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Jakes' annual International Pastors and Leadership Conference takes place in March in Orlando, Fla., and features several prominent Christian ministers, including Hillsong Church Pastor Brian C. The only public hearing about raising the 5th cent will be Thursday, March 19, 2009 at 6 p.m. The Plan has never been approved by voters and many city and county commissioners agree, the PAC may never be built.
Leta€™s not double Tallahassee 's Culture Tax to please a€?a small group of people with a lot of desire" to go around Leon County voters once again.

Now is the time to redirect the 4th cent currently dedicated to the PAC to valuable a€?heads in bedsa€? tax regenerating tourism advertising and marketing. A Chairman Desloge, please show citizens that you truly want public input on the PAC issue. A To redirect or not to redirect the 4th cent to tax regenerating tourism promotion?A  These are the questions.
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leadership conference td jakes 35

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