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Kate Mansi is leaving Days of our Lives and the role of Abigail Deveraux, according to Serial Scoop's Michael Goldberg.
Mansi joined Days in March 2011, and has been the subject of speculation in recent months that she would be exiting her popular role, especially after a casting call went out in November for the contract role of Val. Val was described as a gorgeous, 25-year-old Caucasian female, who is "passionate, intelligent and sensitive.
On Wednesday, CBS unveiled its 2016-2017 primetime lineup, featuring three new comedies, five new dramas and 21 returning series. Currently, Abigail recently gave birth to a son named Thomas, and found out that Chad DiMeras is the father.
What are your thoughts on Kate Mansi leaving “Days of Our Lives” as Abigail Deveraux? Kate Mansi, who plays Abigail Deveraux on the soap is leaving the role she’s held since March 2011. Chad and Abby are going through a rough patch right now, but that isn’t going to last long.
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LINK ONLY!Up by early afternoon  October 19CRAZY LOVE- At Basic Black, John slams down the phone and watches the door open. Nicole will need time to get over her grief, which is now manifesting itself as irrational rage toward Jennifer. She reminds him she is mourning her child – who could have been their child – and here he comes, talking about Jennifer. Sonny is just annoyed that T believes Will has changed by being gay when in fact he has not. John flashes back to his dream of Kristen kissing him in bed and will only say he has not been sleeping well lately. Brady is not judging her as he has had his moments, but goes on to suggest that she might have been impulsive and now wants to convince herself she is innocent. Brady assures him he is there to help should he require anything else for the upcoming meeting. Nicole becomes further indignant that he wants to help Jennifer and takes her word over hers. Dan notes Jen had said she was trying to get away from Nicole and that is why the accident happened.

John understands and refers to the incident he recently witnessed not being easy to handle either. The numbers of gay marriages have increased as many realize they have gay friends, family, neighbors. Brady admits he is not sure Jen did it but he knew from the way she was talking that something bad would happen that day. He takes Will’s hand in his and states if they got married in Salem, it would make him the happiest guy in the world. She dares him to face the facts and they are that he loves Jennifer and does not see her for who she is. Brady is amused he is still looking at sales projections, calls him an idiot for not going, and saunters out.
John now decides he has something to do and calls Mindy to cancel his meeting with the IT guy.

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kate on days of our lives

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