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Why Have You Always Failed in Manifesting The Secret Law of Attraction for Love and Abundance in Your Life?
My phone had not rung for 3 months, until Wednesday night, when the law of attraction stepped in and saved me! The Law of Attraction Manifesting Experiment Desire 3: My third law of attraction blog entry. On the a€?morning of the intentiona€™, as soon as I reached my office building, a painted board caught my attention. I had NEVER considered the prospect of getting my mobile repaired right underneath my workplace. On Wednesday night, after work, I headed towards the mobile repair shop situated near that board sign. The excitement of spotting the shop had waned away by evening and I was filled with my own sub-conscious apprehensions.

Just then, before I had stepped out of the building in which my workplace is located, my eyes fell on the front desk of a shop situated inside the building itself. My next intention is non-materialistic: I want to manifest a beautiful red rose with no thorns near the petal-area. It then aims to show you how to take control of your thoughts, to focus them in a positive way, to attract positive things into your life. Can you imagine being able to focus on something and have it come true, to have something manifest into your life just by changing your thoughts? In an interesting turn of events, my third desire in the law of attraction manifesting experiment, also came true on Wednesday.
Many, many months ago I used to have this ringtone as my phone's tone and I loved to hear this tone and then my girlfriend's voice on the other end. My past experience with mobile repairs had shown me that it took at least a day to repair mobiles. The guy rectified the fault in my cell phone and returned me the phone in 7 minutes straight! I relived those sweet memories in my head and felt the thrill of my phone actually ringing after such a long time!

And that is because both the freaking intentions I have set in this experiment have come true!
I got so engrossed in imagining my phone ringing that I felt thankful for the existence of that particular ringtone in my imagination. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images.
They specifically focus on your damaging thoughts, and limiting beliefs, and exchange them for constructive self beliefs and align your subconscious mind to your conscious ambitions. I know this might seem weird, but when you get completely lost in visualizing something, it does seem REAL to you.
This is the essential first step required in any successful manifestation. Secondly these subliminal messages focus your unconscious mind to your particular manifestation goals, so you’ll be laser focused on the specific things you need to attract into your life, much more than you ever have been before.

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law of attraction manifesting a phone call 2014

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