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The program is designed to enroll high school seniors into an intense eight month project to learn leadership skills and team building. Last Friday and Saturday, these students spent over 12 hours of intense briefings and work exercises concerning current problems in economies, geopolitical events, personal leadership skills development and problem solving team building.
The program is designed to allow students the opportunity to work together in three critical areas: (1) developing new personal leadership skills (2) learning civic government organizations and how they relate to each other, and (3) establishing an innovative platform for community strategic vision development.

Students are expected to produce an original research paper, present their findings using multimedia to community leaders, perform community service and attend, observe and report on local boards and commissions. As teams, these students tackle real world problem solving exercises confronting Clinton and Hickman County.
Adult leaders this year are County Extension Agent Melissa Goodman, Hickman County Schools Community Outreach Director Beverly Hopkins and futurist Ivan Potter.

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leadership class in high school curriculum

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