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We are extremely proud to announce the participants for the CPPR-ATLAS Winter School 2014- Public Policy Research Methods. Indeed the policy makers have little maneuver as socialism is the guide and pillar of all policy making decision in the region. Dr D Dhanuraj, Chairman  will be conducting a workshop  for  15 Senior Bureaucrats  from Nigeria on the ‘ Role of  Government and other regulatory frameworks adopted to reduce poverty and ensure inclusive development’. Centre for Public Policy Research, ‘Anitha’, 1st floor, S.A Road, Elamkulam, Kochi- 682020, Kerala, India.
He is currently serving as a Researcher and the Assistant Editor of TI Academic Monthly, The Transition Institute, a non-profit independent think tank based in Beijing, China.
Bondarenko worked in senior positions in government, commercial structures and business associations.
The immediate goal of the institute is to educate, promote and have debate on and around the importance of; individual liberty and Free Market ideas to sustainable socio-economic development within the region. She is a pro-liberty activist in Morocco and has served as a project coordinator for six years in different NGOs, local and international ones. We have 12 participants representing 11 countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Poland and Tajikistan. Thomas is affiliated with the Atlas Economic Research Foundation’s Global Initiative for Free Trade, Peace and Prosperity and serves as the Director of Outreach and Publisher of its AfricanLiberty.org program. It advocates free markets, rule of law, civil liberties, civil society and transition to a liberal democracy state of China. In March 2010, he founded the non-governmental organization called ‘Tajikistan Free Market Centre’, in which since its inception, he has maintained the position of Chairman, Tajikistan Free Market Centre mission is promoting the principles of the market economy, private property, minimal government, personal freedom and the rule of law in Tajikistan through education, research, advocacy-campaigns and raising awareness of active civil society leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers, scientists and youth. Sojanovska is the Project coordinator at the Ohrid Institute for Economic Strategies and International Affairs, a free market think tank in Republic of Macedonia.
She is currently in charge of coordinating and monitoring a community development program aiming at improving life conditions of vulnerable populations in the MENA region.
Benella is a researcher at the Arab Center for Scientific Research and Humane Studies in Rabat Morocco. He was one of the founding members of the Nepal chapter of Youth for Nepal (YFN); a New-York based non-profit, working to create social entrepreneurs out of the Nepali youth in the fields of health, education and environment.

He then completed his post-graduate studies in Economic Criminal Law organized by Jagiellonian University (Cracow). Chen was an active blogger about Internet and Education during his college days in Xiamen University (XMU).
CAFMI promotes ideas of free market economy, supremacy of law and limited government through research, education activities and promotion of reforms.
He graduated from National Technical University of Tajikistan – “Tajik Technical University, Dushanbe” in 2001 specializing in Radio-Technique & Management in telecommunication. In January 2013, he co-founded the Eastern Africa Policy Centre where he currently serves as the Executive Director.
She is also the External Relations Coordinator of the Arab Center for Scientific Research & Humane Studies. She graduate with honors in International Relations from Al akhawayn University,Morocco and Georgetown University in the US, she holds a Masters of Laws (LLM) in International Law from the British Law School in the UK and Brusssels School of International Studies in Brussels, Belgium. Adedayo is a libertarian and strives to promote ideas and institutions of the free society in the core institutions of Africa.
He also has six years of experience in working with NGOs, especially the ones related to the Internet. CAFMI is ranked one of the top-30 think tanks in the world by special achievement for the Best Advocacy Campaigns according to the 2012 Global Think Tanks index. The institute hopes to introduce, promote and disseminate the Free Market ideas, and Libertarian angles to policy making in the region. Her projects included conducting economic feasibility of a new port and conducting economic impact assessment of a manufacturing firm.
She is the Moroccan Correspondent of the American Moroccan Legal Empowerment Network in Washington D.C. Czupaj?o coordinated the activities of the research team called “Improve the Law” in Civil Development Forum foundation. He started his tertiary education at the International Islamic University Malaysia where he obtained his Bachelor in Economics (Hons) as well as his Master of Economics degree. Stojanovska is one of the founders and coordinator of the pioneering and successful program in Macedonia- Youth Political Dialogue.

Adedayo has a BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Jos and a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations from Nigerian Institute of Journalism respectively, a Diplomat of Cato University in Philosophy, History, Jurisprudence, and Economics of Liberty and an MBA in Think-Tank Management from the Atlas Economic Research Foundation in Washington D.C. He holds an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology (KCMIT), an affiliate of Tribhuwan University (TU). Dzhumanov’s research work includes areas like the tourism sector, liberalization of the aviation industry, analysis on the Customs Union integration, pension system, public budget, investment opportunities. Patel has also worked as a producer at a local production house wherein her projects included producing a radio show called ‘Hear & Now in Malaysia’ for a local business radio station. She was a regional researcher in the MENA region ‘middle east and north Africa’, working on independent research and projects on democratic transition. He has also bagged a Master’s degree in Development Studies from the Nigerian Defense Academy, Kaduna. His interests include areas of law which are concerned with entrepreneurs, especially those linked to criminal liability for their activities in the free market. She is among winners of The ‘Dream Deferred’ Essay Contest on Civil Rights in the Middle East organized by the American Islamic Congress. Cyril and Methodius’ in Skopje and currently she is working on her Master thesis at the Economic Faculty in Skopje, studying European studies. His interest and specialization is in the field of money and banking, with special reference to complementary and alternative currencies and monetary systems. Tamanna Patel is currently a Senior Researcher at Education Unit at IDEAS where she is working on education reform in Malaysia. Stojanovska has attended numerous academic conferences, trainings and seminars internationally and written and conducted several researches in different areas.

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