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The practices and skills learned through class and real-world experience will translate back to leadership roles on campus, at home, and in the workplace. The certificate involves 26 hours of coursework 6 hours of which are taken during one summer semester at HoneyRock.
To complete the certificate you will integrate your major, the leadership courses, and your three leadership experiences in a final capstone project during your junior or senior year. Differentiate yourself and define your style of leadership – register for the Leadership Certificate today! Our Leadership Training Certificate Program is designed to help future leaders gain a better understanding of what makes a great leader.
If you are interested in our Leadership Certificate Program click on Enroll Now at the top right of the screen. Ideally each participant would sign in for one class each day and then return to their regular work.
Our training is formatted to work on a desktop, laptop or tablet computer .   However, you must be connected to the internet. Upon completion of each course the participant will have the ability to print a certificate of completion.

Upon completion of the Leadership Certificate program a completion certificate will be emailed to the participant. Many of the following workshops are offered only once for the entire cohort, and undergraduates are expected to plan and schedule their courses accordingly. Undergraduates who miss any of the following workshops will no longer be eligible for a certificate of completion. Undergraduates must attend any one of the two workshops designated for each Area of Breadth workshop to satisfy the topical portion of the program. God called many to be leaders, notably Moses and Paul, who were transformational leaders, capable of motivating their followers to ignore self-interests and work for the larger good of the group. The remaining coursework can be completed through a mix of classes at Wheaton College and at HoneyRock (see chart on next for possible schedule). To add a Christian Education and Ministry major to this certificate, students must complete the following 18 hours: HNGR 112, CE 219, CE 321, CE 341, CE 494, and 6 more hours.
This course will meet during that last week of Christmas break each year at HoneyRock and several times during A-quad of spring semester.
This program allows you to access over 37 training classes that will give you insight into leadership and ideas to help lead an engaged team.

This offer is open to all, however in-person training takes place in the Seattle metro area. This sort of transformational leader is able to articulate a vision that will convince others to change for the better. Wheaton Passage counts as the first 2-hours of the certificate, with an alternative for non-Passage participants on campus. This will showcase your own unique leadership perspective and provide an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned to a specific post college application. Leadership training is about learning to adapt new skills to your environment and creating positive business results. You will then complete a leadership challenge questionnaire to adapt the training to your specific situation.

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leadership certificate programs online canada

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