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Certainly NOTHING in life is more important than to know: what is real success—and how to achieve it. But on the other hand, many are honest who have never practiced a single one of the seven laws, specifically. If you have saved up money for a trip to Paris, or Rome, or London for your vacation or holiday, you spend a lot of time in excited anticipation PLANNING your trip—but you DO have a definite DESTINATION—and all plans are laid to take you to that particular destination—that GOAL.
As I said once before, most people have no aim—they are merely the victims of CIRCUMSTANCE. IF one could discover such an overall PURPOSE—a definite purpose for which humans were put on earth—IF one could discover a human potential greater than mere temporary existence, one would think that PURPOSE would be the goal that should excite dynamic ambition!

With so many world events happening that are aligning with end time prophecy, isn’t this the time to be sure that you have the right goal and understand the meaning of life?
Many may be loyal, have patience, extend courtesy, be punctual, who are unsuccessful because they have not applied a single one of these seven definite, specific rules.
They never planned, purposefully, to be in the fob or occupation in which they find themselves today.
Nothing greater than to enjoy fleeting status, only to be forgotten by those who succeeded them?
Down through centuries and millenniums thinkers and philosophers have pondered, and sought in vain to learn whether life has a real purpose.

But making money, gaining STATUS in the eyes of people, enjoying the passing pleasures of the five senses, has literally strewn the pathway of history with fears, worries, heartaches, troubled consciences, sorrows, frustrations, empty lives and death. This deepest and most important question in life remained to them a mystery—an unsolvable enigma! The right goal will be so intensely desired it will excite vigorous and determined effort.

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law of success tolerance

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