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At the Chelsea Jewish Foundation (CJF), we strive to maintain a talented workforce of compassionate and caring professionals. The Human Resources Department is always actively recruiting talented individuals to join the CJF family. Leadership at CJF is comprised of three levels of leaders who work together to form one strong and cohesive team: Executive Leadership, Management Staff and Middle Managers. CJF requires all levels of management to attend annual training in order to be a strong and cohesive support system for the organization. One of many indicators of happy employees in an organization the size of CJF revolves around good communication.
Engaging employees, recognizing excellence and rewarding dedication are all very important to CJF. For example, we provide employee meals at all of our facilities, often ordering celebratory meals for the staff during special occasions.
Each June in Chicago, Jews for Jesus offers a unique training in Jewish evangelism techniques on campus at the Moody Bible Institute.
While the training is hard work and intense, it's much more than just classroom learning and street witnessing. Course objectives: At the end of the class, students should be proficient in sharing their testimony and the gospel with a wide range of people that one meets in a major metropolitan area.
Costs: Participants are asked to fundraise or pay $700 for room and board plus transportation to and from Chicago during the training. Moody Bible Institute: Since it was founded in 1886, Moody Bible Institute has been committed to helping people across the globe, cultures and generations to take the next step toward spiritual maturity.
The Anne Frank Foundation condemns the Dutch 'escape room' based on the Holocaust victim's famed attic hideway.
The Anne Frank Foundation on Friday criticized an "escape room" game made to look like the Amsterdam apartment where the teenage Jewish diarist hid with her family from the Netherlands' Nazi occupiers during World War II. According to its website, the recently opened Escape Bunker in the town of Valkenswaard, 140 kilometers (87 miles) south of Amsterdam, has a room styled to look like the apartment.
Anne Frank became posthumously famous for the diary she kept while her family went into hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam. With a little Zionist chutzpah, our Emet for Israel group at Laurentian University, LUJSA, just pulled off a unique event with the LGBTQ alliance, PRIDE. Entitled Half Off: Circumcision and Sex Toys, the Ultimate Games Night, the event was planned during PRIDE week—an entire week dedicated to celebrating and educating the campus about LGBTQ issues and life. Our Emet for Israel: LUJSA Liaison, Sidney, reported that the event brought new people out. We love that our students are not deterred from building partnerships and standing strong with Israel even in sight of anti-Israel propaganda!

Our goal is to provide each of our staff members with a positive and enjoyable work environment, challenging their skills and rewarding their successes. Executive Leadership is made up of the Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Clinical Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Business Development. This training enables the Leadership Team to provide direction not only to departments and individual staff members, but to the organization as a whole.
We believe that when our staff is engaged, they feel a greater sense of involvement and are more likely to be committed to their jobs. Each year during the summer, the staff is also invited to facility BBQ’s, family-friendly outdoor concerts and even trips to Canobie Lake Park. Andrew Barron, students have the opportunity to study a variety of topics relevant to Jewish evangelism; missions to the Jews, Jewish history, Judaism, apologetics and contextual theology.
There are many, many opportunities to share your faith and put into action the Jewish evangelism techniques you are learning. The student will be equipped to deal with a large spectrum of historical and theological objections as well as navigate the various authorities one meets in a busy urban setting.
If you take the course for college credit you must be registered for the course as a non-degree student (see above) and pay tuition expenses to Moody Bible Institute prior to the first day of class. For over 125 years, many have come to Moody to be richly equipped in God's Word to impact the world for Messiah.
As part of the game, visitors are locked in and have to escape within an hour using teamwork, creativity and "out-of-the-box" thinking.
The event was advertised by both LUJSA and PRIDE, and was even held during Israel Apartheid Week, right across from a display of anti-Israel propaganda! Several of the newcomers mentioned the IAW display, and asked questions, which resulted in a productive discussion about the claims and behavior of the anti-Israel faction on campus. In addition, we try to communicate the fact that the Foundation truly values and appreciates the work of each and every employee. CJF holds various weekly staff meetings within its facilities, but also hosts quarterly “Town Hall Meetings” across its campuses as a way to bridge what’s happening in different locations.
During each employee’s birth month, they are invited to a lavish dinner at the Capital Grille in Burlington.
From soccer, to yoga, to riflery, to basketball, Blue Star campers have extensive opportunities to engage in positive, active play. Students may be eligible to receive 3 undergraduate college credits through Moody Bible Institute Distance Learning upon successful completion of the course.
Students who have successfully completed the course for credit may request an official transcript from Moody Bible Institute. CJF also recruits from surrounding schools for recent graduates in nursing, rehabilitation, social work and more.

These managers are responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day operations of their individual facilities and agencies.
Staff can login to view the message board or simply check their personal email for a weekly blast of communication pertaining to their department, facility, or the organization. We also know that our staff work extremely hard—day in and day out—to provide exceptional services and care. Lastly, CJF invites its staff members who have been with the company for five years or more on a legacy trip to Las Vegas or Disney World with their families. Healthy, age-appropriate competition makes games exciting for older campers, while at every age level, skill building, teamwork and sportsmanship are always number one!
He has served on short term evangelistic projects in New York, San Francisco, Berlin and Tel Aviv. Middle Managers include the leadership staff that manage employees and delegate daily tasks. CJF’s overall goal is to show the staff how much we value them and appreciate their hard work and dedication. Andrew used to work as a crew activity planner and orbit designer on the early Space Shuttle Missions. Besides working as a full time missionary, Andrew teaches a class in Jewish Culture at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. This rigorous process is intended to ensure that our staff is kind, compassionate and trustworthy, embracing the organization’s mission and philosophy.
Staff can communicate with the Human Resources and Communications departments via message board or email, and also download any necessary company forms from the Portal. After all, our staff is the very core of CJF and, in reality, the real reason why we have emerged as a leader within the New England healthcare industry. Additionally, CJF also relies on print and word-of-mouth communication to disseminate its important messages. All Employee Portal communications and company-wide memos are printed and posted at the time clock areas for those staff members who do not utilize email, smart phones or computers. Andrew has a BS in Space Science from Florida Institute of Technology, a MA in Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from Wycliffe College University of Toronto. Management Staff and Middle Managers are responsible for verbally communicating the messages to staff in order to reinforce the messaging and call attention to any action required.
These efforts help us bridge the technology gap among a small subset of our workforce and ensure our staff as a whole is informed and aware of the organizational happenings.

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