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This program combines Information Architected’s consulting practice and training programs on Knowledge Management. Multiple methodologies and tools for establishing the need for KM and developing a solution design for KM are introduced. You and your team will explore KM from multiple perspectives, providing both a business and technical appreciation for the benefits and challenges of this business practice. I’ve known Carl Frappaolo for the better part of my 15 years in knowledge management and he has been one of the pros from whom I have learned so much.
This course is designed in a modular fashion to allow customization based on your specific needs.
The process begins with a survey and pre-training workshop in which Information Architected becomes intimate with your organization’s goals and objectives, current and planned projects, current level of understanding and experience with technology and practices. Based on this input, we create a customized program that is a blend of education, exercises and workshops to move your projects closer to their goals and objectives, while simultaneously establishing a common level of understanding and competency in KM in your organization.
The program is applicable to teams at any stage of a KM initiative, and every role within that team. Knowledge management training can be considered as a specialized form of training that helps trainees and personnel to use and distribute existing information within their organization more efficiently. What all of these goals add up to is the desire to create an effective system within the organization that is conducive to knowledge sharing and distribution.
Used by successful individuals and organizations around the world, Changemethod gives you everything you need to lead, plan, implement, measure and sustain your organizational change program.
Training and knowledge management ensures that all workforces impacted by the change have the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities required to deliver the change.
In addition, for the program to deliver upon its objectives, it is essential that a consistent performance management process is in place that provides easily understood standards of performance and behavior to be achieved by the employees affected by the change.
What incentives, skills and processes need to be in place for people to perform appropriately and effectively in the future state organization? Faster time to competency: employees more quickly able to perform in new jobs, use new systems etc. Dan Harley, prescription Todd Weiland, thumb and I had a discussion tonight about the online training space. According to the Associated Press, the average attention span of people in 2012 was 12 seconds.
Most people today get more information in one day than a 16th century peasant got in an entire lifetime. The characteristics of stickiness include: simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and full of stories. These 3 principles came from a book called How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less. Never allow the things that you can do nothing about to distract you from the things that you can do a great deal about.
I have recently begun coaching a manager who has taken on a job which increased her responsibility and challenges.
I thought I would think about that and summarize some suggestions about becoming more strategic.
The first question that comes to mind is, buy “What do you mean by strategic?” Do you mean keeping the big picture in mind?
I consulted the Successful Manager’s Handbook which I always suggest that nobody read. Convey thorough understanding of your area’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats p. I do think that as managers move up the organization, strategic thinking becomes increasingly important. If you need help with establishing a healthy work culture at your company, let’s talk! Jerry is a creative R&D business leader, cialis sale innovator, salve entrepreneur and author. Yahoo’s CEO has created quite a stir over the issue of working from home in high tech companies. It appears to me that there are a number of potential barriers to creative collaboration in the business environment.
1) The myth of lone inventors (the perception that innovation comes mainly from Eureka moments and from individuals).
An acquaintance of mine recently took a position as a Programmer at a major software company.
Communication tools are great but written communication has a high potential for misinterpretation.
Another factor full time home workers come to realize is that it takes considerable self-discipline to work from home. Other acquaintances of mine have full-time work at home positions due to the nature of their positions.
The point is that while technology has given us considerable freedom to work from almost anywhere, the utopian concept of everyone working on a computer from home is probably not realistic – rather, the creative age will require ways to balance freedom to work from anywhere with effective collaboration. The picture was taken from the Vitaver & Associates Blog about Present Trends in Telecommuting. I was doing some preparation to teach my Project Management class at the SMU Guildhall School of Video Game Production. This first Mind Map are my thoughts about how I’m using social media as a knowledge management tool. Habit 2 in Steven Covey’s book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is Begin with the End in Mind. Does everyone know what role they play (or can play) in helping your organization achieve its’ vision?

Does the vision statement promote a sense of “oh wow?” every time someone reads it?
Can everyone visualize how their personal life will be different as the organization comes closer to reaching its vision? A SWOT analysis examines the organizations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
A balanced scorecard is like a company report card that examines how we will measure ourselves. Occasionally, cialis my school would visit some university and I was exposed to better and faster computers.
In 2008, I purchased a Nintendo Wii with the intent to use boxing, Wii Fit, and Wii Active to get in shape. I considered buying a new X box 360 this year, but I didn’t think I needed something else to encourage any more time wasting. One of the critical components of leadership is the ability to take control of your financial future. In general, cialis sale the concept of selling options works like this: You purchase an asset like a house or a stock and then sell some unknown person (trading is done online) the right, sovaldi sale but not the obligation to purchase that asset from you at a specific price (that YOU determine), cure by a specific date (that YOU determine). The stock value does not supersede the $50 agreed upon sales price and the shares are not sold. The stock value does surpass the $50 agreed upon sales price and the option is exercised as the stock is sold for $50 per share. Another important aspect of financial leadership is having the ability to address the risks of any investment approach. Alan Ellman loves options trading so much he has written three top selling books on the topic of selling covered calls alone. Recent market studies by KMCI reveal that practitioners have an urgent need for guidance in the development of KM strategies, and for corresponding implementation tools and methods. K-STREAM™ is predicated on the view that organizations are adaptive systems, whose behaviors are complex, non-linear, always changing, and unpredictable.
The CKIM™ program does not require any specific level of education or previous experience as a prerequisite for enrollment.
Executive Education - Knowledge Management + Engineering 2015: Seminars, Lectures, Events, R+D at intl Universities in EU + Asia (Prof. EXECUTIVE EDUCATION + TRAINING: selected examples for Universities + Economy + Media by Prof. Whether you are in the early stages of planning a strategy or developing a supporting technology infrastructure, or part of a more mature team that needs to measure effectiveness, drive further adoption or migrate platforms the program including the tools and methodologies presented are sure to invigorate the team. This training process further allows personnel to better absorb new or updated data from their colleagues with less effort and trouble, allowing them and the organization to handle information more efficiently. Furthermore, by training personnel to handle new information, organizations will be able to promote a more proactive work environment that is conducive to both development and progress. Significant change may require training to support the behavioral or product elements of the change.
He has developed over 60 commercial products including medical products, buy cialis chemical specialties and mobile apps.
Many Silicon Valley companies have liberal policies allowing workers freedom to work wherever they choose. They give flexibility to those who need be at home from time to time but encourage creative workers to work at the office by providing amenities at the workplace.
Dogs, kids and other distractions such as home remodeling projects can be very distracting and reduce productivity.
One of the strategies that I use in this regard happens to be one that Dale has written about on this site called Double Your Money Every 2-3 Years. In return for undertaking this obligation, you are paid a premium (that the MARKET determines).
You feel comfortable that the property will increase in value and would have no problem owning the property for the long term.
This would occur when the value of the property never surpasses the agreed upon $120k sales price. You have now generated $150 from the option sale plus $200 profit from the sale of the stock for a total of $350. Becoming a master covered call writer should be your goal if you decide that this is the right strategy for you and your family as I have.
Decision Phase ­ This phase takes the alternative interventions identified in the prior phase and subjects them to more rigorous levels of analysis. Construction Phase ­ This phase involves the technical and programmatic development of solutions identified in the prior phase.
Transition Phase ­ This phase consists of the implementation and deployment of solutions developed in the prior phase. Maintenance Phase ­ This phase includes the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of implemented KM systems and programs, including continuous reporting or impact and benefits. In the context of KM it means no good idea will ever see the light of day unless you can tie it to . It also allows different departments within an organization to coordinate their work, and avoid misunderstandings whenever problems arise with regards to existing or incoming data. This gives us a great opportunity to review the pros and cons of the issue in the context of creativity. After being there for a while I noticed he wasn’t often taking advantage of the opportunity. The amenities may include services, food varieties and free drinks, including Starbucks coffee and the official drink of programmers everywhere – Mountain Dew. But such positions do not suit everyone’s disposition or need for collaboration in their position. It is an investment approach that combines two strategies: Buying stock and selling options.

The cash is generated into your brokerage account instantly and available for immediate investment or whatever you choose to do with it.
However, if you were offered $120k for this property at any time over the next six months, you would accept it for a quick $20k profit. After all, why would OB buy your property for $120 when he could buy a similar property for less money?
He can buy the property from you at $120k and sell it at market for $150k, making a nice profit. If the value of the property declines in value by more than the option premium received, you start to lose money. If the stock depreciates in value by more than the $1.50 per share generated from the option sale, you will start to lose money.
I will be happy to provide more information in this regard in future articles on this site. I asked him about it and he said that he couldn’t work from home as effectively as at the office. Our government considers this strategy safe enough to allow us to use it in our self-directed IRA accounts. First I will demonstrate with a real estate example and then bring it into the world of the stock market.
In this case, you garner a $10k profit on an investment of $100k which is a 10%, 6-month return or 20% annualized. We, however, are the option sellers, so let’s see how we made out in this second possible outcome. Your loss will be less than an investor who bought the stock and didn’t sell the corresponding option. McElroy, co-creators of CKIM™, co-authors of 'The Open Enterprise -- Building Business Architectures for Openness and Sustainable Innovation' (KMCI Online Press, 2003) and 'Key Issues in The New Knowledge Management' (KMCI Press, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2003), and individual authors of two other leading works in Knowledge Management. We want individuals to have freedom to work from home at times but with creative work (and what is not creative work today) we need to have effective face-to-face collaboration. Technology tools such as video conferencing are helpful but sometimes there’s no good substitute for face-to-face communication. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview as to how this strategy works with two preview examples.
He loves your property and feels that it could appreciate in value up to $150k during the next six months.
We have the $10k option premium PLUS an additional $20k profit on the sale of the property for a total profit of $30k. In this example, if the property value depreciates under $90K, you will be in a losing situation. However, you will have lost less money than the investor who purchased a similar property and didn’t sell an option. OB) to buy your shares for (in this hypothetical) $50 per share at any time over the next (in this hypothetical) one month. They should also be instructed that whenever they see a question that they can help with, or know someone who can, then they should try answer or assist the person wearing that badge immediately. OB has many other investments and doesn’t want to risk $120k at this time but he sure would like to control this property. He offers you $10k for the right, but not the obligation, to purchase your property for $120k at any time over the next six months. This cash is generated into your account immediately and yours to keep whether the option is exercised or not.
This 10k option premium is yours to keep whether OB exercises the option and buys your property or not (in many real estate deals the premium IS applied to the purchase price but this is NOT how it works in the stock market so for this example, you keep the premium under all circumstances). Once you have finished putting together your questions, ask for two volunteers to help you with the activity.
By giving the second volunteer the support of the rest of the team, the trainees will learn how groups behave when answering a particular question in contrast to lone individuals. The Secret Message This particular activity is suitable for groups of 10 to 15 people.
In this activity, you will need to think of a long sentence that’s very difficult to guess. Next, write one or two words of your sentence onto a piece of paper, and then distribute them to the members individually. Also, instruct each member not to show his or her piece of paper to his or her team once they receive it. Once all the members have their piece of paper, ask them to group themselves into pairs.
After a short amount of time, the group will have to form new pairs, and again, they have to share their information with their new partner. This process continues until one of the members or pairs guesses the entire sentence. The goal of this activity is to help personnel appreciate the challenges of limited or inaccurate information.
It also helps them appreciate the importance of partnerships when dealing with complex information. Conclusion Knowledge management as well as time management techniques, plays an important role in how knowledge is used within a particular organization. It assists managers and executive personnel to better handle existing information on all sorts of fields, and at the same time, teaches ordinary personnel how to share what they know with their colleagues without too much trouble.
This allows them to handle new and existing information more efficiently, which of course, increases office productivity. Perhaps the most important characteristic of knowledge management is that it can be described as a special type of personnel training.
Like personnel training and other forms of employee engagement, this type of training is centered around personnel and their competency with regard certain areas. The only difference is that with regards to knowledge management training, the focus is on information instead of specific skill sets or items.

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