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It really doesn’t surprise me that the price is so low, considering there is very little difference between the Glock 18 and the Glock 17. Although that side mounted selector switch on the Glock 18 is badass, I’d still settle for a Glock 17 with a drop in conversion. THAT FEELS BETTER… BUT I CANT DENY IM JEALOUS AS FUCK ABOUT OUR STRICT GUN LAWS, THEYRE EVEN GONNA TRY TAKE OUR AIRGUNS FROM US SOON,NO WONDER THE DEEPWEB GUNSTORES ARE IN DEMAND COS WE AINT HAPPY WITH SHITTY SHOTGUNS THAT CAN ONLY HOLD A MAX 3 SHELLS???!!!! Kinda funny that an ordinary grunt with the 4th ID or was it the 101st actually caught him in the spyder hole and the Delta guys present the pistol. Mike, while I never went on any ops with the Delta unit, I spoke to a few (on very rare occasions when they felt like slumming with the rest of us, lol) and they weren’t at all happy that their participation was leaked. The only ones who don’t, the only ones who pretty much get no credit, are USMC Recon. If you ask somebody who was there they will fill you in that it was Delta, and like always, they passed him off to the AB grunts for the pictures.
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is, by law, the highest ranking member of the armed forces. According to Article II, Section 2, Clause I of the Constitution, the President of the United States is Commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces.
He also indicated that they did not have to me de-milled because your military members (suspect high rankers) like to take them out, from time to time, and play soldier. Similar stuff often happens to officer’s overseas, as they might get a really nice gift from another official (we often have to give crap because of The Rules).
I based my previous comment on the subject on accounts I had read about items that other presidents had been given (mostly by foreign officials) that they had donated to their personal libraries.
Now, this gun is probably somewhat different- a trophy more than a gift, but I suspect similar rules apply. Upon leaving office, George Bush was able to have the firearm transferred to an Archives facility. I was just in Fayetteville,NC for the SFA Convention 2010 Last month and perchase the 9mm Glock, I,m hoping that it will be delivered to thje Gun Doctor in Roselle, IL.
On the other hand, I have isolated accounts of women not being liked by their boo’s mother.
Ya know, my ole Caribbean Momma called me tonight to encourage me to watch the Season Finale of the Bachelor. I wouldn’t be worried about what my parents thought, but I would postpone the wedding to sort things out. Why were you dating a guy who wasn't in school, (I guess this is important to you because you called it out), and WORKED AT MCDONALDS?! I would marry a man who found out he had a stray seed — but only if he was willing to be a good father to the child.
The problem Slim faced is that Haitian girls are scared to stand up to their fathers, and the dads are hard headed beyond belief and think they know everything despite the fact that they grew up on an island smaller than maryland and poorer than AIG. But I remember you saying some story about her parents don't even drink on some Christian tip.
I never dated someone from the Carribean, so I guess I don't have an opinion on that matter. But regarding my significant other being hesitant to marry me because of what her parents think, well, I think I'd need to find a new significant other. Being from DC, I love my SE shorties, love my PG County honeys, and so i'll date them. Sadly, some of them come back worse than when the left, with a stronger accent, and a little toastier. Aside, does it make a difference who is voicing the opinion whether its the trusted auntie versus your moms or your pops or if its young cousin or something?
I hear they count your spouse's income as well as yours when determining amount paid for child support.
But money aside, it is a major factor coming into the relationship…two whole other people. After going through the logistics, the fiancee and fam will probably feel more secure in going ahead with the marriage. As for the child, before he has to worry about my mother, he'll have to worry about me. On the flip side, if a man's family had qualms about me, particularly his mother, I would have to take a step back to figure out why she feels the way she does. Yeaaaaaa, Monster in Law (maybe that's not the name but I know what you are talking about), Uggh Mother in Law drama. However, dude having a surprise kid DEMANDS a post-poned wedding regardless of parents input…Why? A man with a child(ren) can be just as much of a deal breaker as a woman with a child(ren).
Personally, I would have to take a few minutes to process the fact that my fiance has a child coming with another woman before I even dare bring my family into it. Bush left the White House in January, he made arrangements for the gun to be shipped to a national archives warehouse just 18 miles north of his new home in Dallas.  No official word on whether the gun will for sure be present in the presidential library, but according to Mr.
This is a firearm focused website, we didn’t all come here to listen to your retard theories on grammar.
IT AINT YOU LOT IM MAD AT BUT WHY CANT YOU LET US ORDER OUR GUNS FROM THERE AND YOU BOYS SHIP EM OVER IN BITS WITH ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTS IM NO CRIMINAL BUT YOU CANT EVEN JUST PUT DOWN THE TRUTH ON YOUR APPLICATION THAT YOU LOVE SHOTGUNS AND WANNA BLOW DIFFERENT SHIT UP OUT IN THE WILD PLAY FAIR GET YOUR CASH YOU’VE LAID OUT FIRST AND THEN IT ALL GETS THROUGH THEN COMES THE PAYDAY. This country is done, it is inhabited by a bunch of morons who don’t even know where their hero is actually from. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Delta guys had deactivated themselves before bringing it home, or at least did so themselves before presenting it to President Bush. Delta, SEALs, Rangers, all of those spec ops guys love media attention, they love it when books are written about them, they love it when movies and TV shows depict fictionalized or stylized accounts of their exploits.
While every other special operations unit has guys parading around in special uniforms or fruity little berets, making sure everyone knows how speshu they are, Recon Marines don’t look any different from regular Marines. Through our conversation he told me that the only way to get these pieces into the US was to have them donated to a military museum.
It looks like that pertains only to gifts between employees of the executive branch, and seems to be meant to prevent gift giving to induce favoritism in assignments or promotions.

It seems that presidents have been given expensive (more so than this Glock’s actual value I’m sure) gifts in the past that are theirs to keep personally. There was a news article just a few months ago about this exact subject, but I’m having trouble coming up with the link. Mont Blanc pens are a common gift, but because of the rules, a congressman- for example- can’t keep it, even to use it in his office.
Supposedly Dillinger’s display guns are deactivated, though I suspect just by having removed the firing pins. If it’s been deactivated (as I’m sure it is), then what is the real value of the gun as a weapon? I don’t want some kid growing up to hate me because his mom filled his head with foolishness about me.
And even in those situations where the mom doesn’t like the girl, the men have stayed with their respective shorties and basically put up a fight with their parents to ensure their girl felt respected at the least. Apparently the guy picked the girl that everyone else HATED, his own family was even hesitant about her.
I think its important to balance their commentary with the person you know and what you ultimately want for yourself.
In my experience, and it seems Satya gets this, most of my friends and many of those people I know in real life and online rep a flag other than just the American flag. I would respectfully listen to their concerns because afterall they have been married over 30 years, but at the end of the day the decision would be mine. I would want to know when this baby was conceived and whether it was during the time we were together. However, I know that Africans can be just as bad with those things, but I know a lot of those preconceived notions come from negative stereotypes about Black American people. If he decided to leave the child behind, that would give me a hint of what I may expect when I have his child.
There was that one time where I was being slandered by a chicks ex bf to her parents and when the moms saw me she was one step short of putting a restraining order on me. I need to ensure that he starts taking care of the child (not just financially) and building a relationship with the child.
I think it helps that I'm from Brooklyn and fully versed in the ways of the carribbean people.
I will tell my family that the wedding is off, and when they ask why, I will inform them.Honestly, everyone in my family will tell me their opinions, but I know that they trust my judgement enough. I mean, a surprise son is a big big deal, and if I got hit with that surprise I would prolly postpone things as the dude. I'm very close with my family, so if anyone, especially my mother, had any qualms about a person I brought home, I would definitely make sure to have a conversation to figure out why she feels that way. As nice as it sounds to say only love should matter when you marry, you marry into a family. Since she had to deal with my dear Grand-mom, she tries to be nicer and more accommodating. Of course no man will ever be good enough (just like no man will be good enough for your daughter or sister, ya know), but a man can be respected if he is respectable.
I hate to use fictional examples, but look at Morris Chestnut's character in Not Easily Broken. I went to school with Black folk from all over and have many friends that are not originally from the great USA! My mother would ultimately allow me to make the decision as to whether or not I want to deal with everything that will come along with a situation like this. END RESULT ALOT OF DEAD INBRED MUPPETS AND A LOT OF WANNABES ALL TALK NO FUCKING BOLLOCKS TO BACK IT UP,WATCHED RAMBO, TERMINATOR ECT.
We got guns, always will, we can dust it up too if you sissies want, always could, always will. However, as is their habit, they kept their involvement quiet until someone ( other than them) leaked it. We don’t need a lawful CCW holder to pull one out and spray a crowd of people while attempting to neutralize a bad guy. Not only was he DEFINITELY government, you know, being President of the United States and all, but the also made him the highest ranking member of the military, the Commander-in-Chief. His intent was to buy some of them & be allowed, by your ATFE, to keep some of the non-auto parts. I wonder nowadays at what age do women people stop listening to their parents because this phenomenon seems to affect one gender more than the other. My Mommy thought it was admirable of him to stand up to his family, since he would be the one spending the rest of his life with her. Knowing my Mama, she would ask me how I felt about it (she knows I wouldn't leave) and stay beside US and support US. However, I may suggest the idea of postponing our nuptials so that we can decide how to re-arrange our lives for a sudden addition. I know that Hatians make the best rice, and Trini's for Roti, Guyanese for Curry, a random small island for Jerk and Jamaica for the ackee, saltfish and oxtail.
I was ready to battle for the right to marry a bad dominican, but some how I managed to marry a bad haitian.
My parents are very strict and they had these preconceived notions that if you were black, your parents just allowed you to roam the streets.
He came back and was just belligerent; cussing and carrying on, sounding like he was straight out of a Nollywood film. My mom would threaten all of us with sending our bikes and toys on a shipment back home because we didn't know how to appreciate them and she knew they would. Apparently my father is a racist towards white people and my mother is a racist to all except her people (she really doesn't like black Americans). Although I do find that I get along and feel a more natural connection with those of non-american descent.
You may be able to deal with awkwardness now, but try explaining to your child why you are the only one not invited to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner at Grandma's house!

It's crazy, because my aunt recounts the misery she endured marrying my uncle, and how his mother made her life a living hell whenever she went to visit.
I know for a fact that my dad, as much as he loves me and respects my decisions, would much rather I be with someone other than my fiance. I would first chime in to say that this may postpone any walk down the aisle for any couple facing this type of situation.
I gave a 2 hour meeting with the British higher ups and bottom line criminals regardless ARE GOING TO HAVE GUNS, BOMBS, ILLEGAL ARMS regardless! Unlike some other spec-for units, Delta & Marine Force Recon like to keep their missions and their mere existence as quiet as possible. The other thing is his girl basically wants to delay marriage because she’s worried about what her mother is going to say and think about her being married to a man with a stray seed. It wasn’t because I put her into a human pretzel of anything in particular I did other than be born of non-Caribbean parents. My ex-stepfather is Black American and his family treated my mother terribly and it was only because my mother is African.
Additionally, I only say things like this in front of my friends who are very well aware of the rich history of American black people. If I loved him for real, I'd tell them the truth like the grown ass woman I am and put up with the comments from the family. The engagement might be completely called off, if the child was conceived while we were together.
Honestly everything that my parents once believed were based on stereotypes, and I'm happy that they now understand this.
If you want me to be your husband, then we need to come to an understanding about things that happen in our marriage.
If a man is a man, he won't be intimidated or even offended by it, after all he wants her… right? It’s not uncommon to find a captured and deactivated AK in company headquarters of units that have been overseas.
I also owned a Colt Green Stock Model 601 with a serial # between the one in Springfield NHS and the one at the Smithsonian. That relationship fizzled because I couldn’t even go to her crib when I was in her town. Everybody, at what point does the opinion of your parents or those who brought you up not matter anymore? But we would need time to get to know the kid as well as the mom and develop a rapport with them. Their hostility came from stereotypes that they not only had about Africans, but also immigrants. My family had issues with me dating an African (who was also a Muslim) because they thought he'd be overbearing, beat me regularly, and lock me away in the closet.
Maybe its just a cultural thing but men from my culture always listen to their Mothers opinions about women or try to appease them if they happened to marry an unapproved woman, therefore their spouse suffers so much (actually it might just be a black man thing in general) so if Mum does not like me, we will rethink our situation. The one thing I know, if he or my mother were strongly opposed to the union I'd be a little hesistant. The families seemed cool, but none of these relationships were serious and leading to marriage. Say what you want in reply to this but what I speak is imperative to humans surviving on this rock. When I walked into the meeting I had 4 British lawmakers, a military a law enforcement and a MI6 and another whoever then when I was about to leave all came to the same conclusion that YES responsible British citizens should BE able to own firearms for protection of life only. So hide behind your keyboard,,, run your mouth and feel like your a bad ass cause truth is people who use insults as such, are just a bunch of pussy ass bitches with no fucking respect!!
I, a working professional and full-time grown ass man, had to stay at a hotel and sneak around on some Romeo and Juliet type mess. And lastly, why can’t a regular Black guy date a woman with Caribbean parents in peace?lol. In the end, that was the reason why my mother and stepfather broke up, the family pressure was too much for the both of them. As much as I hate to admit it, parents ALWAYS know, and I learned that one the hard way in the past.
Why don’t we spend the same amount of money on space exploration and a possible future for our children? The only drawback was the British population do NOT want to have the same outlook as the U.S does but behind the scenes they would in a heartbeat. It was presented to President Bush, not “The Office of the President of the United States,” or something to that effect, so it would have been his personally (I would suspect). Be assured that the unit wasn’t responsible for their role in ANY op being made publicized.
Yes, the leg unit did get credit for Saddam’s capture, but it was a Delta op all the way.
I know a few other men that have endured similar tomfoolery with their boo’s parents and none of those guys are with those chicks anymore either. So I think in general people of all groups and ethnicities can get caught up in the nonsense of prejudging a family member’s SO who is not of the same ethnicity or group. It was irronic considering both my parents had advnace degrees and employed people ike her, but I digress.
You Brits need to open your eyes to the big picture, for God’s sake your not Japanese with slanted eyes so no excuses!!!
In giving it to the presidential library, it becomes the property of the American people though. These days I am lucky to go shooting with a friend who has an old bolt gun or black powder gun.

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