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BSA has designed a comprehensive program of training to help you deliver a high quality program to our youth. First of all, thank you for volunteering for your position and welcome to the Boy Scouts of America. Effective June 1, 2010, the Boy Scouts of America REQUIRES that each new leader complete Youth Protection Training BEFORE initially assuming a leadership position, and then every two years thereafter. Question: I recently completed youth protection training with another youth organization I am involved in. After completing Youth Protection Training, we ask that you complete Fast Start Training, specific to your program, and in the case of Cub Scouts, specific to your position.
A leader should complete Basic Leader Training within 12 months of assuming a leadership position.
The table below summarizes the primary training programs available to Scout leaders, from Youth Protection Training, through Fast Start and This Is Scouting, and Basic (Leader Specific) Training. As described on the BSA Tour Permit, at least one adult on a pack overnighter must have completed BALOO Training. Grade 9-12 Leaders in Training (LIT) Begin with one week of overnight leadership training at Camp Trackers. Grade 6-8 Jr Leaders in Training (jLIT) Junior Leaders in Training start with one week of overnight training at Camp Trackers.
After the 1-week Leadership Training, you share your skills for 3-weeks during the summer either as a LIT at our Summer Day Camps or the Camp Trackers overnight program. At the end of each week the Program Mentor gives the Leader in Training a written evaluation of their performance. Overnight CampsBecause of the intensive nature of our overnight camps, this coveted learning opportunity is by invitation and appointment only.
Rangers may build a shelter, learn to carve wood, safely make fire with no matches, craft simple bows, or play fun stealth games to build outdoor fitness. You may find a Wilder starting seedlings for planting in family gardens or even working on fiber arts projects.
They make pickles and preserves, help cook nourishing meals over a fire, weave baskets, spin, knit, use plant dyes and other natural materials for coloring fabric.
Artisans also share their stories through craft and art: From safe and successful metal working projects for younger students to more challenging blacksmithing techniques for older students. Often referred to as the Training Continuum, the BSA training program consists of individual on-line self-study programs as well as group training delivered in a classroom setting. Immediately BEFORE becomming a new leader, BSA requires that you complete Youth Protection Training, specific to your program. The health and safety of our youth are extremely important to all of us, and Youth Protection Training will help assure one important aspect of their good health and safety. The BSA program of Youth Protection Training is highly specific, and there are no effective alternative training programs.
Fast Start Training (except for Varsity Leader and Chartered Organization Repesentative) is available through My Scouting.

New Leader Essentials only needed to be completed one time, no many how many different Scouting jobs you've had. The next level of training is referred to as Basic Training (also Basic Leader Training and Leader Specific Training). First and foremost among these is Wood Badge, Scouting's premier Leadership Development Program. Typically offered every other year, Powder Horn is designed for the Venture Crew or Boy Scout Troop offering high adventure programs. This 3-day course is designed to provide the program specific management techniques that can improve the quality of the Ship's program. BSA offers BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation) as well as Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders, to help Cub Scout leaders run an effective outdoor program. Meet new friends, learn outdoor skills and explore a leadership role with Trackers Earth and your community. Due to limited funds of awards we recommend you apply early to increase your chances of acceptance. We cover how the student was able to teach basic to complex outdoor educational skills, plus their leadership accomplishments for the all important social structure of the camp.
It is one of the highest levels of experience you can get in education and the outdoor field. If you are returning LIT, and over the age of 15, than let us know about your interest in our overnight camps. Since the Leader in Training Program entails teens interacting with younger campers, however, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and a full refund is given.
Students could make cheese from farm fresh goats milk to bring home or press apples in the cider press while dancing to fine fiddle music.
Instructors trained in the dramatic arts teach theater improv games that build confidence, creativity, and teamwork.
A new leader's registration form will not be processed until Youth Protection training is completed.Youth Protection Training is available through My Scouting.
While many youth organizations have adopted some of the youth protection guidelines used by BSA, the methods employed by BSA are unique. It replaces New Leader Essentials (effective March 15, 2009), and addresses how these aims and methods are reached in an age-appropriate style within Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing. Basic Training provides a leader with training specific to his or her position in Scouting. Participants get hands-on experience in a number of different high adventure programs, as well as learn how to bring the programs into the Troop, Crew, or Ship. Coed Venturing crews must have both male and female 21-year-old leaders for overnight activities. At least one person must be trained in CPR from any recognized agency for Safety Afloat and Climb On Safely.
Finish the program with three weeks of Field Training at our day or overnight camps, helping guide younger campers to develop skills in the outdoors.

After overnight training, jLITs spend one week of day camp learning about mentorship with our Ages 4 - Grade K programs at our Southeast Location. Our staff makes signed copies of each evaluation available for use in portfolios for college admissions and other learning and professional goals.
From School Bus Time Machine to Camp Trackers, being a Leader in Training at a Trackers Earth camp is like falling down the rabbit hole or stepping through the looking glass. Our themes are always intelligent and engaging, weaving savvy social commentary, nature and great theater into fun and engaging experiences.
If you are new to our program, have experience in leadership at other overnight camps and are over the age of 15, please let our Camp Director know that you're interested. Times when this may occur is if LIT's break key safety policies that physically or emotionally endanger themselves, other campers or their leadership team. If you ever loved the books My Side of the Mountain or Lord of the Rings the Rangers Guild is where you want to be. While they may not guarantee a catch, Mariners always have a good time sitting by the shore and casting. Basic Training programs for Cub Scout Leaders are available on-line, and can be accessed through the My Scouting. All registered adults participating in any nationally conducted event or activity must have completed BSA Youth Protection Training. At least one adult on a pack overnighter must have completed Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO). If you ever assisted at any other day camp, be prepared for something completely different at Trackers.
If there are discipline issues with Leader in Training Program students, we remove the camper from the program with no refund.
Throughout our adventures you get to take part in one or more of our guilds: Rangers, Wilders, Mariners and Artisans. At least one registered adult who has completed BSA Youth Protection Training must be present at all other events and activities that require a tour permit. At least one adult must have completed Planning and Preparing for Hazardous Weather training for all tours.
Eligibility for Field Training at overnight camps is limited to 15 years and up with prior LIT experience. Available through My Scouting, the material is presented during a 45-minute training session.
These training programs are offered within each District at convenient locations hosted by dedicated volunteers who want to help make your Scouting experience enjoyable. To find what specific leader training programs are available in your District, please consult the Council Training Calendar and your District website.

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