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The LifeRhythm training program is designed to help outline ways to be a more effective leader in todaya€™s world. We maintain that an excellent head for business or a keen eye on the bottom line are no doubt admirable qualities, more importantly, motivating people to perform at their best, creating an atmosphere of trust in the team and making the right choices for the company are traits that make a great leader. Maintain focus and commitment by defining and redefining, day after day, organizational goals. Conduct and attitudes that symbolize and relate to humanity are the critical factors for effective leadership. Do explore all the programs we offer covering corporate wellbeing as well as general wellbeing and find out more about the value we can add to your organization. Welcome to ExpandExpand People partner with individuals and teams to expand their comfort zone, expand their confidence and expand their capability to fulfil their potential and career aspirations.

Accomplished scientists often leave the bench early in their careers to head labs, research departments or institutes. In-depth interviews of clients and participants form an essential part of how we prepare each training session.
Still Point has special expertise in helping scientists develop into great managers and leaders. People follow leaders for the trust and respect they command, and not merely for their skills. The LifeRhythm leadership training program is comprehensive; designed to achieve a realistic balance between operational and leadership responsibilities.
We conduct seminars, workshops, training programs and one-to-one coaching to help researchers quickly gain the skills they need to succeed.

Unfortunately, scientific skills and creative insights about nature are unrelated to people skills, visionary leadership and administration.
We partner with our clients to develop leaders at all levels, address skill gaps, and effect positive change. Definitely this has become possible by the revolution brought about by science and technology.

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leadership coaching training uk oxford

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