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But just because the city had the land for it in its mitts didn’t mean that the new city hall was close to becoming a reality.
The city-owned property was cleared of trash in March 1964, an optimistic move that at least kept the lot from being an eyesore.
His plan called for 10,500 square feet of floor space, with 7,000 of that devoted to administrative office and the remainder for the council chambers and conference room. Some council members considered the $250,000 estimated cost and the building’s size to be excessive. As construction continued in 1969, various city departments moved into a temporary building, actually an old house, behind the new city hall.
The city took a break after the 1948 Rose Parade, but as it continued to grow and prosper during the boom years of the 1950s, residents began to ask more and more why the city didn’t have Rose Parade float like most of its fellow cities did.
A Torrance Herald editorial published a few days after the 1956 Rose Parade mentioned that Torrance Mayor Albert Isen had been asked while he watched on television where the Torrance float was in the parade. Sputnik I exhibit in the Missile & Space Gallery at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio. The South Bay’s rise as a center for the aerospace industry, combined with the successful launch of the Russian satellite Sputnik I on Oct.
Veteran float designer Isabella Coleman of Altadena, who had been designing floats for the parade since her first entry won second prize in 1910, was hired by the city to make the space fantasy float a reality. Volunteer Rosalie Boyko, interviewed by The Daily Breeze in 1988, worked on the 1958 entry. The city funded the entries for decades, but as costs rose and budgets tightened, there were fears that the 2012 entry would be its last. The Harbor Gateway-based firm Ace Clearwater donated $85,000 for the city’s 2013 entry, combined with $19,000 from the city and funds raised by the Torrance Rose Float Association.
The 2014 float, which celebrates the city’s role in the development of youth soccer, willfeature former Los Angeles Galaxy star and current television commentator Cobi Jones.
The Torrance Drive-In Theatre had its own little corner of West Torrance all to itself when it opened amidst the oil wells at 5501 West Torrance Boulevard on Wednesday, June 29, 1955. Original sign for the Torrance Drive-In Theatre indicates that it is part of the Aladdin chain. When the theater opened, it was part of the then-burgeoning Aladdin chain of large drive-in theaters, which also included the Centinela Drive-In on the Culver City -Westchester border in Los Angeles.
The Torrance Drive-In was built on a 14.9-acre parcel of land, and had a capacity of 1200 cars.
Torrance Drive-In Theatre grand opening ad from the Daily Breeze, Tuesday, June 28, 1955, Page 2. The Torrance Drive-In thrived throughout its early years, as most California drive-ins did during that era. The two began fighting, and during the struggle Chancia got ahold of the gun, which he began firing wildly. In March 1958, the Torrance Drive-In screened one of the most notorious films of the 1940s and 1950s, “Mom and Dad.” A melodrama ostensibly about sex education, here called “personal hygiene,” and its role in the family, the 1945 film had been playing for years on the exploitation circuit thanks to the marketing genius of its promoter, Kroger Babb. In addition to salacious ads, Babb’s tactics included having “hygiene commentator” Elliot Forbes appear in person to address the audience before the film was screened. Drive-ins started to become victims of their own well-chosen locations when real estate values began to rise in the 1980s. Car speakers gathered by workers lie in a heap as the Torrance Drive-In is stripped of its furnishings following its April 1988 closure. So it was with the Torrance Drive-In, which closed without fanfare on Sunday, April 24, 1988, to make way for a planned residential development. Developers eventually would build the 90-home Pacific Colony gated housing development on the site, but the drive-in property sat idle for a couple of years before construction began, with final demolition of the site occurring in the spring of 1990. The Pacific Colony housing development now occupies the former site of the Torrance Drive-In Theatre. This undated line drawing of Irons Cottage By The Sea comes from a restaurant handout, probably from the early 1950s. Before its golden years as a South Bay social hub, the Irons Cottage By The Sea family restaurant in Redondo Beach already had become one of the city’s most well-known private residences. Ainsworth came by his title honestly, having served as a riverboat captain on the Mississippi and Columbia rivers earlier in his career.

Shortly after their purchase, Ainsworth and Thompson built the narrow gauge Redondo Railway and opened the grand Hotel Redondo in 1890, as well as the first wharf in 1889 in preparation for transforming the area into a seaport. The seaport the pair had envisioned never came to pass, as the deep canyon made building a breakwater to blunt the impact of frequent storms impractical. They kept many of the original furnishings, including fireplaces and even some of the original wall paper.
In 1958, the restaurant property at 501 Esplanade to Harold and Elsie Gelber, the builders of the Plush Horse restaurant in Redondo Beach. After nearly a decade of plans, proposals and rumors, in May 1969, the city approved a four-story, 117-unit apartment complex to be built by developer Charles Cake on the site. Dedication ceremonies for the Irons Cottage Apartments took place a year later, in late May 1970, with Gertrude Irons in attendance.
The apartment complex, remodeled and renamed the Ocean Cottage Apartments, still stands at 501 Esplanade.
The Ocean Cottage Apartments currently stand on the site of Irons Cottage By The Sea at 501 Esplanade in Redondo Beach, just south of Veterans Park. Old Redondo: A Pictorial History of Redondo Beach, California, by Dennis Shanahan, Legends Press, 1982. Join us in celebrating the culmination of your high school career by attending a magical evening under the stars. Lawndale High School Class of 2016 is proud to announce the candidates for this year's Prom King and Queen.
If you want to go to prom but were not able to purchase a ticket, you may apply for a prom scholarship by turning the attached form in to the front desk (to be placed in Ms. Click here to download and view our current Parent newsletter courtesy of our Community Liaison Cesia Collins. The Academy of Media Arts (AMA) students collaborate to produce projects to solve challenging, real-world problems while negotiating and managing the creative process. The American Sign Language Academy (ASLA) prepares students to work with the Deaf Community and pursue an exciting career.
The Biomedical Careers Academy (BCA) at Lawndale High School prepares students to take advantage of the tremendous career opportunities available in health and science.
Please enable Javascript support in your browser and refresh this page before you continue. Lease-purchasing financing, land swaps with Los Angeles County and various other ideas were discussed, but not finalized.
Finally, almost exactly ten years after the city’s incorporation, the first city council meeting was held in the new building on Dec.
The city needed to upgrade the council chambers, improve the administrative work areas and bring the whole building into compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.
The bulk of the $900,000 project was paid for with federal Community Development Block Grant money. The 1947 entry, sponsored by the Torrance service group The 20-30 Club, received a second-place trophy in its classification.
During its meeting just after New Year’s Day in January 1957, the Torrance City Council decided the time had come to commit to re-entering the Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena again, and called for a float for the 1958 parade.
4, 1957, would seem to have been factors shaping the decision behind the design chosen for the float. She recalls the actual float costing about $800, and most of the work being done by a handful of volunteers, mostly from the garden club. With the cost of entering floats in the Rose Parade now in the neighborhood of $150,000 and up, the float was deemed too expensive for the city to underwrite alone.
The float commemorates the 50th anniversary of AYSO, which began in Torrance and currently is based in Harbor Gateway. The opening double bill consisted of “Foxfire,” starring Jeff Chandler and Jane Russell, and “Double Jeopardy,” a thriller starring Rod Cameron and Gale Robbins. Baca of Lennox came into the theater’s office ostensibly in search of work as a painter. He forced the theater’s manager, 31-year-old Fred Chancia, to open the safe, then tied him up.
The Torrance Drive-In showed all kinds of movies both good and bad like any other drive-in theater during its nearly 33-year existence.

The theaters usually had been situated, shrewdly, on large plots of land near freeways and major arteries, and it eventually became more profitable to use all the acreage they occupied for housing developments and commercial outlets as open land in the area began to disappear. According to accounts, some of those in attendance hung out one last time in the snack bar rather than watch the film from their cars, while others tried to take any souvenirs from the theater that weren’t nailed down. In fact, his interest in Redondo Beach arose from the area’s deep offshore canyon which he felt would make it a natural seaport.
Land sales were successful, and Redondo Beach officially incorporated as a city on a 179-10 vote on April 18, 1892.
But building the hotel and railway turned out to be shrewd moves, leading to the city’s huge success as a tourist mecca for the next few decades. He and Gertrude then turned what had been known up until then as the Ainsworth residence into a family restaurant that they named Irons Cottage By The Sea. After opening Irons Cottage By the Sea, he served for many years on the Redondo Beach Planning Commission, becoming its chairman in 1951. The Gelbers had Irons Cottage demolished in 1958 to make way for their planned 12-story hotel.
11, 1969, Page 9, shows the apartment building under construction at the Irons Cottage site.
The new building’s construction resulted in the removal of the last vestiges of Irons Cottage, 23 date palm trees on the long-vacant site. American Sign Language is the 3rd most used language in the country, still, it's availability is limited. The hands-on, project-based, and problem-based curriculum engages students, allows them to explore the wide variety of health care and science career options, and equips them with knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career or further education in the biomedical sciences.
18, 1961,  the council agreed to negotiate for the purchase of a site for a new city hall on the south side of West 147th Street between Grevillea and Burin avenues, near the Lawndale Civic Center complex. Finally, the city had to agree to a five-year lease renewal on the storefront city hall on Jan.
Architect Ray Girvigian presented plans for the new city hall that were adopted by the city council in July 1967.
Hundreds attended the celebration, including the usual raft of politicians and legislators.
It was designed by Spud Murphy, and the total cost for the endeavor, including entry fees, was estimated at just under $2,000. The Chamber of Commerce handled the last-minute fundraising efforts, and members of the Garden Section of the Torrance Women’s Club agreed to provide the labor for the project. When he got free, the one-armed ex-boxer Chancia managed to conk Baca on the head with a portable electric heater, causing the robber to drop the gun.
Thompson became central figures in the early development of Redondo Beach when the pair bought the Redondo Beach Development Co. In 1905, Harry Ainsworth, who also served as one of the city’s first mayors, built the first luxury home in the city, a splendid residence on the Esplanade just south of the Redondo Hotel with a panoramic view of the coastline. With its pastoral setting and spectacular ocean view, it was a natural, and the couple operated it from 1946 until 1958. The city officially approved the development in June 1961, but the Gelbers’ plan never came to fruition. In addition to the restaurant, Irons had been active with all manner of civic and fraternal activities, including becoming commander of the Redondo Beach American Legion Post #174 in 1965.
As a result, interpreters, Deaf advocates and teachers of Deaf students are in high demand.
21, 1963 when it became apparent that ground wouldn’t be broken on the new building in the immediate future.
While it was not eligible for any established award categories, the judges were so taken with it that they awarded it a special silver trophy several days after the parade, in honor of its beauty and uniqueness.

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