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Joe Vitale wrote an exclusive article on the Law of Attraction with many other articles on LOVE, MONEY and Health. Proven, step-by-step instructions to finally understand how to think and act in the "certain way" and GET RESULTS from this classic book.
Have you heard of people who find themselves stuck in a pattern of finding one bad relationship after another?  Perhaps you know of someone who doesn’t seem to have any luck with being blessed with good health, finding a job or making more money.
Feeling so helpless and upset, many times we complain about our rotten circumstances, and hope that things could be different. If you’re finding yourself in a place where you don’t want to be, know that you’re not cursed.
It’s working when you get that loaded bill in the mail that you’ve been losing sleep over and worrying about. Because your body along with everything else in the universe is energy–broken down to its smallest bits.
Most of us have never been taught that our thoughts are powerful and that they are the building blocks of our life. Just like Pavlov’s dogs who learned to anticipate food and began salivating in response to hearing a ringing bell, we live in a stimulus-response world. Every situation you experience seems to present a new opportunity to react to whatever is happening. It’s responsible for all of your physical functions like breathing, digesting your food and making sure that you get just the right amount of blood pumping into your heart. Did you know that the beliefs that you hold consciously or in your subconsicous mind are compulsive?
So all the rules you’ve come to believe about yourself and your life are stored there in your subconscious mind, which is actually in every cell of your body.
The answers to these questions and more are determined by what programmed beliefs you have in your subconscious mind that have been keeping you stuck. No amount of conscious will power effort, is going to overturn your powerful subconscious mind to change your point of attraction. So in order to calm the storm of the doubts and fears that you’ve got in your head so that you can get what you want, you have to learn how to control your vibration to your own advantage. If you want to change your body, or any part of your life for that matter, you have to feel more relaxed and neutral about it. I’ve found that the best way to control my thoughts and overcome my fears is by using Emotional Freedom Technique, a simple DIY stress-relief process that is considered to be the emotional version of acupuncture. Love quotes, wisdom quotes, spiritual truths by Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Dalai Lama, Doreen Virtue, Paulo Coelho, Rumi, Oprah, Amma, Maya Angelou, Wayne Dyer, & more! For those who are new to conscious thinking, this idea that your thoughts create your reality might be as whimsical as a spotted leopard running free through the city streets. This rather fundamental concept has been around for ages, often hidden from the masses by those who wish to keep people "unconscious". Focusing on a single thought purely and clearly for a short duration of time becomes the starting point. The problem that many people run into is that they "pretend" to be positive on the outside but are really vibrating negativity on the inside.
Your car might be moving forward but there will be quite a bit of resistance along the way, not to mention the damage done to the brakes.
Imagine wanting an expensive new car but you have judgments about those who are able to afford expensive new cars. You deliberately decide to focus pure and positive thought on something and remove all resistance to its arrival.
The scientific and rational community have spent an inordinate amount of time and money studying the brain.
We are told by our scientists that the brain is the most important organ and the mind is just an activity that the brain performs.
When you take your thoughts to Aunt Alice, thousands of miles away, and the next thing you know there is a telephone call from her, the brain did not do that. Magic will begin to happen at even a quicker pace when we stop studying the brain (just an organ) and learn how to focus our minds. You are angry that you have a beat up old car and every day you proclaim how much you despise this car and wish someone would just come along and crash into it to get rid of it. You might have heard stories of how wild animals are attracted to fear so if you are approached by one do not run or act afraid.
If you were physically obese you might start slowly to make small changes in your life (dietary adjustments, beginning a walking program etc.). If there were two words that I could eliminate from the English language they would be "victim" and "survivor." You hear these powerful words over and over again, through the media, through "support" groups and from the common person.
When you become an unconscious chooser you often remain in a state of "blame." This situation occurs where you believe that it is always somebody else's fault that your life is going poorly. Why would someone deliberately choose to develop a horrible disease or choose to have bad things happen to them? From putting on weight to financial hardships, if you are not thriving then your thoughts are actively involved in sabotaging your greatest successes. Instead of learning to find the tools to resolve these conflicts, becoming sick is the easiest way to find relief.
A story appeared in a local newspaper of a fourteen-year old boy who mysteriously and "accidentally" hung himself while playing on a makeshift backyard rope course that he had built.
While this way of perceiving the world might be difficult to digest for many, when you understand our investment in sabotage things become much clearer. If we do not believe that we can resolve the conflict externally, we frequently create a situation that resolves itself internally. A mind looking for someone or something to blame is a mind creating more sabotage and chaos in one's life.

Don't you think it better off to learn how to focus your thoughts and start to receive all of the dreams that you have been asking for?
In India, Monsanto hired Bollywood actors to promote genetically engineered cotton seed to illiterate farmers. But no matter how much we try to be more positive, wish, hope and pray for a solution to get out of the bad situation, things never seem to change. In other words, we attract people, places, situations and things into our lives that we focus on and think about consistently.
It’s working when the boyfriend you’ve been suspecting of playing you dirty, cheats on you. Scientists have proven that everything that we can see, feel, hear, taste, touch and even those things that we can’t get a physical handle on, like your thoughts, these are all actually moving particles of light.
So we go through our day without paying any mind to what we are thinking about, getting dragged down by our emotions and letting our fears run our lives.
It works on the basis of unblocking the energy in your body that keeps you stuck in thoughts that don’t serve you. Without EFT, I would never have finished writing my book or found a way of getting off of welfare, regained my faith, saved my crumbling marriage, rescued my home from foreclosure and found the courage to face my creditors and begin to make steps to pay down $100,000.00 worth of debt. Not only do I use it on myself often and always, whenever I get tied up in in knots, or start freakin’ out, but because it’s so effective, I share it with my clients and workshop participants all the time. The reason why is because I am strong believer in prayer but at the same time I don’t have the confidence in relationship and in the work place. A Lightworker is anyone who is passionate about doing everything they can to help this world heal. Their intention is to transform challenges during their personal learning journey toward Enlightenment. Move over yogurt and make room for this sensation that was first developed in what used to be the USSR in the Caucasus Mountain range. Out-pacing the laws of gravity and velocity, well-beyond the measurements of science, The Law of Attraction is the basis for who YOU are.
As a crazy notion, a "New Age" scam, even an "airy-fairy" mind twister, the Law of Attraction is not a new idea.
For those who have had some experience with this concept, they might find these words refreshing and fulfilling.
Thoughts are forms of energy that are sent ahead and eventually manifest as physical matter. We are stunned when we develop a horrible disease, become involved in a tragic car accident or suffer from financial failure. It supersedes science, viruses, bacteria, pathogens, parasites, natural disasters, bad luck, heredity, genetics, chance, random, poor diet, too much sugar, astrology, numerology, tea leaves and psychology. Most people become frustrated and stop believing in the power of their own thoughts only because they have unconsciously placed great resistance in front of their dreams. Most people never make it out of level one and are condemned to suffer in this self-imposed hell of an inner world. You attract negative things into your life at a rapid pace, as if you have developed a negative ball of energy rolling down hill.
You might see your negative pattern and have become aware of what it is that you are attracting.
You are a believer in how the mind game is played and you spend conscious time each day making your mind important.
What would it be like to travel on an airplane, to walk up and down stairs and to try to go to the bathroom?
These two conditions can only exist from someone who is "unconsciously unconscious." This is a person who is not aware of the thoughts that he is thinking and the chaos that he is attracting. For instance, many people continue to blame the "poor economy" for their own lack of financial success. They also say that they are not interested in participating in the "down economy." Remaining in blame is just another way of saying that you are not willing to be responsible for the thoughts that you are thinking. At one time or another most children will "develop" a cold or sickness to avoid a situation like going to school or visiting a relative. One could make the argument that hospitals are filled with people who are choosing illness as a way of getting relief from a mental conflict that they are unable to resolve any other way. What most of us do not realize is that children too are thinking and creating their reality. The expulsion from the team caused him so much despair that he did not believe that he could go on. It doesn’t matter if your focus is negative or positive, you get what you think about. And it’s working when that feared lump you found in the shower becomes cancer, and just when you thought things couldn’t be worse,  it’s working when you get laid off. And because your body and mind are connected, they are always communicating with one another. To get out of the rut and raise your vibe, you have to do things that will make you feel better about your situation. In fact, I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for this silly little tapping technique called EFT.
They feel a strong urge to heal and assist others and have a deep desire to resolve the problems of the world. Research suggests that financial strain is one of the main reasons behind stressful marriages. The thoughts you think determine the outcome of your worldly experiences, from finances to health, relationships to environment. The Law of Attraction is so powerful that it trumps all other laws and forces in the Universe.

Frustration will pull you even more into the negative thinking mode and create more mistrust in the Law of Attraction. He wrote more than 25 books and numerous articles on subjects such as personal identity, the true nature of reality, higher consciousness, meaning of life.
Your creation might be something as simple as visualizing a parking space opening up for you at the mall. The reality is that scientists and rational-minded individuals have it completely backwards. The mind can pass into the smallest cell in one's body or can travel into the future or across thousands of miles of empty space. They often get stuck thinking the same old negative thoughts all day long and can not begin to see the relationship between what they are thinking and what is happening in their life. Begin by imagining all the lights turning green when you are driving down the road or the perfect parking space is waiting for you at the grocery store.
Yet, there are many who are thriving in this "poor economy." Most often these "thrivers" will tell you that they are not interested in listening to the scarcity-minded pundits on television, but choose their own path to prosperity.
The child's thoughts are powerful enough to change the physical body so the child can escape a situation that he or she does not know how to handle (i.e. Somehow you errantly believe that you are benefiting from sabotage just like the sick child feels a benefit by not having to attend school. Whether it is in the womb, infancy or adolescence, a child is still focusing thoughts, either positively or negatively, and is still creating his or her reality. When an athlete is not performing well or has an off the field conflict, he frequently suffers an injury. When you are an unconscious attractor of your reality you often become a victim and are stuck in blame. The good, the bad and ugly is all a result of things you have thought and believed to be true for you. Without being aware of how to focus your thoughts and tame your inner critic, it’s so easy to get pulled off course, and caught up in your emotions. They can be sensitive and psychic.  Often they feel compelled to write, educate or counsel others, but not always. When you feel an affirming emotion when focusing thought you are now creating dynamic change. You keep yourself in a state of resistance when you judge others who already have an easy life where they do not have to work so hard. You deliberately intended it, allowed it to come to you and acknowledged it when it arrives. Have you ever heard of someone who was "incurably sick" and learns how to focus his mind and heal his body? You believe whole-heartily that it must be the other driver's fault for not paying closer attention. For instance, many people create illnesses to rest, take a break from life, to be taken care of by others or to avoid an uneasy situation. Two days before his death the teenager was kicked off the freshman football team at school. His mind created a situation where he would find relief and still save face (his death would look like an accident).
While the injury might be real (a pulled hamstring or a stiff back), the mind was busily at work creating the situation. Step off a balcony of a two story building and whether you believe in gravity or not, you will most likely still come crashing to the ground. With so many feelings of overwhelm and frustration hitting you all at once, it’s tough to follow through and keep on moving forward toward your goals, despite all the anxiety you’re experiencing.
This is akin to the belief that the brain secretes hormones through the glandular system, establishes electrical impulses through the electrical system and has many more functions. They are in denial that there is a problem (just like many physically obese people) and they do nothing to try to change the situation. As adults, our powerful thoughts continue to sabotage our lives, only the outcome is often quite stronger.
Fans would much more likely support a player if he were injured than if he were having marital problems at home. Most people create by default, meaning that they are not aware of what their thoughts are and hence take no responsibility when their manifestations arrive—for the better or worse.
Imagine driving your car with one foot on the gas pedal and one foot on the brake at the same time. This occurs because your thoughts are like magnets, whether those thoughts are positive ones or negative ones. A vibration of negativity will bring more negativity your way whereas a vibrational attitude of positivity will attract positive results. Most people have invested a great amount of time and thought into sabotage and this is what shows up. And when you can learn to change your vibration to get more of what you want, you will stop manifesting what you don’t. They know there is more going on than meets the eye in very situation, every interaction, and they sense they have a Grand mission to complete.

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