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Op zaterdag 10 maart brengt Harmonie Beselare een filmconcert.  De muziek, zowat allemaal bekendere deuntjes uit klassiekers wordt begeleid van videofragmenten geprojecteerd op 2 grote schermen naast het podium, wat zorgt voor een uniek totaalspektakel.
Op onze website warmen we jullie de komende weken alvast op met wat voorsmaakjes van wat jullie te wachten staat. De film Lawrence of Arabia (1962) is gebaseerd op een boek geschreven door de Britse kolonel Thomas Edward Lawrence. When war was declared in August 1914, Lawrence tried to join the army but was turned down because he was too small. Lawrence was sent to meet the Amir Feisal whose tribesmen had been attempting to besiege Medina. Lawrence accompanied the Arab delegation to the Versailles Peace Conference where they fully expected their reward for helping the Allies in the war – full independence. Several months after leaving the RAF, Lawrence was engaged in his favourite passion – riding his motor bike at speed.
De film begint op een dag in 1935, de dag waarop de Britse kolonel Lawrence, die zich heeft teruggetrokken sinds zijn leven als kolonel, dodelijk verongelukt met de motorfiets.
The British had easily repulsed a Turkish attack on the Suez Canal but their pursuit of the Turks across Sinai ground to a halt near Gaza.A  In other areas in the region, the Turks had been more successful, especially in Aden. But the Arabs failed to take the main rail line that ran through the region and the Turks were able to quickly send more troops there. Lawrence did not want to destroy the line as it would be needed after the Turks had been defeated.
He lived the life of a Bedouin, always doing more than those he fought with – riding his camel further, pushing his body harder.
Britain and France carved up the Middle East into their own zones of influence and the French even ejected Feisal from Damascus. He had a specially tuned motor bike and he crashed it at 90 mph avoiding two boys who suddenly appeared in front of him.
Zo bent u op zaterdag 10 maart perfect voorbereid en kan u dubbel genieten van ons concert of uw vrienden verbazen met interessante weetjes over de films die de revue passeren.

Op een herdenkingsdienst voor hem probeert men inzicht te krijgen in zijn opvallende persoonlijkheid, maar zonder veel succes. The Ottoman Empire had swallowed a great deal of the Middle East and the Turkish overlords were not welcome in that region. Instead, he wanted to harass the Turks along the route of the rail line so that they would have to use more and more troops to guard it along its length. Via deze link vind je alle eerder besproken films, vandaag presenteren we Lawrence of Arabia. De film wordt verder verteld als flashback, welke begint in Cairo ten tijde van de Eerste Wereldoorlog. On June 5th, 1916, the Arab Revolt started in the Hejaz – though some called it the Arab Awakening.
As Lawrence and the Hejaz Arabs moved further and further north, they linked up with Trans-Jordan tribes who joined his campaign.
Lawrence is op dat moment een luitenant in het Britse leger, en staat vooral bekend om zijn onbeschaamdheid en zijn kennis over de Arabische woestijnbewoners.
Lawrence saw the potential of harnessing their commitment to their cause but in a different direction.
On July 6th, 1917, Lawrence and his Arab followers captured Aqaba from the rear after defeating a whole Turkish battalion. Lawrence went out of his way to befriend the Arabs – something that not all British officers in the Middle East chose to do. Lawrence won a scholarship to Oxford University and developed a passion for reading – especially books on military history. Feisal moved his headquarters to Aqaba and placed himself and his men under the command of General Allenby, British commander in Palestine.
At Deraa, he had a force of 3,000 Arabs but they tied down 50,000 Turks who could not help their comrades against Allenby. Ignoring the protocol in the British Army for smartness of uniform, he was seen as a very able but scruffy junior officer.

Lawrence believed that while the Turks controlled the rail line they would always have the opportunity to supply Medina. Allenby was quite happy for Lawrence to wear Arab dress – something other British officers could not tolerate.
The Turkish High Command also spread their forces (150,000 men in total) thinly across the region making the British campaign that much easier. He therefore believed that Feisal’s best chance lay in guerilla warfare against the rail line but away from Medina. In January 1918, Lawrence led an attack on the Turks at Tafila in which a whole battalion was destroyed.
His health had been badly affected from the time he spent in the desert and he was not a well man.
Small numbers of British, French and Indian troops were sent to Aqaba to support Feisal’s men. The British had set a date for a massive attack against the Turks – September 19th, 1918.
When his true identity was found out by the media, he left the RAF and joined the Royal Tank Corps under the name T. The Turkish Army had a number of conscripted Arab units in it and Allenby hoped that the success of Feisal would lead to them leaving the Turkish army en masse in a demonstration of Arab unity. Lawrence was asked by Allenby to launch a diversionary attack on the Turks at an important rail junction at Deraa on September 17th. Feisal entered Damascus in triumph and Lawrence took charge of civil and military order for several weeks.
However, he did not take to this new life and rejoined the RAF in 1925.A  Lawrence served in India from 1927 to 1929 before returning to Britain.

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