we’re very lucky to have a chance to sit down with Amybeth Quinn, Global Strategic Sourcing Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Cloud and President of Sourcing 7 (a special interest group of Northwest Recruiters Association) to discuss this topic.
Previously, Geekology interviewed an iOS Mobile Developer and an QA Engineer to learn how potential technical candidates feel about the job descriptions they would run into.
I’m a software engineer with 4 years of experience – 2 years at startups and 2 at a corporate level company. What if technical recruiters can add something that developers find useful to their email messages?
The position of project manager seems generic and self-explanatory; someone who manages projects. First and foremost, project managers exist in every industry, whether be it architecture, construction, government, healthcare, real estate, you name it.
JavaScript is one of today’s most popular programming languages, however there were interesting twists in its history.
Real-time systems have more specific conditions than regular systems, where there are strict timing restrictions on producing the outputs. Every In-House Training Program is thoughtfully constructed to meet each client’s unique recruitment challenges, objectives, and goals.  The In-House Training Program provides clients with the most comprehensive recruitment training platform available, as well as an array of content, delivery, and customization options.
Imagine a newly minted doctor deciding that she knew everything she’d ever need to know about medicine simply because she had completed her formal education and residency. Unfortunately, recruitment seems to be a discipline that often fails to live up to this standard. The recruiting industry is rapidly evolving, with tools, processes, and philosophies constantly changing. To help recruiters stay current, design a training program that’s based on continuous learning.
To realize the benefits of peer-to-sharing among your recruiters, encourage honest, open communication during each training session.
Don't underestimate the power of a systematic and comprehensive recruitment training program to reshape and reinvigorate your company’s recruiters. In this installment in our series, we set to find out more by interviewing an experienced SDE currently working at a leading technology company.
Usually in these recruiting messages, it’s all about getting the developer to become interested in the job opening the recruiter is trying to fill.

However, upon even a few minutes of searching, it is evident that the abundance of functions and job titles can be quite daunting. Besides the basic communication and related soft skills that are necessary, their job functions require backgrounds that are industry specific.
Chances are you’re using cloud software and services all the time: Flickr, Google Drive, even your own email. When we talk to potential clients about their RPO needs, we often ask about their existing recruitment training programs. At the basic level, recruitment training should be timely, well-organized, and interactive. By now, recruiters should have mastered LinkedIn; they also need to know how to use the best of the new recruiting tools that are popping up daily. All levels of recruiters need to understand that staying on top of responsibilities and addressing client issues is more important than preserving their ego or covering their butt. Inevitably, even the most experienced recruiters will gravitate toward the tasks they like, and get flabby on the ones they don't (or the ones they aren’t good at).
A successful training program should be like the Lazy Susan on your dinner table: it should include ALL levels of staff and systematically spin through EVERY skill required in that role. Without a constant emphasis on learning to stay ahead of changing market conditions, your recruiters will fall behind…fast. You will soon see from the candidate’s perspective on how he approaches the application process. However, given the diversity of applicants, it is not uncommon for potential candidates to be lacking in IT-related experience. What all these services have in common is that they can store information via the Internet.
Originally known as Mocha, the name was chosen by Marc Andreessen, the founder of Netscape. The definition of a real-time system may be confusing at first, so let’s use an example to illustrate the process. We collaborate closely with clients from program inception through post-program follow-up.  We follow this approach not because it’s the best way to do business, but because it’s the only way to do business. In most professions, it’s understood that continuing education is required to keep your skills up-to-date.

Your recruiters should know how to use tools like Exalead, DDG and Blekko as well as they know how to use LinkedIn. Oftentimes, hearing about the experiences of peers can help recruiters avoid making the same mistakes, or help them to repeat a successful process. A good training session should offer attendees the chance to listen to peers discuss successes and failures openly, facilitating honesty and accountability. For example, a course about properly sourcing candidates should include everything from how to use social media techniques to ferret out great candidates to how to generate excitement with a candidate during the initial phone conversation.
Fortunately, there are often non-technical positions that do not require computer science degrees and on the job training is also an option if the requirements are not overly rigorous. This means that you can access them from virtually anywhere in the world as long as you’re connected to the Internet. Netscape wanted to make its own tiny programming language that runs right in the browser, instead of having to make up new HTML tags. Professional training programs, annual certifications, and industry conferences exist for just that purpose.
If training for their internal recruiters is offered at all, it's infrequent, and typically utilizes generic third-party programs that aren’t tailored to the company's culture and processes. In addition, training should be provided on the latest behavioral techniques, in the best case by industry or position type.
This forces the staff to tackle skills (even the more basic ones) that they may have been ignoring on an ongoing basis. Netscape wanted an easier-to-understand and accessible language to work for the web browser since Java was the dominant programming language of that time and was difficult to learn.
Consciously or not, it seems that many companies expect internal recruiters to come to them with an in-place body of skills, and that, like with our misguided doctor above, these skills are the only ones they’ll really ever need. Brendan Eich, a new hire at NetScape, created a brand new language in 10 days (most programming languages take years to create), what we know today as JavaScript.

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