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SHINee as image character of sports brand "SKECHERS" finished  DLIGHT EXTREME new collection release commemorative fan autograph session in the large prosperity. Because of the rumor about SHINee is coming to Shinchon, there are so many people and reporters in front of BEST FRIEND Korean language school.

Because from the building where the fan autograph session is held to our BEAST FRIEND Korean language school is about 50M, we could watch it over a window. This is the night view of Modern department Shinchon store where SHINee did a fan autograph sesshion. In particular, because Shinchon is proud of long tradition, not only young person, but also elderly like here.

Would you like to do shopping, sightseeing, enjoy K-pop concert, study Korean in BEST FRIEND Korean language school?

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korean language classes online 4u

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