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We were only about one month into the 2013 lawn mowing season when we decided that we had had enough.
After researching how much work it would be to add a new electric motor, and how short the runtime might be, we decided instead to use an old Neuton CE 5 mower with a 24 volt DC battery. The next step was to acquire two old wheelchair motors, which were 24 volt DC motors, to drive the main chassis of the MowBot. The wheels were found at Harbor Freight, and the lug nuts for the wheels lined up nicely with the holes in the wheel hubs so no modifications were needed. The Neuton mower was mounted with some 1-inch aluminum bars that were hung from the chassis sides. After the batteries were installed on the back of the chassis in two appropriately-sized battery boxes, we mounted an electronics box on top which would contain all of the electronics necessary to control the MowBot. In the electronics box, we used a Sabertooth dual 25 amp motor driver (2×25) from Dimension Engineering to connect to the receiver from the remote control, the batteries, and the motors. Although many of the devices had heat sinks attached, we didn’t expect them to heat up much in the electronics box.
Oh and instead of buying a picoswitch, there’s an instructable for hacking a normal servo motor into a picoswitch, for when you add your lights! Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Every now and then we come upon a very nice machine that is in such nice condition that it would be a shame to part it out.
This is just that machine = a used John Deere 260 Lawn & Garden tractor with a nice 48" mower deck and 17HP Kawasaki motor. Order before May 7th to take advantage of FREE SHIPPING to a depot near you on select DR machines! We want to get you back to work as quickly and easily as possible by covering all defects in materials or workmanship. Whether it's a new part or a trip to an authorized service center, we'll find the best solution for you and your DR.

When it's time to power your tools at the job site or spark up the comforts of home at hunting camp, the Raven is your most portable power source.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. This time of year grass grows like crazy as a result of the spring rains and intermittent sunshine. Did you know, however, that operating a lawnmower without hearing protection can cause noise-induced hearing loss? For my sake and your own, please use caution the next time you’re out mowing the lawn.
The occupational medicine doctor lady told me that muffs often provide better protection than plugs because they are more lokely to be worn correctly. For shooters, they sell electronic hearing protection that amplifies low-decibel sounds while muffling high-decibel sounds.
As a sufferer of tinnitis (ringing of the ears), I am very careful now to avoid loud noises.
Hi there, after reading this awesome paragraph i am also delighted to share my know-how here with friends. Are you planning some sort of sensor fusion to get the inputs to keep the unit driving relatively straight lines?
All American Open Nov 4-6, 2011, in Stevenson, Alabama, one of America’s premier lawn mower racing events. Lawn Mower Racing Association, the nation’s oldest and largest lawn mower racing sanctioning body. If you prefer one of our enhanced delivery services (to a home or business address), reduced rates will apply. This revolutionary machine is a 46" riding lawn mower, 7100-watt generator, and versatile utility vehicle.
As a 46" wide lawn mower, 7100-watt generator, and a hefty utility vehicle, there is almost no project it can't handle!

And with a 14" turning radius, the Raven mows right up close to trees, gardens, and other obstacles. The onboard generator produces 7100 watts of energy, allowing you to simply plug in anything from a table saw to a television.
With a towing capacity of up to 550 lbs., it's perfect for use with tow-behind tools, for skidding logs, or for hauling cumbersome materials. With the grass comes that other rite of spring, lawn mowing, which happens to be one of my favorite activities. Give the lawn a pristine cut, power all your outdoor tools, and tow just about anything with one powerful machine! Mow at speeds of up to 6 mph on open areas, and even use the mower's cruise control for added ease and comfort.
The Raven allows you to choose between driving using gas power, or switching to electric mode for an ultra-quiet ride. The CDC recommends using some form of hearing protection while working or recreating around devices that produce noises louder than 85 dB. Exemplary customer service and an extraordinary return policy allows any part to be returned within 365 days with a money back guarantee.
They are a bit pricier ($20-50), and they can be a little cumbersome or hot during the summer, but I think they are rather comfortable in general.
STA-BIL lawn mower racers compete in seven classes at speeds up to 60 mph with all cutting blades removed.

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