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Don’t forget to check out the 2nd Management & Leadership Quiz at the bottom of this page!
Remember – these are the easy questions – the more difficult questions are at the bottom of the page! Deming & Shewhart worked together at Bell Laboratories where the Control Chart was first introduces. Juran and Crosby both understood the value of Statistical process control, however neither specialized in its development or expansion. Ishikawa contributed to all three of those concepts along with others like the Cause & Effect Diagram (Ishikawa Diagram).
Almost every single Quality Guru stressed the importance of Continuous Improvement as a requirement for long term Quality & success. This statement is true because change generally results in improvement, which usually results in improved customer satisfaction & financial performance.
This statement is true because without change, your product or service will eventually become outdated & irrelevant. Change generally results in improvement, which usually results in improved customer satisfaction & financial performance. Change makes employees nervous about keeping their job, which generally improves employee performance and morale. Process improvements can be made with a paper based documentation system, and it can be made without a multitude of statisticians on staff.

One common approach to overcoming barriers to quality improvement is to constantly communicate the downsides of the current approach & the benefits of the future state.
Almost all barriers to quality improvement are deficiencies in the front line employees – this is incorrect. We invite you to learn about our 100 Day Leadership On-Boarding Road-map to Success during an easy-to-attend Webinar on Tuesday, 14 Feb at 12 Noon EST and again on Thursday, 16 Feb at 2PM EST. An agreement on how to make a first impression to build trust with superiors, peers, direct reports and staff.  The “cultural fit” game plan to win respect and support. An understanding, agreement and “cascade alignment” of the performance expectations established by the organization, the senior leaders and immediate supervisor (hard metrics). An understanding and agreement with the leadership effectiveness and cultural – engagement expectations established by HR (the PMEC and TMEC soft metrics). The flexibility to change and adjust the game plan based upon potential changing conditions, dynamics and assumptions. This entry was posted in RPR2 Blog and tagged Affordable Care Act, Leadership, On-Boarding, Road-maps, series, Success by Right People Right Roles.
Leadership formation steps back from the grandiosity and the hubris of the Messiah discourse, which aims at the transformation of organisations and followers. This also reminded me of the amazing Go Dundee Learning Journey I was part of a few Saturday’s ago. If you are interested in some of the articles or posts and want to know more about my work in Lifetree click here.

Almost all barriers to quality improvements are deficiencies in leadership & management. The overall process incorporates a combination of diagnostic tools, leadership assessments, goal prioritization steps, milestone timelines, action-planning functions, coaching plans, and performance metric determination and resource needs. At the bottom of this post, you’ll find another 45 question post-quiz, that’s a bit more challenging! This webinar will also be used as refresher training for those who have already had the initial training. People who were carrying out significant acts of leadership, often in the face of real personal risk, to make a difference in others lives.
And the ethos of the Go Dundee group to nurture some of these leaders by making opportunity to connect with others of like mind, like heart. Leadership exists all around us, but so much of it present goes unnoticed and it uncherished, at the expense of organisational success and social well-being.

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