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You probably know me best as a calligrapher, but did you know that I am also a Talent Specialist? By day, I teach in a Jewish school and run an amazing Talent Center program that helps children discover their talents and use them to improve their lives and communities. My dream is to get a Talent Center started in every school in the world, so that every child has the opportunity to discover his or her talents. To get the entire JSL Pesach Kit, which includes both haggadas and nine other Seder-related items please click here. A single license of this copyrighted material entitles you to one printed copy of the Leader’s edition and as many copies as needed for one household of the general edition. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra will present the world premiere of Jonathan Leshnoff’s oratorio “Zohar” this month at Symphony Hall before moving on to New York for the composer’s debut at Carnegie Hall. The work is based on one of the pillars of Jewish mysticism and is a commentary on the mystical aspects of the Torah, Leshnoff said.

ASO chief Robert Spano will conduct at both locales, and soprano Jessica Rivera and baritone Nmon Ford will be the featured vocalists. A husband and a father of young children, Leshnoff is professor of music at Towson University and composer in residence with the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra.
His oratorio, which lasts 25 minutes, is “just long enough to be legit and not too long to be massive,” he said. To study the Zohar properly, a student must first undergo years of preparation and be guided by a qualified teacher rooted in the tradition, said Leshnoff, who wishes he could master it. The Atlanta Jewish Times provides Jewish Atlantans with a shared sense of opportunity, significance and achievement by supporting and encouraging community activities among members of the Jewish community. This could be very easy because it is based on a nine word curriculum that can be done in 30 minutes or less a week, and requires little or no money to get started. If you decide to make multiple copies of the Leader’s edition or share these files with anyone not attending your Seder, you will have to purchase multiple licenses.

If you are not satisfied with the Haggada, please let us know why and we will refund your purchase. The Philadelphia Orchestra will introduce his new clarinet concerto the same week as the Atlanta concerts. He said during an interview that he knows enough to be able to evaluate the Zohar’s basic framework. I’ll be sharing on my blog some of the amazingly creative and inventive projects that my students, as young as six years old, are doing, but today, I need to ask for your help. 3” is launching in Kansas City in May, and a new violin concerto featuring soloist Gil Shaham is on tour.

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