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Imagine a daily planner that will help you plan every part of your life: From finding your life purpose, crafting a vision, setting big goals, creating a step by step plan, making a vision board, setting priorities, scheduling appointments, creating positive habits, reprogramming your mind for success, drawing down ideas, staying focussed and making use of the law of attraction to make all your dreams come true.
A research at NASA has proven that it takes a uninterrupted period of up to 30-days to reprogram your unconscious mind. For all of you who love paper planners, here is a free printable weekly planner insert to help manage your week. Hello, you can download these free printable planner page flags in navy and silver by clicking the image below.

If you’re interested in custom logo or printable design for your blog or Etsy, please check out my Fiverr profile.
Free Vintage Poison Advertisement – Original and black and white ?? Can you spot the rat? The Graffical Muse is a resourceful little site administered and created by Leslie, a freelance creator of digital things. Here are some Free Printable Law of Attraction Bookmarks for you to download and print. Click on the image below that shows all three bookmarks to download your PDF.

Leslie is skilled in Photoshop and Illustrator (don't judge the early work that should have never made it to the interwebs). This planner is the ultimate 30 day success execution plan that will help you reprogram your mind, stay on course so you can see your greatest desires unfold before your eyes every day.

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law of attraction planner review

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