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For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. Recently Capital One Rocks & Rings partnered with Bramalea Secondary School’s Leadership class to offer something a little different for a local elementary school.
As a result of getting the opportunity to teach the Rocks & Rings program, our class engaged in teamwork and cooperation, as well as getting a chance to practice and improve presentation abilities.
Overall, curling is a great game that most students haven’t had the opportunity to play before, and the Capital One Rocks & Rings program really helps to increase awareness of the sport in the community. Arsenio Merced tells a story in American Sign Language to his classmates at Bronx Leadership Academy II in the South Bronx. David Buie runs through vocabulary drills with the students in his American Sign Language class at Bronx Leadership Academy II in the South Bronx. High schools nationwide are adopting American Sign Language as an alternative for students who need a foreign language to graduate. The High School kids were trained in curling and the different games and activities to teach to Grade 6 classes at the neighbouring elementary school.

We had some experience playing curling on ice before we learned the drills and skills which we were to teach as part of the Rocks & Rings floor curling program at a local elementary school.
By the end of the day our leadership class also gained an appreciation for the rules of the game, the strategy involved in the game of curling, and how much fun it can be to actually play! With over 200 kids participating and over 15 different instructors, it was a fun twist a typical day with the program. The instructors from Rocks & Rings (Abbie and Sara) were always positive, brought a lot of energy, and were very patient when working with us.
Some of the elementary school kids had heard of curling and some had even watched it on TV before. Abbie did a fantastic job showing us the different stations that we were to run in the Rocks and Rings lessons.
Many, however, were not familiar with the rules and there was only one student who had actually been on the ice. During this training session with Abbie our class gained lots of experience with the equipment and drills used in program by getting a chance to try them all out.

The elementary kids were actively involved throughout the entire lesson and in particular they really enjoyed the station where they got to play a few “ends” of floor curling.
On the day that our leadership class had to present the Rocks & Rings lesson to a local elementary school, Sara was there to help us out. By the end of the lesson the elementary students had increased their knowledge of the rules, learned what the game of curling is and, most importantly of all, had a total blast participating in the drills and games. Sara was extremely patient when working with the leadership class and came up with many variations of the drills which we hadn’t practiced yet to enhance the experience and drive up the energy in gymnasium.

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leadership class high school curriculum

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