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While our culture is constantly being inundated with new ideologies and praxes that affect the way we think and do business, the emerging concept of knowledge management has gained substantive stature in contemporary society. Yet another definition exists for knowledge management, and this one defines it as a discipline that encourages an integrated approach to the identification, capture, evaluation, retrieval, and sharing of a company’s data assets. As made plain by the aforementioned definitions, the idea of knowledge management carries with it a primarily corporate orientation.
As many technological experts know, one of the primary concepts of knowledge management is to capture knowledge and subsequently make it available for other people within an organization to use it. Individuals who find the world of knowledge management to be interesting should note that career opportunities within this sector abound. As made plain by the information outlined above, the field of knowledge management has gained precedence and importance within a plethora of professional sectors. Implementing knowledge management within a support organization to improve the service desks abilities to respond to customer issues benefits the organization, the support staff, and the customers. Speed in response is important, as it gets customers back to work faster and makes for a happier customer. If I call your service desk 10 times, speak to 10 different support analysts, and ask the same question, how likely am I to get the same answer?
Most support managers are always looking for opportunities to improve the first contact resolution rates, as they know this lowers the cost of support and increases customer satisfaction. The organization needs to move from a labor-based support model that depends solely on the individuals in the organization to a knowledge-based support model that incorporates the collective knowledge of the team. Learn how to implement knowledge management based on best practices by learning more about Knowledge-Centered Support.
Printing PowerPoint Slides with Notes Supporting Windows 7 Group Policy Settings with Windows Server 2003 Domain Controllers What’s the Value of an AWS Certification? This program combines Information Architected's consulting practice and training programs on Knowledge Management. Multiple methodologies and tools for establishing the need for KM and developing a solution design for KM are introduced. There is a difference between education and training, between knowledge of a professional method and learning professional skills.
There is a battle being fought for the hearts and minds of our project management community – and it’s going to affect both the future project performance and our financial success in the world markets!
PRINCE2 is a good method and MSP benefits from it being the only widely documented programme management approach, but to confuse it with project management is like believing that knowing how to do double entry book keeping makes you a qualified accountant. In the blue corner are organisations that include APM, some of the progressive universities – in particular Middlesex (which has established the National Centre for Project Management (NCPM)), UMIST, and Lancaster – and a small number of project management companies, all of whom are dedicated to developing professional project management. It has taken time and much research, some funded by the national and international project management associations, to develop a consistent view about what makes a good project manager. As any experienced trainer knows, it is much easier to get a 20-something-year-old through method accreditation that focuses on vocabulary and knowledge of procedures than a more experienced individual. Both APM and PMI have long-standing entry level knowledge programmes that are preferable starting points for project management education, but they suffer from many of the same faults as the method accreditation courses, with a public image that attaining these underwrites some sort of professional status in project management when they patently do not. In this country the OGC, with its clear mandate to improve project management in the government sector, must clearly associate itself with providers of project management education and promote this at least as heavily as it has for method accreditation. After all, the Olympics are coming, the demand for advanced, high performance, professional project management in all spheres will be at a premium and we are not going to get from individuals who are expert in PRINCE2 but cannot project manage.
The most desirable outcome would be for the OGC to integrate method training in their education programme, and eliminate the monopoly on PRINCE2, or preferably transfer it to APM. Christopher Worsley is the CEO of the CITI Group, which focuses on the application of ‘best practice’ project and programme management tools and techniques. Adept's mission is to deliver high quality Project Management training and unique learning experiences that are practical and relevant to current technical and economic climates. Delegates leave invigorated and focussed on achieving their maximum potential, helping clients achieve their project deliverables. APM have designed the Level 1 certificate to determine an individuals knowledge of project risk management, such that they have sufficient understanding to contribute effectively within a formal project risk management process. This course is also the precursor to the higher level APM Project Risk Certificate Level 2. The Introductory Certificate is an entry level qualification suitable for anyone with an interest in Project Management.

Participants may be starting out in a career in Project Management or simply working to benchmark their knowledge in a recognisable form. With the majority of projects being carried out as a contract it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that the performance of the contract is managed correctly.
Just leaving the contract to happen doesn't work - the contract must be managed on an on-going basis. Most activities that are out sourced tend to be contracted for 3-5 years with options to extend for further years, so it is vital that the promised results are delivered throughout the life of the contract. Adept Knowledge Management offer tailored services in project management training and the development and delivery of project consultancy.
We give clients the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in project management through a mixture of courses, workshops, advice and consultancy.
These assets can include things such as documents, databases, procedures, policies, and formerly uncaptured experience and expertise that comes from a company’s employees.
In fact, the operational import of knowledge management gained precedence within the consulting community.
In many cases, this information is in people’s heads and has thus yet to be defined and discussed explicitly. At this point, many traditional MBA programs and online MBA programs provide students with knowledge management skills that are transferable. Now that you have gained a basic understanding of what knowledge management is and which fields it is utilized within, you can determine whether you should tailor your educational work to prepare for a career that incorporates this dynamic, perpetually evolving concept.
Every time the phone rings, the analysts ask themselves, “Will I know this answer?” When they have the power of the team behind them in the form of knowledge, then the answer to that question is more likely to be “Yes.” Giving support analysts the tools and ability to satisfy more customers quickly improves employee satisfaction, lowering attrition rates and saving organizations money. By using the knowledge base, support analysts learn about products as they support customers.
Identifying what the frequently asked questions or problems are in the environment is a challenge. When support analysts can search and find knowledge quickly, they can respond to customers faster and without the need to escalate the incident. When they use self-service, they can get back to work without the cost of assisted service. Faster response, fewer escalations, and self-service all reduce the average cost per incident.
He is also certified Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) instructor and has guided organizations through the implementation of KCS.
Christopher Worsley (pictured, right) presents a personal view and argues that knowing a method does not make you a project manager.
It is a strange battle with unexpected alliances and it is all the more worrying for its stealth. For commercial reasons, many of the authorised training organisations (ATOs), who have invested substantial sums of money buying accreditation, are promoting the same message.
These ‘blue’ organisations know that high performance project management is a critical success factor for UK plc and are seeking to put in place a set of qualifications that mean that those with them can run projects – safely and predictably.
There remains work to be done, but consensus is swiftly growing about their attributes and hence a professional curriculum and valid assessment criteria can be created. People skilled at running projects are distinguished by their attitudes, their skills, the responsibilities they intuitively accept, and the tasks and procedures they follow. It focuses on disciplines, not procedures, forcing focus on the factors that lead to success in projects. They are the distilled wisdom from hundreds of man years of others’ experience but they are not rules, they are guidance – something that someone whose only exposure to project management is a method course and their anecdotal experiences shaped by that method, rarely grasps. The first and most important thing is to make the case for developing project management expertise, rather than project method expertise. And project managers that value their contribution to their organisations and to their country should demand loud and clear that they are professionals, they expect professional status with all that comes with it, recognition, responsibility and qualifications. The OGC should make sure the accreditation is embedded and is made a component of project management education. The course topics are geared towards breadth rather than depth, as required by the Introductory Certificate syllabus, and are designed to improve knowledge and awareness. Failure to do so leads to quality being compromised, clauses falling into disuse (or even misuse) and disputes and claims proliferating.

Although definitions for the phrase are diverse and sometimes mutually exclusive, knowledge management can be thought of as the process of organizing a company’s knowledge and data holistically. From there, the basic principles of knowledge management proliferated into other disciplines within the consulting sector. Some career options that individuals who complete traditional or distance MBA programs include that of a business intelligence analyst, knowledge coordinator, information strategy specialist, competitive intelligence manager, and knowledge engineer. When support analysts are able to quickly search a knowledge base and find a resolution, they reduce the diagnostic time within incident management.
If every support analyst follows the process of searching the knowledge base before providing a customer an answer or beginning to research a problem, then every customer will get the same answer, which happens to be the best answer known to the organization at that time. In areas where the team collectively is not as knowledgeable as needed to satisfy the demands of the customer base, additional training can be completed.
Most organizations attempt to do this by analyzing the incident history and evaluating the classification structure. Support organizations that implement knowledge management properly with the goal of providing self-service can produce a self-service knowledge base as a byproduct of quality assisted service. Confusing because it has no connection with the Association for Project Management (APM), and has no mandate from the project management community. It is also a well-researched finding that the best predictor of project performance is level of previous project experience. The major project management organisations such as APM, IPMA and PMI must make their cases much clearer and deliver to the marketplace clear guidelines about what good project management education should look like.
During this era, consulting firms were quick in recognizing the potential of the Internet to link together geographically distinct knowledge-based organizations. And, the sooner they complete one incident, the sooner they are made available for the next customer, thus reducing the average service time and lowering the abandon rate. The answer will even match the answer the customer could have found on the organization’s self-service website. This then feeds problem management to begin the process of removing the defect from the environment. The support organization needs to be responsible for both assisted service and self-service and get credit for helping customers through both support models. He is the author of the HDI Focus Book on Knowledge Management, the Knowledge Management Maturity Model, and the “Knowledge Management” chapter in the HDI Service and Support Handbook. The APM Group, hired by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) to manage the accreditation of trainers and training companies to deliver PRINCE2 and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) courses, is promoting method accreditation as though it is a project management qualification – as if knowing a method makes you a project manager.
Just check your reaction to your child coming home and saying that they had sex training rather than sex education at school today! None of these are the outcomes from the typical accreditation five-day training course, including two days of tests. As has been observed in many organisations, the only difference between a methodologist and a terrorist is that you can negotiate with a terrorist. After learning how to utilize intranets to connect organizations in a manner that permitted the sharing and exchange of information, they realized that their acquired expertise was ultimately a product that could be packaged and marketed.
When organizations link knowledge articles to incidents as they are being resolved, reuse counters are updated and detailed incident history reports are available for every problem. Rick is a regular speaker at industry events, a member of the Consortium for Service Innovation, and an evangelist for KCS. The ‘reds’ claim that some 50,000 individuals sit the PRINCE2 tests every year, while the ‘blues’ would be hard pressed to find 5,000 taking advanced project management qualifications world wide.
We need to worry that the personal development budgets for future project managers is being consumed by training programmes when where it could be better spent is in educating them in project management. The timing of this business world evolution was excellent given that receptivity to intellectual capital was relatively high during the 1980s, thereby setting the stage for the acknowledgement of information as an important and indeed inalienable asset for organizations to possess and manage effectively.

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