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This series of courses reflects the different levels of management and the various responsibilities involved.
These sales based courses are designed to address all the various sales approaches and remain focused on the issues of today. Whether the selling is on the telephone, face-to-face or at an exhibition, these courses are aimed at those who want repeat business.
How we treat others and how we are expected to Safeguard the more vulnerable in our society has become the focus of many changes in socially based legislation. No one is suggesting that change is always easy but, if embraced, will almost certainly mean a more harmonious working environment and people are kept safe. Bracey Business Training prides itself on the ability to create specific courses for individual customers. Our portfolio is based on communication as the core skill but we are more than happy to talk to clients about their training needs.
Our wish is to make both information and ease of contact as trouble free for clients as possible.
Steve Bracey has been training for over 30 years and held senior management positions in well-known organisations. A Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, he started the company in 1990 and has rapidly built up a reputation not only as a presenter but for constructing and developing training programmes throughout the UK. Steve Humpherson joined Bracey Business Training in August 2005 and brings with him a wealth of experience having worked in various industries and businesses.
The following 13 years has seen him working in various posts for local and national government in the world of training. These standards have been instrumental in both retaining customers and developing new ones. The development of courses and clients has resulted in Bracey Business Training becoming a partnership with Steve Bracey and Steve Humpherson. You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute, copy or commercially exploit the content on this website. To contact Steve Bracey, please call (07860 841347) or call (07946 308594) for Steve Humpherson. Cookie Policy: To help us better understand how our visitors use this site, we use Google Analytics.
If you choose to accept cookies while browsing our site, we will assume applied consent has been given. If you are a beauty therapist looking to branch out as a nail technician, then you are in the right place. After leaving school I really didn’t want to go to sixth form or college, but the only way of doing beauty, which I knew of was going to college for 2 or 3 years, which was something I didn’t want to do. I think it’s part of that British thing of not wanting to blow your own trumpet, not wanting to brag.
The whole truth is that I’m an experienced, Pitman trained legal secretary, working for a prominent barrister in Lincolns Inn Fields.
And I’m the engine room, as it were, striving to make the admin side of the law operate smoothly.
I used to be a receptionist at the Silver Vaults, just off Chancery Lane and I got jealous of a friend who had taken a legal secretarial course at Pitman Training on High Holborn which got her into a fabulous, well-paid job.
It’s lucky I have a jealous streak, otherwise I would never have paid way more than I can afford to study a legal secretarial course of my own and which led to a Pitman Training diploma.

It was really hard, studying after work every evening for a year, but I couldn’t let my friend get too far ahead of me! At the end of a year, I was so exhausted, I thought I was going to die, but then one of the trainers slipped a note onto my desk. I felt I had nothing to lose and it would be good practise for me, so I arranged an interview. On arrival, the incumbent secretary set me a number of tests, such as touch typing and use of the audio transcriber. I’d never met a barrister before and she was as frighteningly clever yet charming as I had imagined one to be. Even when we were discussing non-work stuff, her questions were gentle but incisive and I found myself giving away much more than I had intended about myself. I wasn’t sure how well I had come across and heard nothing for 5 days, when I received a letter through the post – yes, a real letter, with a stamp on it! I was being invited back for a selection day with two other girls, so I reckoned I had a one-in-three chance of getting the job.
At the selection day, we were given a number of individual and collaborative tasks to do and each one of us was pathetic at some of these. The boss said we had all performed pretty poorly at the selection tasks but it was the fact that I had bothered to find, pay for and complete a diploma level, Pitman Training legal secretarial course that swung it for me.
This entry was posted in News and tagged Holborn Training news, legal secretary, pitman training. OSS Academy is recognized by TCOLE (click here for Missouri POST Letter of Affirmation from OSS Academy).
We provide a high professional standard of education in all aspects of beauty therapy and holistic therapies. Our courses are affordable, flexible and accessible and whether you are a beginner or an experienced therapist wishing to update your skills, our courses can be tailored to suit your requirements. Courses are held on a regular basis and range from evenings, weekends, part weeks and full weeks and are available in the Grampian and Highland region and Devon. An Indian Head Massage course took place at Lews Castle College and was delivered by Wendy Andrews from Beauty Therapy Trainer. For more information please contact us and to view details of our terms and conditions, payments and cancellation policy please see here. Have you taken a course with us or have a course booked and are starting up your own business?
Whether an Individual is called a supervisor, team leader or manager; they all have the difficult task of managing people while, at the same time, having to fulfill their own tasks and duties. Collectively they are not for the 'hard-sell gift of the gab merchant' but for modern sales people with understanding of customer needs and attitudes.
To this end, we have ensured that we have a number of first-class Associate Trainers who can be called upon for specialist subjects.
This being the case, we use any spare time to generate new ideas and training opportunities. The client list now includes small businesses, multi-nationals, local goverment and housing associations. The company can also offer a number of experienced Associate Trainers with various subject expertise. Nor may you transmit, store or copy any of its content to any form of digital, electronic or print medium.

If we are unable to take your call, please leave a message and contact details, and we will come back to you at our earliest opportunity. Registered Office: Waterside Cottage, Horsebridge Lane, Whittington, Kinver, South Staffordshire.
You can, at any time, change your browsing settings to not accept cookies, but we ask that you allow us to use these valuable but anonymous files so that we may improve our visitor experience in the future. Howard and Linda were so kind and welcoming and put everyone at ease when they were feeling a bit nervous.
If you read the Times, or listen to Radio 4, you’ll be aware of my boss as she handles high profile divorce cases. And I mastered Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook to a level most people don’t even know exists. With my newly acquired level of skill, these were a piece of cake, so I was ushered into the boss’ office, for the real interview. She was impressed by my commitment, even if some of my work during the day was on the dodgy side.
Click here, for a listing of our specialized courses currently under development and scheduled for completion in 2015-16. You will be working with tutors who have personal experience of beauty and holistic therapies in a salon and spa environment. Upon successful completion of your course a recognised professional qualification will be awarded allowing you to obtain insurance and start your own business.
This series of courses addresses the need to communicate well with customers and colleagues and the importance of perception. Bracey Business Training offers a complete range of people skills training and we pride ourselves on tailoring content to ensure that our customer needs are met. All this ensures that Bracey Business Training can still provide our customers with the promise made at the start of business in 1990; Quality and Personal Service Ensures Customer Satisfaction. I paid the ?10 to use their kit on the day and thought it was well worth it, but having seen the kit they offer I would also say it's well worth the money and great for starting out. All with the knowledge that we will provide on-going support to help our students maximise their investment. Included in all of the courses, an element of anatomy and physiology will be involved in the theory process. The delivery of the course was well structured and easy to follow as well as being interactive. Added to this, we will not only be blogging but, in the near future, we shall be on Linkedln. Howard gave me excellent advise for starting out as a part time mobile nail technician around my degree. It was a very long day but so worth it and enjoyable if you are as passionate about nails as I am.
You could look at their products on sale and I did buy a few things on the day which again was well worth the money and cheaper than anywhere else. I am definitely coming back in the new year for the waxing and hopefully silk and fibreglass as they were amazing teachers and wonderful people.

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