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Benson and Stabler probe an assault and carjacking, only to find that it is connected to illegal trafficking in painkillers apparently headed by an elderly woman. Captain Cragen: [to Stabler] How many times do you think you can break the rules and get away with it? When Jenny Rogers is on the stand after the defense objects saying it was a leading question about a man coming down the stairs, the prosecutor says that Jenny Rogers testified that she heard a man and a woman arguing and then they found the woman dead so it must be the woman coming down the stairs.

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Search campaign finance data by individual contributor, Transaction query by individual contributor. Meanwhile, Stabler's daughter, Kathleen is arrested for a DUI, and uses his connections as a cop to cover it up.

What Jenny Rogers had said on the stand was that she heard people arguing, she didn't say man or woman.

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law and order svu kathleen raines

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