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In 19th century Scotland, a famed geologist (James Mason) journeys to the center of the earth, accompanied by his student (Pat Boone), the widow (Arlene Dahl) of his deceased rival, and a strapping Icelander (Peter Ronson) with a pet goose. But Voyage au centre de la Terre was not one of them, mostly because the center of the Earth turned out not to be filled with dinosaurs, or have a express tunnel to Southern Italy.  Alas. My two kids really loved the movie, especially the 3-d version that we saw in an imax theatre.

Naturally, the premise itself is ludicrously fantastical on all levels, to the point where one must simply suspend all disbelief and treat the tale as an adventure rather than any kind of legitimate science fiction; interestingly, there are plenty of viewers willing to do just that.
Boone gets to promote his singing voice (as used to be done a lot more in that era: taking on acting stints strictly for the purpose of record sales).
What rings loudly of amateur quality even makes one wonder how it all might have worked when it was released.

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journey to the center of the earth english book

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