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Wir helfen Fuhrungskraften dabei, die Zusammenarbeit in Ihren Teams erfolgreicher und freudvoller zu gestalten. Wir machen Ihnen Mut, offen uber Herausforderungen zu sprechen und inspirieren Sie dazu, Probleme aus eigener Kraft zu losen und ein Arbeitsumfeld zu gestalten, auf das Sie sich jeden Tag freuen. Die Teilnahme an der Leadership Challenge 2016 ist 100% kostenfrei. Bitte tragen Sie sich in dieses Anmeldeformular ein, um sofort Ihr personliches Passwort und Zugang zu erhalten. Ein Monat voll Inputs, Interviewserien & Webinaren fur Ihren Erfolg als Fuhrungskraft ist voruber. Alexander Stubb, the Finnish Finance Minister, has been facing challenge for the party leadership following growing criticism for last couple of weeks. Lepomäki and other right wing members of the party have come heavily on Stubb for his failure in ensuring tougher labor market reforms in negotiations with trade unions. The Finnish governments intends to persuade the unions, cutting labor costs by 5%, aiming to make the country's economy more competitive following three years of recession.
Lepomäki's challenge appears following a letter of support for NCP chair Alexander Stubb, brought to public through media last week.
The backfired letter has raised questions about the support required to issue a public statement of support indicating deep divisions inside the party.
Lepomäki has criticized Stubb, representing him as political science and international relations graduate, while considering as incompetent finance minister.

Candidacy of Lepomäki is believed to encourage other candidates, like Jan Vapaavuori, to announce his own bid. Elina Lepomäki, a right wing MP of National Coalition party has announced her candidature for the party chair designation during the party congress in June. Elina Lepomäki, from right wing of ruling National Coalition Party (NCP), is planning to challenge his leadership during the upcoming party congress scheduled in June.
They have also accused the finance minister for making too many compromises in ruling center coalition, reports Reuters.
Challenger Lepomäki has joined the parliament in 2014 after serving 10 years in banking and finance, according to a report published in Business Insider. However, NCP's parliamentary committee has expressed ignorance over issue of the letter before getting published.
Other candidates vying for the designation are expected to join the race for the party leadership before summer. Jan Vapaavuori is a vice president of the European Investment Bank and a former economy minister.
Support for existing Finnish finance minister, Alexander Stubb, inside the ruling party has been witnessed to decrease by 22% compared to a year earlier.

We should be looking for European solutions, not national solutions -- and by this I mean we need more integration, not less integration, Stubb said.
She has vowed to be a leader who will towards the future with competence of a finance minister unlike many predecessors.
Several party members including Lepomäki have protested the letter saying 'no support for Stubb', reports Yle News. A party chair loosing his position in Finland, generally steps down from cabinet membership as well. Support for Stubb to hold the party chair has been witnessed to drop to 47% from 69% a year ago.
He has lost to Stubb in a vote for party leadership in 2014 and is expected to repeat his challenge.

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leadership challenge interview questions

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