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We supply a range of 360° profiles for you to consider based a variety of models and approaches. We design and deliver the whole process for you and create detailed reports identifying and analysing strengths and development needs of individuals and teams.
Effective leadership is essential for ensuring both the individuala€™s and the organizationa€™s success.
Formulate action plan for effectively executing their 360-Degree Leadership role to ensure personal and organisational success. Leadership experts in the K-12 field Jill Berkowicz and Ann Myers write about challenges and possibilities for administrators in the 21st century.
Any plan for systemic change must be bolstered by serious attention to the cultural shifts that might be needed simultaneously. While it is well established that many factors can increase student performance, the most important factor is the quality of the classroom teacher. This is truly a moment for the adults who make decisions about whether they are going to accept social change and create the environments in which all children can flourish to be courageous.
What questions accompany the decisions that are made every day and might make the answers more long lived? In reality, the possibilities for meaningful, ethical leadership are greater than the alternatives of comply or defy. If we are objecting to the common core and to the standardized tests, are we preparing the alternative? Our value about the use of time, expecting almost all of it as scheduled as teaching time, runs counter to the current need to change the way teaching and learning take place. Mending a broken system or incrementally improving an archaic one is not inspirational work.
The opinions expressed in Leadership 360 are strictly those of the author(s) and do not reflect the opinions or endorsement of Editorial Projects in Education, or any of its publications. The moment we received the announcement that Mary Ellen Elia was named New York's new Commissioner of Education, news outlets and bloggers broadcast her Florida departure raising questions of all sorts, looking for reassurance or dirt. She is in her mid-sixties, has been a public school superintendent for 10 years (of a very large district at that), came from out of state, and is New York's first female commissioner. Let us welcome Commissioner Elia by creating the space for her to lean into her new role without demanding she defend or explain things past. Presently, there is an extraordinary focus on the changes that need to be made in our schools.  A plethora has been written about the standards, assessment, and evaluation. When interviewing new candidates for positions in the district, we listen as candidates answer the carefully crafted questions, but not only with our minds.
But, when the candidate is hired, most often the district investment in the person as a professional focuses solely on knowledge and skill with a nod toward culture and  "how we do things here." Little attention is given to the person who teaches or leads.
There are six Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards (ISLLC standards) that guide the preparation, practice and, increasingly, the evaluation of principals. An education leader promotes the success of every student by facilitating the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared and supported by all stakeholders. Deeply embedded in just this one standard, are words that speak to emotional as well as intellectual skills.  No matter what we know, how we do things makes the difference. How much time do we spend developing as human beings in our work and in our lives, connecting head to heart? All educators want to improve the work they do for students, their families, and the community.
Working with a leading provider of online development tools, we are now able to offer a tailored 360 degree feedback instrument to support our development activities.
Please call us on 01275 843923 for further information on how 360 degree profiling and feedback can help to meet your development needs.
Coaching for results offers one-to-one individualised personal development coaching for senior managers. Our coaches bring a powerful mix of facilitation skills, organisational awareness and executive development experience, linked to considerable experience of working with senior managers in Public, Private and Third Sector organisations.
A confidential relationship between coach and coachee that is based on trust, allowing honest and constructive exchanges to take place.

Focusing on unlocking potential to achieve higher levels of performance (action, change and results). Working on the real and current issues of leading and managing in the coachee's environment. The belief that personal change comes from the coachee's ownership of their growth and development agenda.
Providing support, challenge, input and practical development ideas in order to help the coachee convert their development goals into action.
Coaching for results offers a bespoke 360 degree feedback tool at the beginning of each coaching relationship. Using this launch approach ensures the coaching agenda is based on valid, behavioural information and driven by individual needs related to role requirements. This systematic yet needs driven approach to coaching ensures that the coaching intervention is focused and has a clear start and measurable end point. Coaching sessions are up to 2 hours in duration, 4 - 6 weeks in between with dates being agreed and diarised at the start of the process. In its whitepaper and new book entitled, “Boundary Spanning Leadership”, the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) addresses the pressing trends and challenges faced by organizations today. In this posting, our third in the series of ten 2020 Leadership competencies, we focus on 360 communication, 360 leadership skills and “boundary spanning” leadership. John Maxwell, author of The 360 Degree Leader argues that effective 360 leaders bring value and influence to every level within the organization.
In their now classic HBR article, “Managing Your Boss”, Gabarro and Kotter argue that you need to understand your boss’s goals and objectives, pressures and strengths and weaknesses.
Lead-Across: Leaders who are successful at leading across help their peers achieve positive results through collaboration. Organizations today are under significant pressure to succeed and this can result in a culture of competition and vying for both resources and attention. Lead-Down: Leaders who are effective at leading down help people realize their potential and achieve their best results. Learning how to manage yourself and your emotions and developing self-awareness are critical starting points. Next, take a look at an amazing collection of seventy-five articles covering all aspects of communication from Mindtools.
For example, thay can be based on your values as an organisation or they can be linked to your strategic aims and priorities. King, Jr., was only 36 years old, had primarily a charter school background, was promoted from within and was New York's first African American commissioner.
Most interestingly, however, is the portrayal of her that is gaining traction in New York is that she is a teacher. Let's welcome her as open minded and open hearted educators.  Let's do our share to restore hope and embrace change in our system leaving cynicism and doubt behind.
Whether it's instruction, school climate, leadership, family engagement, or any of the other issues schools face on a daily basis, all educators need tools to help them improve their actions and methods.
An experienced facilitator will then work with the participant to optimise the value to be gained from the report. The 360 process is designed to provide the coachee with insightful developmental feedback information, enabling them to quickly and accurately identify strengths to be built on and specific development objectives. Our 360 degree feedback provider then converts the competencies into an online questionnaire and manages the collection of feedback data from the coachee's manager and a range of colleagues, direct reports and any other key stakeholders. Finally, the feedback is presented back in a comprehensive, easily interpreted report, used by the coach and coachee to identify development objectives. Specifically, CCL looked at the role of leadership in spanning vertical, horizontal, stakeholder, demographic, and geographic boundaries.
In today’s environment, this means paying attention to the corporate landscape where changing priorities, organizational restructuring and changes in leadership may be the norm.
In CCL’s study, horizontal boundaries (working across function and expertise) proved to offer the greatest challenge to senior executives, followed by geographic, demographic, stakeholder, and vertical boundaries. Rather than competing or engaging in politics, strong 360 communicators build bridges between individuals and teams, they engender trust by listening, seeking to understand and striving to achieve common ground.
They are strong mentors and coaches and seek to understand and harness cultural differences and generational preferences.

This 100 item assessment asks you to rate your skills at leading up, leading across and leading down.
Resources include a quiz to test your skills as well as a wealth of topics including communication planning, verbal and written communication and cross-cultural communication. Regardless of their positions in the organizational hierarchy, leaders are expected to influence people at all levels a€“ superiors, subordinates and peers.
He made few friends, brought in change that rocked the boat, was blamed for changes brought about by Governor Cuomo, seemed not to listen well, and most notably, alienated the teachers' union. No longer a supporter of testing and choice she is a welcomed speaker and author based upon not what she believed decades ago, but what she believes today.  Perhaps, even what fuels her fire today and propels her thinking are the lessons learned in her own evolution after watching policies past fail.
Certainly, our  eyes remain open as we allow for trust to develop over time, but, first, extending welcome is key.  New York is a leader in so many things, let this be an opportunity for New York to step up and begin with a new commissioner.
School districts are filled with educators struggling to understand what is being asked of them as they meet the needs of their students daily.  How much stress can we place on the people in our systems?  Under what conditions can we create the safe schools we need in order for change to take hold and move ahead?  Have we become systemically dedicated to cognitive growth absent an awareness of the social and emotional conditions that are the basis of all relationship to learning and to each other? We watch for how the candidate sounds, feels, connects with those on the committee, reflects on questions and considers his or her answers.  We listen to hear what the candidate knows, what they can do and also who they are. If we try to remember our best teachers or our most inspirational leaders, there was an intangible quality that made them memorable.
And, without really acknowledging attention to that, it is embedded in the ISLLC standards as if we all came innately and forever ready as human beings to lead. A whole child approach, which ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged, sets the standard for comprehensive, sustainable school improvement and provides for long-term student success. This ensures that coaching sessions are focused and that their effectiveness is easily measured. The coachee and their line manager work through a specially designed management competency question bank that supports them to identify the key areas and behaviours that are most important to the success of the coachee's role. While 360 communication competency has always been critical to success in leadership, its inclusion in our top ten list reflects the growing complexity that 2020 leaders are facing as they manage diverse generations, multi cultures and global geographies, not to mention more competitive and rapidly changing, volatile business environments. The authors define boundary spanning as “the capability to establish direction, alignment, and commitment across boundaries in service of a higher vision or goal (Ernst and Chrobot-Mason, 2010; Ernst and Yip, 2009).
It’s also common to be working for a boss who is located in another city, state or country, bringing added demands for strong and continuous communication.
These leaders have developed and maintain credibility, and continually exert influence for the common cause. 2020 leaders will possess a global mindset and develop strong communication skills required to successfully manage diverse, virtual and multi-generational teams. The questions are thought-provoking and will get you thinking about what effective 360 leadership and communication means. They must also exercise a€?self-leadershipa€™ a€“ constantly reflecting and adapting to changes. The information glut and the business of getting things done is launched and new hires enter the fray of the urgent work.  The disconnect between the work of the job and the work of the person begins, subtly, in those first weeks. And, have you ever seen someone struggle with whether the right thing or the politically advantageous thing is the decision that should be made? In CCL’s survey of 128 senior leaders, 86% believed it “extremely important” for them to work effectively across boundaries in their current leadership role. This 360-Degree Leadership Workshop will enable participants to develop an all-rounded leadership approach in their quest for personal and organizational success. Who would believe how soon after receiving that honor the superintendent would be terminated with a buyout of over a million dollars?
Too many politically advantageous choices eventually silence the voice that tells us what is right.
CCL’s research took this concept further, suggesting that organizational leadership would be enhanced through group collaboration across boundaries allowing superior outcomes than could be achieved by any individual group. And, who would believe that this resilient woman would become the Commissioner of Education in New York State within months after the buyout?

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