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The call for papers for the 9th International Symposium on Knowledge Visualization and Visual Thinking has now been released.
Company representatives and researchers from the schools of communication and business of CUFE Beijing gave feedback to Martin Epplera€™s view on key success factors of visualization.
Several professors of the communciation faculty of the UniversitA  della Svizzera italiana have compiled their methods of conveying knowledge interactively in a faculty workshop.
This anniversary edition of the knowledge communication workshop was again facilitated with the help of the lets-focus software and brought together 16 experts on creativity methods.
Whereas the fourth and sixth editions of the workshop were designed for professional audiences, the other editions were dedicated to the communication of scientific knowledge. Latest Book Publications: Creability (2014), CommunicacA?o Visual (2013), Sketching at Work (2012), Management Atlas (2011).
His professional experience includes management responsibilities for an international company, for a Swiss startup as well as for a consultancy. Jeanne Mengis is associate professor at the UniversitA  della Svizzera italiana, Faculty of Communication Sciences.
Several course instructors and PhD students of the communication and economics faculties of the UniversitA  della Svizzera italiana have participated at a workshop facilitated by Martin Eppler on how to make research-based teaching effective.
We focused on the question of how to enable teams in their idea generation with the help of structured methods.
Gallen (HSG), where he is also the managing director of the =mcm institute for media and communication management and the head of the International Study MBA Program (ISP).
His doctoral research focused on the contexts of Professional Services Firms collaborating with Interbrand, a global brand consultancy, as well Design Thinking, where he collaborated with the design thinking team of the University of St. Several academics and practitioners have participated to a worskhop facilitated by Martin Eppler and Ken Platts of Cambridge University (Head of the Centre for Strategy & Performance) on creative visual collaborative strategizing tools.
To do so, the participants used the Paths to Success (P2S) method developed in our research team.

Our tools helped to better manage the discussion, and - at the same time - visualize and document knowledge-intensive, complex issues. He conducts research on knowledge management, knowledge visualization, knowledge creation (creativity) and knowledge communication. He completed his master’s degree in Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Bern, with a minor in Philosophy of Science. He has been a guest professor at various universities in Asia, South America, and Europe. He has been working for training and consulting companies and he has professional experience in the areas of coaching, assessment, communication training, leadership training and team development. Prior to researching, he graduated with a Master’s in Marketing from Monash University, Australia and was included on the Dean's Honour List. She gained her PhD in February 2007 from the UniversitA  della Svizzera italiana (awarded with a summa cum laude). He holds a degree in business for small and medium sized enterprises from the University of St. He has been an advisor to organizations such as the United Nations, Philips, UBS, the Swiss Military, Ernst & Young, Swiss Re, GfK, and others.
Andreas Hieronymi’s research focuses on key concepts of systems theory and complexity research, as well as their application within the context of organizations and leadership.
His marketing interests include service-dominant logic, sustainability, virality and relationship marketing.
Martin Eppler studied communications, business administration and social sciences at Boston University, the Paris Graduate School of Management, and at the Universities of Geneva and St.Gallen.
One of his goals is clarifying systemic aspects of change processes and facilitating creative problem-solving. He has also studied at the University of Cambridge, the University of Adelaide and at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

After finishing his diploma thesis on human resources management, he worked for two years as an IT consultant in the field of core banking applications for Accenture, a major consulting company, and another two years as a Senior Business analyst for Credit Suisse. He has published more than 150 academic papers (in journals such as Organization Studies, LRP, Harvard Business Manager, Information Society, IEEE, Information Visualization, and others) and fourteen books, mostly on knowledge communication, management, and visualization. In 2012 Andreas Hieronymi received the Anatol Rapoport Award of the International Society for the Systems Sciences. He has worked as an entrepreneur, teacher, and editor, and has industry experience in strategic planning, vertical market support, and innovation management. In her research, she aims to develop a communication approach to the management of knowledge in organizations.
In his research, he examines the impact of (quantitative) visualization on communication in management processes. In particular, she focuses on knowledge-intensive conversations, the use of visual language and methods in the co-construction of knowledge, on knowledge integration and the role of boundary objects and boundary spanning practices. From 2003 to 2006, she was co-project manager of a three-year research project on the integration of expert knowledge in decision making.
Jeanne has teaching experiences at the master, executive master and bachelor level, thaught at the universities of St.Gallen, Lausanne, and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. She further conducted executive training for organizations as - among others - the United Nations, the Chamber of Judges and Attorneys of Ticino, UBS, or the St.Gallen Cantonal Bank.
She has several publications in well regarded international journals and contributed chapters to books on knowledge management and knowledge communication.

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