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As Better Feeling Thoughts become Better Feeling Beliefs, a Better Feeling Life is then reflected. Wishing everyone a Happier International Day of Happiness, and offering a reminder that every day can be the happiest day of our lives thus far if we simply choose to set that intention and then allow the universe to arrange itself accordingly. And may we have the rockin’-est, fun-est, most supercalifragilistic-est day of our lives thus far!! Laughing is one of the easiest (and most fun) ways we can raise our vibration and otherwise experience the frequency of our True Selves.
Their bright eyes, adorable little mouths and noses, their curiosity and the way they pounce when they’re playing as if they were kings and queens of their jungles, their precious little mews and so, so much more…kittens shoot me straight into the Vortex every single time! Remember, it’s always mind first and then the physical expression, not the other way around.
The only criteria I use to determine whether or not something is True and Real in my world, and therefore worthy of my focus, is Love.
Because more than not being sure about whether you want this thing or that thing in your life, it is the doubt about whether you can really have your desire and whether or not you deserve it that makes the difference between having it or not. Don’t let doubt interfere with you living your Dreams, because doubt is the only thing that could ever possibly interfere with you living your Dreams. What if nothing you did could ever change how infinitely good, worthy, and deserving you are?
And you don’t ever need to convince anyone else of just how infinitely good, and worthy, and deserving you are.

You must be a Very Important Person—You know, since Source specifically chose to express Itself through You, as You.
Wishing everyone a Merry Everything and expecting the best for all of us now and in the year to come. Personally, I choose none when it comes to limitations, and I choose buttery, brown sugary pecan filling when it comes to my pie.
If you would like to show your support for this blog, please click on the link below to send a gift. The only validation you EVER need for anything you want to do, be, or have is that it feels good to YOU. I always take them as reminders that everything (including me) is exactly as it should be, I’m on the right path, everything is unfolding perfectly for me, and so on and so forth.
Since I Am Aware of this Truth, I choose to release all insecurities and Live this Truth, confident and secure in My Goodness and the Goodness of all My Creation.
There is also a Cooperative Component for every timing in which you’d like to receive your desire.
But that is nothing to be discouraged by, because the physical reality we experience today was built on yesterday’s (often limiting) beliefs.
The sooner we embrace this Truth, the sooner we can experience what we prefer, not only for ourselves, but for the world around us. Change the interpretation to one of ease and watch the difficulty of the situation melt right before your eyes.

I appreciate these little (or not so little, I suppose) winks from the Universe, and I appreciate all of you for sharing in this journey with me. There is also a Cooperative Component for every condition under which you could receive the desire and for every situation in which you could possibly experience the desire.
Physical reality, or the versions of it we are experiencing in any given moment, is created from the inside out, and so to see something new and expansive reflected on the outside, the inside (our focus and the belief system it’s filtered through) has to change first. There is a Cooperative Component for when you take action and a Cooperative Component for when you don’t. And being you, as you are, right here, right now, is enough to claim your infinite worth, your infinite good, and your infinite deserving of every desire you could ever possibly imagine. There is a Cooperative Component for your desire no matter what, without question, and without exception. There’s not just one Cooperative Component for your desire, there are INFINITE Cooperative Components for your desire, because there are infinite versions of reality, and of those infinite versions of reality there are infinite versions in which your desire is being fulfilled.

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law of attraction affirmations for abundance znaczenie

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