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Pearson encourages 21st century learning by infusing the core subjects and themes throughout our programsa€”Life and Career Skills, Learning and Innovation Skills, and Information, Media, and Technology Skills.
With Pearsona€™s interactive whiteboard-ready resources, students become more active and collaborative classroom learners and teachers are able to deliver memorable lessons, engage all types of learners, and reduce class preparation time. Our fully digital programs and ebooks provide cutting-edge online instruction with a seamless transition from the textbook, allowing students to complete assignments, access videos and activities, and take online tests and remediation.
Pearson offers complete and cohesive support to help you implement the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS).
RTI is an ongoing instructional process of using assessments to inform instruction that leads to improved student performance. Your Pearson sales representative is ready to partner with you to create a customized curriculum and professional development plan to help your struggling students and schools achieve success. At Pearson we continue to focus on your needs and on improving our customers' online experience.
Developed from the Federal Government’s ILR scale by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, the ACTFL proficiency scale has 4 main levels (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior. Tips, tricks, information, and brochures that support your promotion of German language at all levels of instruction.
Lead with Languages Lead with Languages is a new ad campaign led by ACTFL launching in 2015. Just Add German Goethe-Institut'sA campaign supports teachers and students with materials, contests, webinars, social media, and a video gallery with animations and VIP testimonials. Step into German Enter the worlds of German music and Germanya€™s most popular sport, soccer.
Todo AlemA?n Todo AlemA?n connects young people who speak English, Spanish, German or Portuguese and supports exciting projects in the US, Canada, Mexico, Spain, and Portugal.
Seal of Biliteracy The Seal of Biliteracy is given by a school, school district, or stateA to high school graduates in recognition of demonstrated proficiency in two or more languages. National German Week National German Week, the first week in October, provides a platform for recognizing the many contributions of Germans to the modern world and an opportunity to highlight great German programs in public and private schools across the country.
National Foreign Language Week Increase visibility of your program with this great opportunity to celebrate languages with your classes, your department, and your school. International Education Week Promote exchange and celebrate the benefits of international education. AATG Advocacy Survey Results: Some Individual Stories AATG, 2006 Instructor responses to a survey on advocating for and promoting German programs. Early Language Learning Research, White Paper Report Early Advantage, January 2008A Six principles on the benefits of early language learning supported by research and recognized experts in the field. World Language Week as an Advocacy Opportunity Jessica Clifford, Massachusetts Foreign Language AssociationIdeas for activities and promotional strategies during World Language week in March.
The Liberal Arts Majors That Pay the Most Lauren Weber, The Wall Street Journal, May 2014Foreign languages and literatures top the lista€”article with infographic analyzing data on average salaries for different liberal arts majors from the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Coke Exec Tells Students Liberal Arts Is Best Preparation for Business Careers Brian Eckert, Washington and Lee University, April 2014 Senior vice president and chief public affairs officer for Coca-Cola, Clyde Tuggle,A holds an undergraduate degree in German.
Study: Reading a Novel Changes Your Brain Julia Ryan, The Atlantic, January 2014Fiction is good for your brain! Exposure to Two Languages Carries Far-reaching Benefits Northwestern University, Science Daily, May 2009This study cites evidence that people who can speak two languages are more adept at learning a new foreign language than their monolingual counterparts, and their bilingual advantage persists even when the new language is completely different from the languages they already know. Become an Effective Advocate in 8 Easy Steps ACTFL, 1997Key, practical advice on how to become a foreign language advocate in your community, with examples on how to implement the strategies. Education Matters Learning World Languages to Prepare for College and Careers Kentucky Educational Television, 2011Hour-long video explores the importance of world language study in a global society where fluency in other languages and familiarity with other cultures are prerequisites for success. Learning New Languages Helps the Brain Grow Sarah Glynn, Medical News Today, October 2012Article with synopsis of a medical study indicating that the learning languages allows the brain to stay in shape by causing certain parts of the brain to grow, including the hippocampus and three areas of the cerebral cortex.
Modern Language Association Advocacy Kit MLA and AAUSCThe Academic Workforce Advocacy Kit includes a set of reports and guidelines on faculty workload and staffing norms.
National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition Resource Library NCELAAlthough this organization is geared toward English language acquisition, the resource library includes access to many articles and publications on educating linguistically and culturally diverse students, including those learning German.

German Day: Famous German Americans Compilation of current and historical celebrities in the US who speak German or have German roots. English Is Not Enough Catherine Porter, Chronicle of Higher Education, April 2010Treatise on the educational, civic, social, and economic benefits of ensuring that students in the US learn more than English, and continue their study through all levels. Adult Language Learners Caitlan Carroll in Young Germany, November 27, 2013Article highlights a recent study that challenges the idea that children can learn a language faster than adults.
The Guardian, September 4, 2014Recent medical studies show learning a foreign language at any age has a visible, positive effect on the brain, including increased cognitive creativity and mental flexibilty.
Education Northwest, December 18, 2014The article draws upon recent studies and legislative changes in a push to reframe the conversation about English learners with a positive spin. ScienceNews, December 31, 2014A new study finds that bilingual people make efficient decisions on word choices, neural exercise that may protect the aging brain. Lanthorn, January 14, 2015Article in the student newspaper for Grand Valley State University in Michigan features quotes from instructors and students advocating the job market advantages to learning a language, including German. Benefits of Being Bilingual Include Brain Boosting Power Huffington Post Canada, Joy D'Souza, July 16, 2015Research from 2014 shows multilingual speakers exercise their brains more than monolinguals, which can help their brains age at a slower rate and delay onset of Alzheimera€™s. Language Study in the Age of Globalization MLA and ADFLThe brochure highlights reasons why studying a language is life-enriching and improves career prospects. Knowing Other Languages Brings Opportunities MLAMLAa€™s brochure is intended for HS students to promote the study of foreign languages.
Twelve Kinds of Kids who Love Learning German Michaela Claus-Nix, South Forsyth High SchoolA Geared toward K-12 students and offers fun reasons why they might want to start learning Germana€”like chocolate, fast cars, or access to a secret language. Career Possibilities for German Majors University of GeorgiaOffers possible career titles, as well as potential employers for German majors with links to job searching sites. Why I study German University of California BerkeleyUC Berkeley German majors talk about their reasons for studying German and why it is a great decision.
Bridging the WorldGoethe-Institut AustraliaA collection of short essays from learners of German around the world. The Language of Life: Five ways language learning will make your child smarter Angela Jackson, The News Tribune, September 22, 2014A Written by a parent for parents, the article offers five benefits of langauge learning, including cognitive, character, and future economic benefits.
Monolingual Parents Supporting Children's Language Learning Nick Jaworski, Chicago NOW, December 6, 2014A By a parent for parents, the author supplies parents with tips on how to encourage their children to learn a language, even if the parents can't speak a word. Information with supporting citations and statistics promoting the benefits and advantages of world language study. At ILC, we provide a preparatory classes throughout the years for all students that wish to sit for any Cambridge ESOL exams such as YLE, KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC (all levels), ICFE, ILEC and TKT .Passing a Cambridge ESOL exam is not the end of the story - when students receive their certificate they open the door to a world of opportunities.
Cambridge ESOL offers the world's leading range of certificates for learners and teachers of English - taken by over 3 million people in 130 countries. To achieve a pass in any of these advanced examinations, learners must have a level of proficiency in English which is both sound and progressively closer to the level of an educated native speaker.
This internationally recognized framework describes language ability in a scale of levels which ranges from A1 for beginners to C2 for those who have mastered a language. Cambridge ESOL is often asked about the number of study hours required to reach a certain examination level. This makes it easy for anyone involved in language teaching and testing (learners, teachers, teacher trainers etc.) to see the level of different qualifications. The ultimate goala€”to ensure that every child is prepared for the 21st century with skills like critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation and global competence. Jim Cummins, has worked exclusively with Pearson to embed powerful teaching approaches into Pearson programs, ensuring that English language learners receive the same high quality education as their peers.
Professional development opportunities, aligned content, assessment, and school services are available to familiarize you with the standards and help you learn about key changes and requirements.
Pearson's Response to Intervention solution provides a continuum of accelerated intervention strategies that assess, instruct, and monitor at every level for the best possible outcome. Visit Pearsona€™s Grants and Funding Web site to find useful links to identify possible grants and resources for grant applicants applying for Pearsona€™s products.
We invite you to complete the survey below, and greatly appreciate your input as a valued customer of Pearson.

Goethe-Institut San Francisco offers student contests and events, as well as media, lesson activities, and other teaching resources. Shows what groups (parents, colleagues, etc.) respondents contact or collaborate with most often and provides example advocacy strategies. Try Learning German Susie Poppick, Money Magazine, June 4, 2014Fluency in foreign language may increase your job options a€” and your paycheck.
This article uses research to argue that language education should be emphasized in the US. This study shows that college students experienced heightened connectivity in their left temporal cortexes after reading fiction.
Chan, The Huffington Post, June 2014There is a multitude of research showing how speaking more than one language is also good for your health -- particularly, the health of your brain.
Business German, Language Institute TREFFPUNKT websiteGeneral facts and common arguments about why German is advantageous in the business world. AAUSC has distilled the links and info that is relevant to foreign language educators in their own Advocacy Tool Kit.
Also offers long-term prevention measures and detailed strategies to use when the German program is threatened.
Delistraty, The Atlantic, October 17, 2014Not only fluent speakers but also language learners reap many cognitive advantages, such as increased self-awareness and improved multitasking skills. Teachers and educators at the world languages and social science departments in Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia offer tips and share their programs as examples on how to prepare students for the global world. It also provides information on what to expect from study at university, and what language to learn. Available for distribution by faculty members, advisers, and career officers in secondary schools. They describe the positive influence that learning German has had on their personal and professional development.
Includes key arguments for world language education and concrete strategies and methods for getting parents more involved. They help people gain entrance to university or college, improve job prospects or measure progress in English.
Other language tests have a life span of only twenty four (24) months and the test result offers no assurance that the standard achieved in the test is sustainable. English at the different levels of proficiency are also provided from Levels 1 to 5 based on the prestigious Cambridge English suite for Speakers of Other Languages suite. It also means that employers and educational institutions can easily compare qualifications and see how they relate to exams they already know in their own country.
Unlike other modular solutions, Pearson's combination of continual progress monitoring and instruction ensure long-term, sustained results. The ACTFL scale provides a great deal of definition, especially at the lower levels of proficiency usually achieved in foreign language learning. Peyton, Eric Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics, April 2000 Offers tips for specific groups of stakeholders, such as teachers, parents, policy makers, administrators, and businesses, on how they can promote world languages. Brecht, et al, 2014The Final Report and Action Plan on national world language policyA is the result of a year-long collaborative effort on data and information collection as well as a national and international dialogue on language needs and capacity in the US and other predominantly English-speaking countries. More than 8,500 employers, universities and government bodies around the world recognized Cambridge ESOL certificate as proof of English language proficiency.
This in itself demonstrates the confidence Cambridge have in the validity and value of their qualifications. Each lesson offers instruction for five levels of proficiency, grouped for easier manageability. Cumminsa€™ expertise in literacy development in multilingual school contexts, as well as the role of technology in promoting language and literacy development, have made Pearson programs the most effective resources for todaya€™s ELLs.

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