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Coming just fifteen years after the book was (initially) closed on the View Askewniverse, Kevin Smith is (finally) making a Jay and Silent Bob video game. The game is currently being crowdfunded on Fig, a platform that enables people to actually invest in the titles that they back. After training to be an Intellectual Property lawyer, Dan abandoned a promising career in financial services to sit at home and play with gadgets.
Do not pass go, do not collect $200 until you play this epic version of the classic game: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Monopoly! Kevin Smith has been making movies since the 1990s, and he gained a cult following early on with his first film Clerks (1994). Posted on January 26th, by Micah Moore in Articles, behind the scenes, filmmaking tips, Inspiration, live events, tutorials.

At the Sundance screening of Red State, Kevin Smith ranted about the film distribution system. So far, only traditional rewards are being offered but the company promises that, should SEC filing go through, investors can also get in on the action. He lives in Norwich with his wife, his books and far too many opinions on British TV comedy.
Spinning off the success of the two eponymous characters from Clerks, Smith put out Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back in 2001. If you're that engaged with the notion of making a Jay and Silent Bob flavored side-scrolling beat 'em up in 2016, you can spend $10,000 and get a walk-on in Kevin Smith's next movie. One day, if he's very, very lucky, he'll live out his dream to become the Executive Producer of Doctor Who before retiring to Radio 4.

The board features art and locations from the movie as well as themed Chance and Community cards. In it, Jay and his hereto life mate Silent Bob are on a mission to find their long-lost customers, trapped inside a new shopping mall in a neighboring town.
If you haven't gotten mad rich selling blunts to mallrats, then you can grab a copy of the game for $18.

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jay and silent bob do you live by the book

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