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Course code: BALC Become an accredited Assistant Walk Leader with this nationally recognised course. This course trains outdoor enthusiasts with experience and skills in bushwalking to a standard appropriate to lead groups of less experienced adults or dependent groups (including students) on bushwalking trips.
This page displays the first of these three courses (Level 1 – Bushwalking Assistant Leadership Certificate [BALC]). All trainees commence with the Assistant Bushwalking Leadership Training Program and must complete each level before entering the next level.

Each trainee has a volunteer Adviser, appointed by the Board to assist their progress through the course. Training commences with the Bushwalking Assistant Leadership Course, a series of practical workshops (including a 3 day bushwalk with an advisor).
This unit covers risk management, planning, leadership, group management, emergency response, search and rescue, navigation and a 3-day Advisor accompanied field experience.
This course differs from the Day Walk Leadership Certificate Course as it trains you in assisting a leader on multi-day walks up to 3 days.

Regular contact with this person is your responsibility and is an essential aspect of your training.
We offer courses for assistant leaders, full leaders, day walk leaders, and multi-day walk leaders.

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leadership certificate iowa state

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