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This is not an inclusive list of all the KSAs of good leaders but is a good start for organizations looking to build frameworks to support leadership development. Thought leaders at UNCa€™s Kenan-Flagler Business School have condensed the best of leadership publications into an effective continuous learning cycle that can be incorporated into an organizationa€™s leadership development program to strengthen the ability to learn and adapt as a leader.
Other areas that could be identified for development include working well with others, negotiating effectively, improving self-awareness, increasing open-mindedness and dealing with ambiguity.
Honest feedback is critical to a leadera€™s success, and as such, organizations must foster cultures where leaders can give and receive it. In this continuing learning cycle, reflection means taking the time to put the principles, practice and feedback into context. In Brandon Hall Group’s 2014 State of Leadership Development Study, the majority of organizations (63%) indicated they had a leadership strategy in place, yet three-quarters of organizations said their leadership development was ineffective. To shape more impressive business results for the majority and to avoid discussing the same leadership issues in 2050, it’s likely organizations will significantly shift their focus on leadership development — from a talent management process that builds leadership capability, to a strategic people strategy building on leadership capability to infuse an environment of high-performance culture and employee empowerment. Our 2015 State of Leadership Development Study, now in the field, invites your opinion about how well leaders are cultivating productive relationships with their employees and what behaviors leaders are demonstrating that reinforce (or undermine) empowerment.
Today’s organizations will be successful tomorrow only by carefully weaving a high-performance culture. For long-term success, organizations will have to respond to these challenges by simplifying the employee experience at work, and much of that response comes down to leadership. The theory of employee empowerment postulates that if employees are well informed, free to act in unencumbered manners and make decisions, then they are able to carry out their responsibilities more efficiently, more effectively, and with passion and inspiration.
Regardless of your most pressing business challenge, industry, location, or organizational size, if you are interested in shaping  your leaders to effectively lead your organizational in to the future, take a stand to develop a delightfully inclusive and collaborative culture and holding your leaders accountable for nurturing empowered employees.
If you are one of the few high-performance organizations (our leadership development study shows there are some of you out there), then developing a delightfully inclusive and collaborative culture and holding your leaders accountable for nurturing empowered employees is already on your “completed” list. A principal talent analyst and consultant with Brandon Hall Group, Laci is expert in all areas of human capital management particularly talent management, leadership, leadership development, and succession management. Who we areWith more than 10,000 clients globally and 20 years of delivering world class solutions, Brandon Hall Group is the preeminent research and analyst organization focused on developing research driven solutions to drive organizational performance for emerging and large organizations.

Brandon Hall Group is a preeminent research and analyst firm, with more than 10,000 clients globally and more than 20 years of delivering Research-Based Solutions that Empower Excellence in Organizations. If you'd like to contact us about research, membership, the awards program or with any general inquiries, we can be reached by mail, phone or email. Organizations with strong leaders outperform other organizations in workforce retention, employee engagement, and organizational performance (including financial performance, customer satisfaction, service quality and productivity). The continuous learning cycle is an integrated approach that focuses on the following four core components and produces solid results in leadership development.
The first step in an organizationa€™s leadership development plan begins with identifying what knowledge, skills and abilities need to be further developed in the organization. Leadership studies repeatedly show that the best way to learn, particularly for adults, is through practical experience such as on-the-job, project-based work and action learning such as coaching others, leading a meeting, team building, or taking an expatriate assignment. Reflection may come in informal formsa€”such as meeting peers to review a project outcomea€”or it may be more formal and include professional development plans, career coaching, executive coaching or reflective essays. ARHM administers the Marine Corps Civilian Leadership Development Program (MCCLDP) for Headquarters, U.S. High-performance leaders, regardless of their level, will be accountable for creating inclusive, collaborative and delightful cultures. The empowerment concept has been proven to have significant predictive value on engagement. Leaders are accountable for informing their employees and teams about their purpose, their expected contributions, the operating rules and principles, and decision rights. She has worked in the public and private sectors consulting global and matrix Fortune companies across all industries on integrated talent initiatives.
Feedback helps individuals gather information about how others view their strengths and development opportunities. Ultimately, reflection may close one door and open a dozen morea€”which leads back to the cycle of principles, practice, feedback and reflection. Technology has enabled our organizations to do business across continents real time in a 24×7 fashion.

Being an inclusive leader is understanding what inspires others, treating everyone with respect, valuing all employees’ contributions and inviting their opinions and diverse thinking, being authentically interested in their welfare, and nurturing productive relationships. These guidelines enable employees to take accountable action in the best interest of the customer and the organization. Employers must ensure that their leaders have the knowledge, skills and abilities to help their organizations to succeed today and in the future.
ARHM also coordinates local nominations for the Marine Corps’ Centrally Managed Civilian Leadership Courses. These will be the leaders who have the know-how to create high-performance teams and create long-term, sustainable business results. The time is now for high-performance organizations to understand how to effectively institutionalize empowerment. Nurturing employment via productive manager-employee relationships makes employees independent to make informed decisions, removes all or most of the need for people management skills in leadership roles, and limits knee-jerk decisions that create organizational turmoil and employee discontent. To that end, employers must create learning cultures that nurture the development of strong leaders at all levels. The changed demographic profile of our workforces has given rise to individual needs, expectations, and aspirations while expecting all employees to work together effectively. Framing leadership development as a continuous learning cycle such as the one used at UNCa€™s Kenan-Flagler Business School offers business leaders a model in which to create long-term leadership development solutions. Taken together, these dimensions have introduced complexity in our workplaces and even a level of chaos for our employees.

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