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Important Opportunity: We have developed a section which is a six step guide to better leadership.
The Path-Goal model is a theory based on specifying a leader's style or behavior that best fits the employee and work environment in order to achieve a goal (House, Mitchell, 1974). Path-Goal is based on Vroom's (1964) expectancy theory in which an individual will act in a certain way based on the expectation that the act will be followed by a given outcome and on the attractiveness of that outcome to the individual. The path-goal theory can best be thought of as a process in which leaders select specific behaviors that are best suited to the employees' needs and the working environment so that they may best guide the employees through their path in the obtainment of their daily work activities (goals) (Northouse, 2013).
Employees interpret their leader's behavior based on their needs, such as the degree of structure they need, affiliation, perceived level of ability, and desire for control.
Work group - If the team is non-supportive, then the leader needs to be cohesiveness and espouse esprit-de-corps that provides comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotionA to all team members. The independent variables of Path-Goal Theory are the leader's behavior — the leader adjusts her style of behavior to the employee and task characteristics so that the employee's motivation is to excel at their goal. House and Mitchell (1974) defined four types of leader behaviors or styles: Directive, Supportive, Participative, and Achievement (explained in detail below). Initiating StructureA - task behaviors, such as organizing, scheduling, and seeing that work is completed. Directive: The leader informs her followers on what is expected of them, such as telling them what to do, how to perform a task, and scheduling and coordinating work. Supportive: The leader makes work pleasant for the workers by showing concern for them and by being friendly and approachable.
Participative: The leader consults with his followers before making a decision on how to proceed. Achievement: The leader sets challenging goals for her followers, expects them to perform at their highest level, and shows confidence in their ability to meet this expectation.
The leaders' behavior is not set in stone, as there are other leadership styles that may be used depending upon the situation.
As noted earlier, the independent variables of Path-Goal Theory are the leaders' behavior, thus the patha€“goal theory assumes that people (leaders) are flexible in that they can change their behavior or style, depending upon the situation.
Keeping the books straight is an important task, as anyone of us knows who has worked for any length of time in charitable organizations. With summer right around the corner, now is the time to start planning your Vacation Bible School.
Finding a biblical theme that covers a week of Vacation Bible School can be a real challenge. Speaking of old, learning how and why biblical worship occurred and how Protestant traditions developed will enrich your modern worship context greatly.
It might surprise you in this digital and self-publishing age we live in, that there are still about 100 publishers in the US of varying sizes.
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A few weeks ago, I saw this infographic in a leadership article, and since that moment, I have not stopped thinking about the truth in its depiction. For example, in order to effectively lead in the dance studio environment, studio owners should make time to be in the classroom. In the same vein, dance industry leaders and mentors must be knowledgeable of the current, everyday happenings in the dance industry (which was one of the motivating factors behind the creation of The Dance Exec).
Recent Product ReviewsBook Recommendation: The Night Before My Dance RecitalThis book is great to use in the midst of dance recital season! This work by The Bridgespan Group is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. The next step of unleashing your leadership potential will start here by evaluating the list of qualities expected from every high level leader. Use our leadership FAQ.It goes without question to say that checking out and subscribing to our leadership characteristics blog!
The goal is to increase your employees' motivation, empowerment, and satisfaction so they become productive members of the organization.
The path-goal theory was first introduced by Martin Evans (1970) and then further developed by House (1971).

For example, if a leader provides more structure than what they need, they become less motivated. If an obstacle becomes too strong, then the leader needs to step in and help the employee select a path to work around it. For example, if the task is ambiguous, then the leader might have to give it more structure or an extremely difficult task might call for leader support. It is most effective when people are unsure about the task or when there is a lot of uncertainty within the environment. It is most effective in situations in which tasks and relationships are physically or psychologically challenging.
It is most effective in professional work environments, such as technical, scientific; or achievement environments, such as sales. This coincides with the research that while nature (genes) may be our internal guide, nurture (experience) is our explorer that has the final say in what we do (Ridley, 2003). From motion pictures, video games, and emojis, everything we do involves communication through… Click To TweetWith our faith being something we have a mission to pass on and to spread, it would be almost a crime to forgo a growth in our facility with visuals.
The careful oversight that is in place for church accounting via a board of deacons or elders creates needed accountability. This question can drive us crazy with conversations about what we do each Sunday regarding sermons, music, and even the coffee.
VBS is a wonderful opportunity to reach new children with the Gospel and breathe new life into your Sunday School.
This means we should be constantly sharpening our minds as well as our hearts and our skill. Many of these Christian publishers are smaller, producing only a handful of titles each year, but some are very large, multi-imprint companies that serve Christians all around the world.
How can you create your culture and curriculum, guide your instructors, or appropriately discuss situations with parents and students if you are removed from in-classroom happenings? This knowledge cannot be presumed or fabricated; it must stem from facts, knowledge, and educational experiences at every level.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at Bridgespan's Terms of Use page. You might ask - well, they are the basis of all decisions, choices and importance throughout all leadership. We’ve listed 10 Church lighting system providers to review in your search for a new system or to compliment and add in with your current design. But, a growing number of worshippers meet in rented schools, renovated warehouses, or even storefronts. So whether we have kids of our own, or serve the children of others, we need to know what God’s Word says about our littles ones.
Openness of how giving is being used, how much is going to missional projects versus brick and mortar, for example, makes a difference. Control births the very nature that leads us to impulsively steward our lives into a direction we often deem appropriate. And, despite what you may have heard, preparing for VBS doesn’t have to be a stomach-churning, anxiety-inducing process. This summer, take your children on an adventure as they discover: “Heroes of Faith.” This theme comes straight from Hebrews 11, and gives you the opportunity to introduce your children to some of the greatest stories in all the Bible!
The Church has been around for a couple millennia which means we should have a thoughtful, humble, and expectant approach to how the church worships today. We’ll talk about monitors and loudspeakers, dynamics processors and equalizers and simple recording set-ups. Guidance should stem from sustained, direct, tangible experience versus an assumption or utopic interpretation.
If you are serving in a leadership role, are you conscious of the message your actions are portraying?
For example, effective leadership requires having a clear vision that is translated into well understood priorities, and supported by a cohesive and aligned leadership team. In fact, because it is about how people in the organization behave, it can be either a powerful ally or a real barrier to implementing a strategic change.

This is specifically designed for you to get a good grasp of some important leadership tips and techniques which incorporate some of our best resources. Worship visuals might be essential in an environment where even a basic cross can’t be found. In the end, good accounting builds that delicate bridge of trust between the organization of church and the individual church member. Many times this course is way off, leading to frustration, doubt, and a misunderstanding of God’s provision and plan. Plus, at the end of this article, we’ll give you some great tools to promote Heroes of Faith to your church.
Solomon is probably right when he said, “there is nothing new under the sun.” So having some classics under your belt will surely breed a greater context to your ministry.
Included on this list of books for worship leaders are a couple classics on discipleship as it relates to worship. Because of its linkages to other areas of the organization wheel, Bridgespan has found that levers that change behavior are often found within these other areas of the organization wheel (see Exhibit 2).
Transformation and Transactional - There will always be times in which you need to initiate and develop change. Our self-confidence slowly dwindles and we soon shrink into a state of isolation for fear of being identified as unfit to lead. In other words, you are not alone—both today and with those that have come before you exist a great cloud of witnesses to inspire you along the way.
If we believe worship is important, should we not also understand as worship leaders what a transformed life actually looks like? And those traits we detest, sharpness, greed, acquisitiveness, meanness, egotism and self-interest, are the traits of success. Transformation leadership is a brilliant leadership style to have and know about, read through the article and look at ways in which you can affect transformation. By not trusting in God to provide for us we decide to honor ourselves rather than our Creator. In their wake, they have left many resources, including these books for worship leaders that can be pertinent to worship today.
And while men admire the quality of the first they love the produce of the second."This is a bit of a confronting quote to add in here but it's where this section starts. Transactional leadership is it's counterpart which is usually used in management environments, however there are particular uses for leaders.Likeableness - This may sound a little hokey and you definitely don't need to be likeable to be a leader but you should be likeable to be a great leader. Like any of our top lists, we think this one will help review your current situation and maybe give you some ideas for the future. No one expects you as a leader to not want success but we must, as responsible influencers, hold true to the honour that our position deserves. The sphere of influence you have decides your growth and development as a leader - therefore the more people who want to be around you the greater the area of influence. Remember the simple fact that for a leader to be a leader, you must have people to lead!Creativeness - You need to be creative! You're constantly communicating something thats where verbal or non-verbal but in everyday life and all the time we are communicating to people around us.
Good communication can give you a lot of grace as a leader and bad communication will not make you any friends.Innovation - Although we've partially covered this in creativity innovation has defined the 'bar' when it comes to world-changing leaders. We would suggest at leadership lime that without innovation leadership turns surprisingly closer to management!
Avoid Bad Leadership Traits - Sometimes you need to take a step back from reading about good leadership traits and realize what the bad ones are. Bad leadership traits must be identified and worked on no matter which stage of leading you're on.Principle Centered Leadership - Explore this concept of leadership that Stephen Covey promoted.

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