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When you are working on learning a new language you are shooting toward mastery and proficiency. At this level of proficiency, they can speak the language well enough o work with people of that language.
For those who have reach Language Proficiency Levels like level 4, the new language has become almost second nature for them. At this level, someone has a speaking proficiency on the same level and of the same quality as an educated native speaker. Resume Language ProficiencyRESUME LANGUAGE PROFICIENCYcreed rain How much experience that a challenge yourself and written.
They have less than 10 words they recognize or can speak and may or may not recognize the characters used in written language.
They have enough mastery to say and understand basic words and phrases such as what would be needed to introduce themselves or ask for and understand basic directions while traveling.

People who understand their second language at this Language Proficiency Levels are often qualified to fulfill supervisor or ownership positions in business. They can translate between the two and interpret one language into the other in their minds. They will have complete fluency in the language, understand tone, diction, implied meanings, grammar rules, and all normal jargon and cliches. A person at this level of mastery cannot hold a conversation, cannot write, and cannot comprehend or understand that language in question. They may understand some of the written language and may be able to speak with limited mastery. They can communicate and understand directions and can serve as a mediator between others who may be weaker in one language or the other.
They have mastered the language to the point where they can understand and communicate in spoken, written, and auditory methods.

Language Proficiency Levels like elementary proficient is what that education classes hope to instill in their students. They have a basic understanding of the grammar and rules of the language but they still do make a good number of grammatical and phrasal errors in their written and spoken communications.
They have a very good grasp on the inner workings of the language and only make limited grammatical and phrasal errors in their written and spoken communications. At this level, an individual has almost flawless compression and execution of the language. These are Language Proficiency Levels for those who want to learn a new language and be fluent with the use of that language.

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language proficiency levels basic intermediate

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