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The health coach job description calls for an individual who is capable of instructing others in order to provide them with a healthier way of life.
A health coach assesses client lifestyles, addresses health concerns and then works with the clients to make behavioral, nutritional and other changes in order to promote better health and wellness. In order to work as a health coach, an individual should possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in a field such as health education, nursing, athletic training or nutrition. The work environment of a health coach fluctuates quite a bit based upon his or her employer. The amount of money a health coach can make depends on whether or not the individual is employed directly or working on a freelance, per-contract basis. One resume example is the combination resume format, which makes use of the other 2 main resume formats. When you have had a clear job progression over a number of years and you're searching for a job in the same vein as what you're doing now, a chronological resume will probably work quite well. But if you're new to the job market, changing careers, or have had gaps in your work history, a functional resume might work better.
But then again, you could use a combination of both formats where skills that are relevant to the current job search are placed in a special section by function, while the Professional History or Work Experience is presented in a standard, reverse-chronological format. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Save yourself hours of work and much head scratching by using our original and ready made examples to produce an interview winning CV that shows your creativity and determination.
Our bank of ready made resumes cover over 350 job roles of various professional levels and are perfect for people from all walks of life and industries. Writing a good resume is hard work, save yourself a lot of time and research by taking the opportunity to use our superb CV Builder, examples and the other career resources.
Remember that your CV is almost always the first and only opportunity you will have to communicate directly with a recruiter.
Most CVs tend to look very similar, making it that much harder for a recruiter to distinguish between job applicants.
Many recruiters still instantly judge applicants on the appearance of their CV, and will typically decide within 30 seconds of picking one up to either discard it or put it in a pile to be reviewed later.
The answer if to focus on your CV layout and to also show your ability to communicate effectively by writing something that is unusual and interesting.
Try to put yourself in the recruiters shoes, what exactly are they looking for from a applicant? When you are trying to describe your work duties and achievements then prioritize on giving examples that are relevant to the vacancy.
If you are regularly applying for suitable jobs that you are qualified or skilled for and not getting invited to interviews then you may have a problem with your CV.
It is advisable to place your name, address, email, home and mobile telephone numbers at the bottom of your CV. It has been said that one symptom of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. You could one day some across a vacancy that is exactly what you want and for which you are suitably qualified. Before you begin to use the CV examples on this page to write your CV spend a little time thinking about what sort of career you really want or would suit you. Apart from helping you to get you invited to job interviews, there are other reasons to spend time on writing a resume. Putting yourself and your abilities under a microscope can help you to realize what career will best suit your personality and skill sets. All this reviewing will help you to reflect on your achievements to date and help you to see your career in a broad prospective.
To a hiring manager who has just read through 50 CVs applying for the same job, many CVs are undistinguishable, unremarkable and all look the same. Using the correct power words in short statements can give you visibility and recognition as well as demonstrate to employers your ability to communicate effectively. Below are descriptive words you can use to describe your personality and make your CV even more precise and convincing. Deciding how to start a sentence can be frustrating, if you overuse the same words it can make your curriculum vitae look repetitive and stale. These are also known as career profiles, summaries or objectives and are short introductions to a CV that outline a candidates strongest qualities, attributes, personal characteristics as well as their ambitions. For maximum exposure it should be placed at the top of the CV, so that it’s the first thing that a prospective employer sees. Although writing a good summary may sound like a daunting prospect, it is not as difficult as it seems. Introduce yourself, state your personal traits, core strengths and most relevant work experience. Explain precisely how you match the employers requirements and can benefit their organization. At the end state your career ambitions and aspirations for the future, mention the job role you are after.
Try to connect all of the above sections so that they lead into each other and ensure that every sentence is related to the job role you are applying for.
After writing your profile a good leave it for a few hours then read it again, this way you can gauge if it sounds right.
Rewrite those sections that you are not happy with and when you are fully satisfied check it for spelling mistakes and have a friend proof read it.
Only after thinking about the above questions and writing down the answers in detail should you start to put together your profile. A profile and cover letter have the same objective, with the only main difference between them being their length. In a situation where you are sending in both to a prospective employer then it’s essential to make sure that you do not repeat yourself unnecessarily in both of these statements. A unfocused, rambling and badly written personal profile can very easily turn off a recruiter and result in them not bothering to read the rest of your CV. No matter what CV format you choose the key point to remember is to always try to target and word it at the job you are applying for.
It essentially lists your career details under their own headings and in reverse chronological order, with the most recent being listed first. Your contact details - including home address, home and mobile telephone numbers and your email address. Personal summary – Write a career statement of no more than 200 words explaining your strongest points and why you feel you are the best candidate for the job.
Key competencies and abilities – give a breakdown by sector of your responsibilities, achievements and skills.
Academic qualifications – List your education and give as much detail as your available space will allow your. If you have had a successful career and risen through the ranks then a chronological format is best for showing this. It may not be suitable if you have significant gaps in your career, as absences will be more prominent in the timeline. It is not suitable for people with little or no work experience like students or graduates etc.
This skills based format will focus more on a job seekers achievements, expertise and abilities rather than their career history (which is what a chronological CV would do). In a functional CV there is less emphasis and importance placed on the names of employers and more on the specific duties you preformed. A personal summary – give an account of your relevant work experience, transferable skills and future aims.
Areas of expertise – create sections under headings and sub headings and then using bullet points explain your range of skills.
Career history – briefly list your present and previous employers and your employment dates. Academic qualifications – give details of where you studied, what you achieved and when.
If you have worked for many different employers for brief periods then with a functional CV you can skip having to mention all of them and instead simply sum up the overall experience and knowledge you have gained.
It allows you to focus on your strengths that you may not be able to highlight in a chronological CV. If you have gained work experience or skills in the voluntary or third sector then a functional CV is good at helping you display these. Some human resource departments do not like this format as they may not be able to see the names of the companies you have worked for.
You can leave out employment dates and job titles, however if you do this it can make employers suspicious.
If you have only recently left education for instance college or University then of course you will not have much work experience. A couple of years ago, a teacher posted the following idea to an email list I subscribed to. When Donna Thomas, a teacher at Heritage Prep Middle School in Orlando, Florida, was teaching first grade, she had each of her students bring a white T-shirt to school on one of the last days of the year.
Cara Bafile, a former classroom teacher and an Education World writer, shared one of her favorite activities -- making tin-can ice cream.
Finally, if you're looking for a positive message to leave for your students, teacher Robert Courtmanche agreed to let us share his end-of-year message to students. The word LIBERTY—as they say in the Navy, you are now "at liberty," and that means you are free to do as you like.
Feel free to use the poem as-is or adapt to students in your grade level or adjust to reflect your personal style. Are you tired of having the same old activities at your school's end-of-the-year field day? For each category, we'll present information on salary, educational requirements, and types of employment opportunities. The salary range reflects differences in job responsibilities, the size and type of employer, and the supply and demand of bookkeepers in a given geographic area. Some bookkeepers enter the work force with a two-year associate degree in accounting, while others enter with a high school diploma and an expectation that the employer will provide on-the-job training. Memberships in these organizations may offer you opportunities for additional training and certification, as well as evidence of bookkeeping credibility. Bookkeepers are typically employed by companies that may not have the need or the means to employ an on-staff accountant. Bookkeepers are detailed-oriented; they are expected to be accurate and efficient with a range of basic financial tasks that are critical to a company's ability to keep accurate financial information. A bookkeeper's work may be reviewed by an accountant or business manager from inside the company, or by an accounting firm contracted by the company.

The range reflects differences in job responsibilities, the size and type of employer, and the supply and demand of accounting clerks in a given geographic area. Some accounting clerks enter the work force with a two-year associate degree in accounting, while others enter with a high school diploma and an expectation that the employer will provide on-the-job training.
Companies large enough to have one or more accountants on staff are the companies that also hire accounting clerks to assist the accountants with routine tasks. For example, your primary responsibility as an accounts payable clerk at XYZ Company may be to compare the information on each supplier invoice to the information on XYZ's corresponding purchase order and receiving ticket. The range reflects differences in job responsibilities, the size and type of employer, and the supply and demand of accountants in a given geographic area.
Accountants are expected to have a bachelor's degree in accounting from a four-year college or university.
While a bachelor's degree in accounting will qualify you to be an accountant, it will not meet today's requirements for becoming a certified public accountant (CPA). Accountants can join national organizations with local chapters such as the Institute of Management Accountants, Institute of Internal Auditors, American Society of Women Accountants, National Association of Black Accountants, and others. Many companies are large enough and complex enough to require the ongoing expertise of an in-house accountant. Being proficient in matters of finance and accounting is just one dimension of being a successful accountant. Or, you might be responsible for analyzing a large corporation's general ledger account balances and preparing financial statements that comply with generally accepted accounting principles.
The larger and more complex a company is, the more numerous and varied will be the accountants that are on the staff, with titles such as internal auditor, coordinator of profit plans and budgets, researcher of accounting and tax issues, financial analyst, or tax accountant.
As the world becomes more interconnected via global systems and international commerce, the need increases for accountants to be knowledgeable in international accounting standards as well as new technologies that assist management in making decisions. Most state boards of accountancy now require that CPA candidates have 150 college credits in specified accounting and business courses before they are allowed to sit for the Uniform CPA Examination.
Because the CPA Exam is considered to be highly rigorous, it is to your advantage that you select a college or university with an equally rigorous accounting program that will adequately prepare you for the CPA Exam.
After you've passed the CPA Exam, most state boards of accountancy require you to have at least one year of professional experience and pass an ethics test before you can be licensed as a CPA.
In addition to the organizations targeted to non-CPA accountants, CPAs are eligible to join a state society of CPAs and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
Before you can become a licensed CPA, you must first pass the CPA Exam, and then you must work for a period of time to meet the work experience criterion.
Companies such as manufacturers, banks, insurance companies, government agencies, large not-for-profit organizations, e-commerce, and many more. In order for a CPA firm to be profitable, its CPAs must be highly focused individuals who can complete tasks within a reasonable amount of time. Some larger CPA firms assign newly hired college graduates to work in their tax departments or advisory services area.
Smaller CPA firms, however, perform relatively few audits, so there is likely to be more variety in the workload for the new hire.
Most CPA firms find their busiest season to be the months of January through March or April.
If you are a recent hire who is planning to take the CPA Exam, May through December is the time period during which you are most likely to study for the exam. After one year at a CPA firm, you may be assigned to work with new clients as well as with your familiar clients. Some graduates begin their careers in public accounting, gain valuable experience, obtain their CPA license, and then choose to move out of public accounting and into different challenges. As the world becomes more interconnected via global systems and international commerce, the need increases for CPAs to keep current with both domestic and international accounting standards, as well as with new technologies that assist management in making decisions.
Follow up immediately with a letter thanking the interviewer for the opportunity to discuss the position available at the company. You can expect to receive a letter or call from the interviewer stating that you 1) received the job, 2) have been granted a second interview, or 3) have been rejected for the position. Receive our free 18-page Guide to Bookkeeping Concepts (PDF) when you subscribe to our free newsletter.
These individuals may work for hospitals or clinics, but they may also work on a freelance, per-contract basis and be hired directly by their clients. He or she will need vast knowledge regarding topics such as weight management, nutrition, pre- or post-natal care, reducing stress, handling chronic conditions and more. In some cases, clients are required to schedule appointments and visit a facility in a clinical fashion.
Because sometimes neither the functional or the chronological resume format is quite right for your situation. This format offers the best of both worlds, and is highly popular with both modern job seekers and hiring managers. Analysis and focus wasgiven to the strategic value target, consumer population, product mix, communications, marketingpenetration and ROI.
They can be used for full-time or part-time jobs, internal roles, external positions, promotions, new jobs, career changes, internships and work experience placements. It is a sales and marketing document that needs to be clear and simple so that a potential employer can quickly find the information they need about you.
It’s therefore vital that you design a curriculum vitae that makes you more appealing, attractive and marketable than other applicants.
They are excellent resources and unique documents that have been researched, targeted and written for specific job roles. The reason for this is that the top or beginning of your CV is the first thing a recruiter will see and is a prime location. If you are serious about getting a job or promotion then do not stick to one CV layout and design, especially if it is not getting you invited to interviews.
The worst case scenario is to spend a lot of time writing a first rate CV, applying for jobs and finally being successful only to find that you end up confused, unhappy and hating your career.
Employers trying to evaluate potential employees who have got past the initial selection and interview stage will value more a good professional reliable reference rather than a poor one. One way to make your resume stand out from the competition is by using affirmative, positive and powerful words and phrases.
When promoting yourself only use suitable words and verbs that are connected to your experience and industry.
You need to pick different and appropriate ways to start sentences that best describe and express your abilities.
They are important because they will be the first thing a recruiter reads and can be instrumental in convincing them to take you seriously, continue to read your application and invite you to a interview. Your aim being to captivate the reader as quickly as possible and entice them to continue reading the rest of your resume. The first point to note is that to be effective profiles should be brief, a maximum of two paragraphs or seven lines and no longer than 200 words long. You will have a full page to write a cover letter, whereas for a personal summary or objective you will just have two short paragraphs.
Therefore avoid sounding vague and work hard to make your statement articulate, informative, focused and factual. Hardworking and reliable with an ability to work on his own initiative as well as within a team. Having a professional attitude and able to effectively manage time, establish priorities and delegate effectively.
Possessing a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience that has been gained over five years of working as a professional carer for both private healthcare companies and local authorities.
The one that is going to be best for you really depends on two points, firstly what stage you are at your career and secondly where you want to go next in your career. It focuses on a individuals career history, for this reason it is favored by and ideal for people who have been in continuous employment for all or most of their working life.
Some people may decide they want to present their contact details at the bottom of the CV rather than at the top.
At the top state the job title, followed by the company name and then the period for which you were employed. Again depending on the layout on your curriculum vitae, consider using bullet points to emphasis these points. For this reason is ideal if you want to draw attention to any specialist skills or abilities that you have. This will be the largest and most detailed part of your resume, the benefit here is that because you do not have to name employers you can include experiences that you have gained from voluntary work etc. However some people may choose to leave this out and instead just mention their current or last employer. I admired that teacher, whose project for the last days of school was not only fun but also challenged students to use what they had learned in the previous months. Adapt the ABC book idea, and challenge students to learn about a topic they want to explore. Gather samples of student work that you've been setting aside all year long, and invite students to make a Second-Grade, Third-Grade, Fourth-Grade (or any year, any subject) Scrapbook. Keep kids reading right up to the last bell by offering special classroom or schoolwide reading theme days. Thomas painted each child's hand with bright-colored paint; then each student pressed his or her handprint onto the T-shirt. Of course, ice cream is good any time of year -- but this activity is a great small-group activity for the last days of school!
Teachers might adapt the recipe, depending on the size of the group or whether they want small groups of students to make their own batches.
However, every dollar is made up of 100 pennies, and every kid's piggy bank starts with one penny.
Positions of bookkeeper and accounting clerk, for example, require a high school diploma and perhaps a two-year associate degree in accounting.
If you are hired as a bookkeeper, you should assume that you will need some experience (either formal or on-the-job) in the use of accounting software. Such companies hire a bookkeeper to handle a range of routine financial activities, such as payroll, billing, and purchases. As a bookkeeper, you would be expected to handle large volumes of routine financial transactions in areas such as sales, purchases, and payroll. With the advent of new technologies such as software as a service (SaaS, also known as "cloud computing"), small businesses will give preference to hiring bookkeepers who are adaptable to changes in computing systems.
Whereas a bookkeeper is expected to perform a range of basic financial responsibilities, the accounting clerk has a more narrowly focused task, such as a payroll clerk, an accounts payable clerk, an accounts receivable clerk, an inventory clerk, or a cost clerk. If the information on these documents is consistent, you process the supplier's invoice for payment. Of the 120 semester credits needed for the degree, approximately 30-36 of these credits will be in accounting courses such as financial accounting, cost accounting, income tax, consolidations, auditing, and accounting systems. That is why some colleges and universities now offer both an accounting major as well as a 150-credit degree program that qualifies you to take the CPA Exam.

As an accountant, you may find yourself working for a manufacturing firm, a hospital, a bank, an insurance company, or a brokerage firm.
For example, if you are hired as a cost accountant (or cost accounting manager) for a manufacturing company, you might supervise several cost clerks who work with you to calculate the costs of products manufactured, prepare cost estimates for potential sales of new products, and monitor the cost of raw materials, labor, and overhead. In short, accountants will need to be life-long learners who work closely with people in such fields as marketing, production, information technology, and e-commerce. You can obtain more detailed information concerning starting salaries from the career services or placement office of the college or university that you plan to attend.
If you are an effective supervisor, work well with fellow employees and clients, and know how to improve profits, your salary increases can be significant. Once licensed, you will be required to earn professional continuing education credits to maintain your license. As a result, a company that is looking to hire a new, young CPA often will hire a newly graduated accounting major who intends to become a CPA.
These range from the small one-office firm, to regional multi-office firms, to large international firms with offices throughout the world.
More common, however, is for firms to start new hires in the auditing department where they typically work audit engagements on a team comprised of a supervising or senior accountant, a manager, and one of the firm's partners.
Responsibilities in a smaller CPA firm might include: reviewing a business client's financial statements, preparing a business tax return, preparing the business owners' personal tax returns, and tax planning. The reason for this is that many clients are businesses with an accounting year ending on December 31. The firm's goal is to deepen and broaden your range of experiences while offering clients efficient and professional service. Some prefer to be employed as accountants for companies such as e-commerce, manufacturing, banking, insurance, federal government agencies, state agencies, or not-for-profit organizations. For example, in large international corporations whose stock is publicly traded, external reports must be provided to stockholders, the SEC, and the IRS. Some choose to work for businesses or not-for-profit organizations, some become entrepreneurs, and others seek additional education to become accounting professors.
Join a professional organization and begin networking in advance of the need to find a job.
Consider volunteering bookkeeping services to a local church or not-for-profit organization. Even if you have already graduated, your college is likely to assist its alumni as well as its current students.
Make sure your appearance is consistent with the look the company would want to project to its clients or customers.
Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to meet and to learn more about the company and its opportunity. Since some experience as a healthcare provider is necessary, many health coaches start out working as nursing assistants, nutrition counselors or nurses and work their way up.
In others, the coach will visit clients in their homes—particularly when dealing with seriously ill or disabled clients.
Private or freelance coaches earn the most at between $80 and $100 per hour while those who are employed with small agencies or clinics earn the least at just under $30,000 per year.
Presented the elements of the campaign to business owner with very positivefeedback.Created a highly effective SEM campaign for a click and mortar consumer goods store utilizing GoogleAdWords and Analytics to evangelize in-store events. The best way to stand out from everyone else and get noticed is to have a resume that is original and unique. If you were to produce a document that looked different, was easy to read (not boring) and quickly explained your relevant abilities then you would almost certainly make yourself visible and stand out from the crowd.
Remember that a particular variation that might work for your work colleague may not be suitable for you. So it’s best practice to always have a up to date resume ready and waiting for any suitable job that may come along. In your personal profile your could state the general sector or industry that you are interested in i.e.
Results orientated and possessing a successful track record in cold calling, account management, and up selling.
A strategic planner who possesses over ten years experience within the construction industry and is able to work as part of a busy team and on several projects at once. An effective communicator with extensive knowledge of providing care for severely disabled patients, including helping with their shopping, bathing, cleaning and medication.
It is typically no longer than 2 pages and is good if you want to stay in the same industry and show off your promotions or experience in your field. The reason for this is that they would like their personal summary to be the first thing that a employer sees and not their personal details. Under the job title write a short paragraphs giving a brief description of your employers business and then a more detailed explanation of your work duties.
There is no need to include the address or contact details of any of the educational institutions.
This type of curriculum vitae layout places more emphasis on your academic achievements and your future potential as a employee rather than the little work experience you have.
For example, students might be interested in the Civil War, music, authors, Hawaii, sports, or plants. Develop questions for books or websites--make sure each student in the class has access to a mix of resources. The penny, like each of you, is not made of pure silver or gold—but surely if you put enough pennies together, they will amount to something.
This week's lessons provide more ideas than you can possibly use -- and links to many more. The position of accountant demands that you have a more thorough understanding of financial concepts and so requires a minimum of a four-year bachelor's degree in accounting. Small manufacturers, retail stores, distributors, large law offices, small accounting firms, and not-for-profit entities are examples of such companies.
If the information is not consistent, you investigate and resolve the differences before payment can occur. Also required within the 120 credits are business courses such as organizational behavior, marketing, business statistics, computer systems, business law, economics, and administrative policy. Accountants are also employed by federal government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Government Accountability Office (GAO). For this type of accounting, your title might be general ledger accountant, chief accountant, corporate accountant, accounting manager, or corporate controller. If you do not meet your state's requirements, you will not be allowed to sit for the CPA Exam.) Reputable colleges and universities have accounting curriculums that meet their state's 150-credit requirement. Such employers recruit students who graduate with high grade point averages from well-respected accounting programs, as these are the students most likely to go on to pass the challenging CPA Exam. As a CPA, you would prepare and audit annual financial statements for your business clients during January and February.
Each subsequent year you are with the firm, you can expect more and diverse responsibilities in areas such as audit planning, supervising the work of other auditors and accountants, increased client contact, and additional training.
Such accountants may have obtained their CPA license simply to keep their options open, or to distinguish themselves from other accountants. Those who audit corporations and advise clients on accounting systems need to keep current on developments that inform or impact accounting. For example, if you are not familiar with accounting software, take a night class to learn QuickBooks. They work 40 hours in a five-day workweek under normal circumstances, but they may also be called upon during nights, holidays and weekends in emergency situations.
Become visible, be seen and get to the interview stage by developing an effective document that makes you shine and also demonstrates your ability to communicate. Previously responsible for increasing departmental sales by over 40% during a twelve month period. A proven expert in cost control, feasibility studies, change control and managing building projects from pitch to completion. Consider using bullet points and short sentences to describe your duties and responsibilities. They need to describe the climate, geography, shelters, clothing, food, economy, traditions, values, and so on of their imaginary cultures.
If you're looking for a great resource, see the Education World story All the Classroom's a Stage! Some accountants go on to become certified public accountants, or CPAs, as this opens up additional job opportunities for them. If an accountant is needed, the company typically contracts with an outside accounting firm for the services it needs. For example, a purchase made by a company may include a purchase order, a receiving ticket, the supplier's invoice, and payment to the supplier. Some CPAs with more than 10 years of continuously increasing responsibility can earn more than $200,000 per year. Additionally, your clients who are individuals will want you to complete their personal tax documents in time to meet the IRS deadline of April 15. Some CPAs find intellectual challenge and satisfaction in keeping current and complying with new reporting standards. 2012 Partner with department heads for tailored marketing campaigns Collaborate with the equipment manufacturer to coordinate and promote trade shows and service schools (tripled the attendance through my efforts) Create sales quotes and purchase orders, negotiating price with vendors to increase our profit margin Increase customer following and brand awareness through design and management of Social Media Coordinate with web designer for website redesign and optimization of organic search Head inbound marketing initiatives-creating e-newsletters, social media content management. They need to consider a multitude of variables that draw on the work we've done during the year. To become a CPA, you will need to earn college credits over and above your accounting major, gain some work experience, and, most importantly, you will need to pass the CPA Exam. A bookkeeper's duties may also include the generation of internal financial documents as well as routine external financial reports. Some CPA firms try to "smooth out" their annual workload by taking on clients whose fiscal years end in varying months. Qualify sales leads-inside sales calls Create direct marketing materials, designing direct mailings and coordinating printing, postage and circulation Follow up on shipment of product, installation, and customer satisfaction Marketing Consultant Independent ContractorFeb.
For example, school districts and some nonprofits have accounting years that end on June 30. 2011 Help B2C clients retain and reach potential clients through theimplementation of effective integrated marketingplans Design approaches proven to create brand visibility and product differentiation through creative promotional planning.
Increase customer following and brand awareness utilizing Social Media and SEM Engage potential clients through events catering to the clients customer profile Fundraising Coordinator Woodside Fifth Grade Fundraising CommitteeSept.

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