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Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Arguably the most important meal of the year, the traditional Thanksgiving feast can be a trial to prepare.
Our weekly guide to Los Angeles dining includes food news and reviews, as well as dining events and interviews with chefs and restaurant owners. What happens when you mix the King’s signature peanut butter and banana with our critically acclaimed Pop’s Porter?
Our mighty beertenders are specialist in answering all the questions you might have about the multiverse. The only thing better than a special treatment is three special treatments & the only thing better than that -> three barrel aged special treatments! Our critically acclaimed La Rubia meets the warmly sweet, slightly tart with earthy undertones characteristic of the blackberries to create one of the most awaited treatments.
The spicy and fruity characteristics of our greatly acclaimed Flagler meets the intensity of cumin and ginger to create a truly one-of-a-kind beer that will make you reach the highest umami. If you’re not in Basel, which everyone knows it’s in Switzerland, then our Tap Room is undoubtedly the best place to watch the most important Soccer game this season. The amazing aroma with hits of malt sweetness of your favorite Pale Ale meets all the benefits of the good old Green Tea!
Related StoriesThe Best Outdoor Restaurant Patios in Los AngelesMother's Day Brunches and Dinners in L.A. If you were only one of the special people, you could join Janet Jackson, Kris Jenner and Apolo Ohno at the grand opening of Dylan's Candy Bar's first West Coast store on Sat., Sept. Cooks have to spend hours -- and hours and days -- brining the bird, making stuffing and putting together any number of potato and vegetable side dishes, not to mention baking all that pie.
Everson Royce Bar What do you get when you take one of the city’s most passionate wine purveyors and a James Beard Award–winning chef and have them open a bar together? The Arthur J It's hard to resist the charms of the Arthur J, David Lefevre's new Manhattan Beach restaurant. Trois Familia What will spring forth next from the minds of Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo? If you think you have what it takes to sit on the CONNECT 4 plastic throne, then prove it this Saturday 21st! Gracias Madre Located near the end (or beginning) of Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, Mexican vegan restaurant Gracias Madre is a gorgeous space. Bucato The Helms Bakery Complex has a pleasing wide vintage-main-street feel, and no spot is better than the front patio of Bucato to watch over this Culver City landmark. Spago Spago remains one of the best spots in town for power dining and celebrity sightings, and no place is more convivial for Beverly Hills revelry than the front brick-floored patio, where you can dine on white tablecloths under trees festooned with twinkling lights. Malibu Pier Restaurant and Bar What better view could you ask for than the Pacific ocean in all its glory, a swarm of surfers riding the waves, and a vintage pier?
Eveleigh The Eveleigh is like a garden party oasis in the midst of West Hollywood, and the barn-like back room, which is actually a patio, is one of the loveliest parties in town. Cliff's Edge Standing on traffic-y, twisty Sunset Boulevard, you might not suspect that Cliff's Edge offers a hidden oasis of calm on its back, two-level patio.
AOC Step inside AOC and out its wide-open side doors for a little taste of California Wine Country or maybe the European countryside. 8 at the Original Farmers Market, across from the Grove on the corner of Third and Fairfax.The candy emporium--which "soft launched" a couple weeks ago--bursts with more than 7,000 different types of sweet treats from around the globe and decades past.
A Southern California native, she embodies much of what's great about the Venice we all knew and loved before it became overrun with tech types, and her business there helps us have faith that a bit of the old Venice will always remain.
Plant Food and Wine "Matthew Kenney does amazing things with vegetables, whether you’re vegan or not. Hinano Cafe "Another Venice institution — is there anyone who hasn’t heard of the Hinano burger? Thankfully, some pretty great restaurants all over Los Angeles are providing their own twist on the Thanksgiving feast. And yet, as I look over the places that have seized my attention in these last 12 months, I see an L.A.
You get Everson Royce Bar, the Arts District drinking hole conceived by Randy Clement of Silverlake Wine and Matt Molina, previously chef at a little place you may have heard of called Osteria Mozza. If a steakhouse is all about a projection of American fantasy, then the Arthur J spins that fantasy particularly well. The small wedge of a building from renowned mole queen Rocio Camacho operates mainly as a takeout place where you order at a counter, and it's possible to pick up a burrito and never get wind of the more exciting possibilities of eating here. 1st Prize $100 Gift Card 2nd Prize $50 Gift Card 3 Door Prizes: Wynwood T-Shirt Wynwood Hat 32oz Growler Fill So go ahead and sign up ASAP at the bar! He’ll be talking about our amazing brews and Kush Wynwood will be giving some real-deal burgers lessons.

Previously an antique store, the room is awash with clean white paint, making its high, vaulted ceilings and light wood floors feel sleek but inviting. Lounging on the vintage furniture arranged around Chateau Marmont's garden terrace will make a person feel like a 1930s-era Hollywood movie star.
The year-round patio is covered when necessary, and heat lamps are always on hand in case you're chilly. Because that's what you see from Malibu Pier Restaurant and Bar's deck, a view that's blinding in its glory. Owners were smart enough to install two bars, and one of them is at the back of the patio, where you can order stellar cocktails and look out over a stunning view of the city sprawled out in all its jewel-like magic. In the center, a massive Ficus tree holds court, surrounded by oversized, empty clam shells and candelabras, of all things. The selection includes everything from sour gummy worms to Astro Pops to red licorice Scottie dogs to banana cream pie-flavored chocolate bars.
An avid surfer and skateboarder, the chef describes her food as seasonally driven, ethically harvested and globally inspired progressive Californian cuisine.
The restaurant's decor is an imagining of the glossy swagger of the 1950s, all geometrically latticed room dividers made from honey-toned wood, tastefully space-age light fixtures, and carpets and upholstering that have the gray and navy chromatism of a well-made suit. The master of those 275 square feet is chef Charles Olalia, an exceedingly friendly dude who often looks kind of happily stunned to find himself here. As a result, we have perhaps the best selection in the country of places to dine al fresco. The outdoor patio, anchored by a roaring fireplace, more than doubles the restaurant's seating capacity, and colorful cushions, stylish tilework and cascading, potted plants make the whole place feel like something out of a high-design Mexican home-decor magazine. The whole restaurant sports a nautical-chic, gorgeous, whitewashed vintage vibe punctuated by modern elements that you often have to look at twice to notice. The tables form a horseshoe around the tree, and the second level of seats looks like a long hut perched above, with bamboo shooting up and a pond in the back. There are two family-style booths set back into tiled walls on each end and cute country-style windows all around. The design of the 1,200-square-foot boutique infuses candy into every detail, including candy topiaries at the store's entrance, larger-than-life peppermint columns, a warm chocolate fountain and candy button tables. She also just opened a cookie window at Leona, serving a rotating roster of cookies and aguas frescos, made daily in-house.Arrington has a bevy of favorite Venice and Santa Monica restaurants, many of which are open late to cater to a chef's eating hours. Get a choice of organic "family style" turkey or salt-roasted New Zealand snapper for $65 a person. Cocktails provide clever twists on the classics, and those "twists," along with the forward-thinking wine list, are really the only details of the restaurant that veer toward modernity. The restaurant, which is open for breakfast and brunch daily and has no liquor license, would fall under the weight of its own silliness if not for the quality of the cooking, which is fantastic. It is quite amazing to find him here, given that his last job was executive chef at Patina in Walt Disney Concert Hall, one of the ritziest restaurants in California. But since it’s American Craft Beer Week, join us earlier today and let our amazing beertenders guide you through our wide selection of craft beer! When the evenings get chilly a blazing fireplace in the center of the patio warms things up, and pretty details such as shrines to the Virgin make it feel like more than just a garden. The back patio is used less often and is slightly less exciting, but there is a fragrant herb garden to keep you company. But the best view is up — at the restaurant's balcony, its foliage creeping along the edges of the roof or just straight above at the expansive sky.
The store also carries candy-inspired apparel, jewelry, stationery and spa products (what the?).It will officially open to the hoi polloi the following day, Sept.
They have a live mariachi band, make their tortillas in-house and your guacamole tableside. As you read my top 10 picks, you might notice the prevalence of Asian and Mexican spots, which take up more than half of this list.
The food is almost all throwback, down to a pot roast served from white Pyrex with a blue curlicued design, a vessel that typically wouldn't be seen in an upscale steakhouse but that graced the kitchens of most housewives circa 1959. Bonus tip: the patios of Lukshon right across the way, and Father's Office, further into the complex, are pretty sweet as well. Buckets of champagne, piles of lemons and platters of crushed ice and oysters appear alongside specially created oyster-friendly cocktails. Serving both lunch and dinner, Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne's wine bar also, unsurprisingly, boasts an extensive wine list of several pages, which arrives on a clipboard. Hinterland  "Hinterland has a great vibe and, despite being on Main Street, it feels like a familiar neighborhood restaurant. There’s a lot to be said for doing something straightforward and doing it very, very well. At Ricebar, the focus is not on fine dining but rather heirloom, fair-trade Filipino rice bowls in a variety of flavors.

Although the lively Bar Marmont is down the hill, the restaurant's bar has its own spirited following for those who like a little nosh with their late-night cocktails. Doesn't it make you hyper just thinking about it?Other celebrities scheduled to appear at the private party include Blair Underwood, Mario Lopez, Tiffani Amber Thiesen, Elizabeth Berkley, R.J. Do they deliver that meaty tang, that carnivorous joy, the char and blood and gratifying balance between tender and toothsome? But with these three at the helm, even the silliest idea turns out to be pretty damn awesome. The aguachile has fat shrimp bathed in a scarlet sauce spicy enough to alter your consciousness but also so tangy and balanced that it will have you coming back for bite after excruciating bite. The menu is built around the four large steamers in the front window, each holding a different kind of rice. Mitt, Lauren Bowles and Noureen DeWulf, C-Listers all (um, Candy List?).Dylan's Candy Bar is a "candy lifestyle brand" founded 11 years ago by Dylan Lauren (daughter of Ralph), who is exceptionally svelte for a candy hawker. They are and they do, particularly the dry-aged prime, which comes in a variety of very expensive cuts. If this food were served in some fancy room somewhere, the salmon would be cooked a little more gently; the ribs under a sticky, spicy, aromatic glaze would perhaps be more tender.
Kalinga Unoy is a rust-colored red rice, grown on ancient terraced fields in Kalinga in the Philippines, then sun-dried. The company's mission is "to awaken the creative spirit and inner child in everyone" while "merging the worlds of art, fashion and pop culture with candy."Dylan's Candy Bar stores are currently located in New York City, East Hampton, Orlando and Houston. They have great tacos and seafood, but the ceviche is killer!" 3306 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica. There would be wine as delicate as the flavor of the musky huitlacoche sauce you get ladled over mahi mahi. In addition to the new Los Angeles store, a store will soon be opening in Miami.After graduating from Duke University with a major in art history, Dylan "traveled the globe in search of the world's most exciting confectionery creations," opening her first shop in 2001. There’s black rice covered in hunks of lush avocado, crisp radish, sweet pops of marinated grape tomatoes and tiny, pointy, salty, crunchy fried anchovies. Terrine Terrine's white-walled, burnished mirror–bedecked interior would be outshone by the gorgeous patio if it weren't for the fact that the patio's light-spangled beauty is visible from everywhere in the restaurant, and its central Javanese bishopwood tree is basically the main design component of the whole space. This is Camacho's kitchen, and it's not built on any premise other than showcasing the cooking of an incredibly talented chef. Pork longganisa, a sausage that’s made in-house, comes sliced and accompanied by pickled veggies and has an almost floral and aromatic yet funky flavor that leaves a light, fatty sweetness behind.
The tree looms like a benevolent giant, making Terrine feel like an elegant brasserie that has been transplanted into some kind of magical forest. Olalia will recommend you order this over garlic fried rice and also that you add a fried egg. The tables under twinkling lights are a delight, and a lounge area off to one side provides a spot where you might sit with friends and nibble on charcuterie and partake in the drinks of barman Ryan Wainwright. C is doling out holiday favorites like Maine lobster bisque, pumpkin ravioli, chestnut stuffing and turkey. Tables run along the front balcony of the restaurant, which rises above the sandy beach and lapping waves. Some of the Italian-influenced dishes will include baked cicotta cavatelli with butternut squash, cornbread with prosciutto and thyme, and three different types of turkey. People stand and sit on the edge of the Japanese garden, listening to soulful samba, waiting for the doors to open at noon. Guests can choose between five appetizers, main courses like turkey breast and duck and black forest cake or pumpkin "pie" for dessert. The main course is a choice between Diestel free-range turkey with traditional sides and a vegetarian gratin made with butternut squash, leeks and celery root. Beyond turkey, the Patina menu has offerings like Alaskan halibut, beef tenderloin with smoked bone marrow and even a selection of caviar (at an extra price). The fixed choices include butternut squash soup, Trader Vic's traditional turkey dinner and the choice of pumpkin or pecan pie. Guests may choose from a "cruelty free" organic fried turkey leg or breast, each served with "all the traditional fixings" for $25. Try their venison roast, black grouper, duck sausage and apple stuffing or their turkey, which comes glazed in mustard and rye bourbon.

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