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Self leadership is a process wherein one needs to understand themselves so that they can create a better environment around them. I also underwent self efficiency test so that I can understand about the positivity that I have towards the work that I do. I also took a self-leadership skills test so that I can understand the kind of leader I am.
After analyzing my strengths and weakness by way of various self leadership methods, I have realized that one of my major problems is that I am not able to manage my professional and personal world differently. If I have to talk about my strengths then I would say that positive psychology is my strength. The person who underwent a divorce didn’t come to the office for a week’s time because he decided that he wanted to be alone. After this incident, I realized that maintaining a personal relationship with my team members is the only way by which I can motivate them.
All the organizations today are giving a lot of importance to organizational behavior so that they can understand, motivate and retain their employees. After the whole analysis that I underwent, I have decided to change certain things about me so that my personal as well as professional life is balanced and apart from that, my subordinates who are reporting to me will also be happy. First and foremost, to make a positive change in my life, I will start with a proper exercise schedule. I very well understand that attainment of these goals aren’t easy because I am never used to this schedule.
If you want HR Management essayAssignment Help study samples to help you write professional custom essay’s and essay writing help. This entry was posted in HR Assignment Help and tagged HR Management Assignment writing help analysis on self-leadership: Reflective essay on organizational culture and personal relationship on June 1, 2013 by admin. If a person is having a team reporting to him then he needs to be clear about his expectations from his team so that he can happy with the results that the team is delivering or he can ask for rework. I have certain things in me that are considered to be good by me as well as people around me. After the implementation of Johari windows, I realized that I really need to control my anger. My score was 3.5 so I realized that I can improve further and at the same time, I also realized that there are certain things which I assume are wrong.
After undertaking this test, I realized that there are certain areas where I need to improve so that I can be a better leader than what I am today.
I have always heard people saying that work life balance is a must so that one can be peaceful. I am too overloaded with work due to which, the only thing that runs in my mind is working and targets so I really get angry on team members and even family members.
I can easily influence people with my speech so I use that to my level best in my team so that positive environment in my team  can be improved. I realized, rather than the divorce, his loneliness is hurting him and hence, I decided to call him to the office forcefully. I also found that now I am very close to that employee and he trusts me now so he shares all his problems with me. First and foremost, I have decided to balance my professional and personal life so that I can be happy and not frustrated. Every day morning I will start my day with exercise as this will allow me to be energized throughout the day.
Initially, I will find it difficult to concentrate at home while I have work pending but I know that I will have to do that as it will reap benefits in the long run. Many people may assume that this thing is applicable only to people who are in managerial position but that is not true.
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I am a good speaker and this fact is well known to me as well as my friends and colleagues. I always thought that I just need to assign work to my team and then they can decide regarding the completion but after taking this test, I realized that I was wrong.

While thinking about work life balance, I analyzed the situation from two different points of view. At the end of the week, when I get a day off, I just think about sleeping and getting back to the work that I wouldn’t complete throughout the week.
Many a times, it happens that my team members feel sad or lonely due to some or other thing in life so I try to motivate them. I told him that there is an urgent project which he needs to take care of and I don’t have enough resources at this point of time. This is very encouraging to me as a team leader and apart from that, he has become a valuable resource to the organization. I have decided that I will achieve this goal with a proper action plan that I will follow for next 12 weeks.
Secondly, I will communicate my ideas about the project and other official things with my team members so that they can help me out with any input that they have. To achieve this thing, I will gift myself something that I love on attainment of every set goal. Self leadership should be understood by everybody so that they can control their life rather than that of allowing someone else to control their life. First and foremost, one need to take care of physical aspect and to achieve the same, one should have proper food, timely exercise and rest so that they don’t feel tired while working.
I, personally, believe that I control my anger to the extent possible but my friends don’t think the same about me and hence, I need to get an idea regarding situations where I lose my temper. I have a team, reporting to me and different team members have different experiences and different qualifications so I need to handle them accordingly. To achieve completion of work as per the deadline, I need to prepare an accurate plan for my team so that they can work on it accordingly rather than that of dumping things on them.
It always happens to me that I go to work where I work for at least 10 hours and then I come back home to do some more official work then I go to sleep. Firstly, I thought whether the management is giving me freedom to balance my work and life and secondly, whether am I giving that freedom to my team?
If I am not able to achieve my targets then I feel that my team has let me down and when I get back home, if my family members are watching television then I feel that they don’t care about me and hence, they are busy with their enjoyment. Recently, one of my team members had a divorce so he was very upset with things that were happening in his life. He might have abused me for my behavior but that is the least I could have done for my team member. After this situation, I always try to understand the employee’s situation before I react to anything. Initially, I will find it difficult but I will prove to my reporting authority that this will improve my as well as team’s productivity rather than that of working throughout the day. This input will allow me to relax as my team members will be thinking equally hard, as me, about the project and at the same time, they will also get a chance to grow.
I have also decided that I will maintain a diary and before going to sleep, I will update the activities that I did during the day. Self leadership is a practical concept and hence, everybody should analyze it and add it to their everyday life.
Mental aspect can be dealt by way of concentrating on positive things, building self-confidence and taking decisions quicker. Apart from that, I am good with convincing people to my point but this fact is not known to others as they think that I just speak my heart out in all situations. Few of my colleagues told me that I get very angry on my team members when the set quality isn’t achieved. I also had a strong opinion that I cannot influence things that are happening to me but that is not true.
I also realized that even after leaving for home, I keep on thinking about the work that I have left without completing. Many a times, it happens that my management is overburdening me with their expectations and I really can’t afford to miss the targets that have been set forth by them because I feel that I am paid for that.
I had a word with him so I realized that he still loves his wife and he tried his level best to avoid divorce but nothing worked positively so they parted ways.

I told all my colleagues regarding the situation so that everybody can avoid talking anything related to marriage or anything related to his wife. First is the behavior focused strategies wherein the person will have to identify the outcome of their certain behavior and they will have to work on it accordingly.
I also communicated this to my family members and team members so that they can help me in achieving the set target. I will reach home in the evening rather than that of night so that I can spend some quality time with my family members. At the end of the week, I will assess the diary so that I can get an idea regarding the goals that I have accomplished and the goals that I need to accomplish. Then comes the social aspect and this can be achieved by way building relationships with people around and taking up some hobby that allows the mind to be relaxed. I need to plan and if things are going wrong then I need to take corrective actions before it’s too late rather than that of letting go things even when things are in my control. After that, I also understood that I overburden my team members when some or other deadlines that has been set. I had a chat with him and made him realize that in a relationship, the happiness of the partner matters the most so letting go is better than that of holding on to things that hurts. I also clearly instructed my team members that nobody will sympathize with him as I, personally, feel that sympathizing will make him feel worse about what he had lost. There are two types of employees; one who doesn’t like to perform and at the other time, who is not able to perform due to the prevailing situation. I will talk to everybody for at least 5 minutes every day so that I can know the situation of my house.
Spiritual satisfaction can be achieved only when a person is clear with goals and objectives in life and this can be achieved through spiritualism. Improper management of work disturbs my personal life as well and hence, many a times, I shout at my family members for no reason thus, spoiling their day and mood.
Employees who don’t like hard work can be pushed by way of shouting and getting angry at them but this solution is not applicable to the other type.
More importantly, I will spend my weekend with my family members rather than that of my laptop and computer. Apart from that, I also realized that I treat myself very badly when I fail to achieve anything. After understanding this, I realized that I might be creating a same situation in my team member’s house as well.
This kind of relationship allows me to share a personal and professional relationship with my subordinates as well as colleagues.
Many of my colleagues said that I am trying to interfere in the personal life of my team member but I had no better option to make him feel better and productive for the organization.
The other type of employee will perform only when their problem, personal or professional, is solved.
If a person thinks about the outcome of any achievement then it can be said that self leadership is achieved by usage of this strategy. At least weekly once, I will go out with my family for lunch, dinner or a movie so that we all are bonded to each other rather than staying like strangers in the same house. Professional success can be achieved by way of taking regular feedback about one’s work from the team and that of reporting authority. Last month, my team failed to achieve the quarterly targets and I felt really bad about it as I thought that my team wouldn’t perform under my leadership.
Last one is the constructive thought pattern strategy, this strategy allows an individual to achieve leadership by way of planning changes that they would like to see in themselves (Prussia, S, A, M 2009). At the same time, self leadership will give a boost to the personal life as well (Sydanmaanlakka 2004).
I also realized that I was very low at the start of this quarter as I felt that I won’t be able to achieve this quarter’s target as well but then after taking the test, I realized that I was wrong.

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