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Important Notice:This philosophy and this technology cannot diagnose, prevent or cure the ultimate reason for sickness at best it can point you in the right direction. This result is one of the most beautiful aspects of communicated stereotypes and is what happens with stereotypes communicated in an implicit way (Boss, 1979). In the examples I just gave of how you might respond to the cartoon, you either laughed, pretended to understand the cartoon, or eventually said “Oh, right. If you inquired about the meaning of the stereotype and were told essentially not to worry about what it means, you don’t participate in giving meaning to the stereotype (yeah!) though you do look ignorant or naive about common cultural stereotypes in American culture (boo-hoo!).
If the stereotype was communicated in an explicit way, then you could yell at the cartoonist, the friend who provided the explanation, or even yourself if you repeated the meaning of the cartoon to someone else.

It’s not surprising to see cartoons communicating stereotypes in ways that promote stereotypes as true.
Either you would hear that the cartoon is supposed to be funny because the stereotype is that Jews are Cheap and the person offering shrimp is trying to assuage the person’s concern about the price of the shrimp*. Your response to this clarification about the meaning of the cartoon might be to say, “Oh, right. So, in order for the stereotype to be given its meaning, the person hearing the stereotype (or reading it) must demonstrate some acknowledgement that the meaning has been received. In other words, the stereotype gets communicated with no one to blame (it’s only a cartoon after all ) or you equally participate!

In acknowledging that the meaning has been received, whether you agree with the stereotype or not, you become complicit in the act of giving meaning to the stereotype.
In doing so, YOU perpetuate the stereotype only you likely don’t realize that this is what you’ve done!

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jewish communication style

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