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At Newton Consulting, our organizational structure is based on our core value of Serving Leadership.
Our leadership’s primary responsibility is to ensure organizational alignment with our vision, which is to be the global standard of a customer-focused, values-driven consulting company.
Customer Service – Consistently reinforcing our customer-first orientation – even at the expense of profitability and growth. Integrity – Practicing what is preached by demonstrating honesty, integrity, and transparency with every individual in every circumstance.
Serving Leadership – Serving employees and partner resources by empowering them to serve our clients, and by removing any hurdles that get in the way of this primary mission. Focus on Relationships – Putting the infrastructure and best practices in place to ensure internal and client relationships are strengthened, not stressed. Leaders too require someone to keep them accountable, after all how can you expect the team to be accountable if their leader hasn't anything in place for their accountability?
We will work with you to look at the challenges you are facing and what is underlying those challenges. Then mobilise and rapidly change the way people work with heightened commitment and accountability for results. Change leadership skills for people managers: engaging and mobilising people, accelerating strategy execution, better business results.

Management teams in transition: changing the way we work, more focussed, faster transition, achieving peak performance. Helping talented individuals navigate job transitions faster and more successfully to achieve peak performance.
Put simply, a strategy is an organisation working out where it is, where it wants to be, and what it needs to do to get there. Learn More Leadership EffectivenessLeadership effectiveness results from a coordinated approach to leadership development strategy, customised, robust design, and targeted development processes that support individual achievement and strategy execution.
Culture and Values AlignmentCorporate values when intentionally and authentically co-created, provide the compass to guide actions and behaviour consistent with purpose and vision. The role of workforce or human capital strategy is to provide the right talent to deliver current and future business demands, to build the right workforce capability, to drive systems and processes that optimise productivity, and to foster a culture of high performance. Let's talk!Our business is all about understanding your business and helping you maximise the value within.
When we talk about Thoughtful Leadership, we talk about being present, intentional, and authentic. Have you noticed how life just seems to be going faster, or maybe it’s that we’re all trying to go faster ourselves?
This is the time of year when many of us have recently received feedback about our performance and competencies.

Leadership is not a solo practice, the best and most successful leaders have mentors and coaches to assist them in fulfilling their vision.
We will help you to create new habits and practices that can be used to empower and direct your team to your vision. We help you navigate the task, create a tangible roadmap, with everyone onboard and on the same page for success.
We help business leaders make strategic choices that drive competitive advantage and engage the organisation for implementation with confidence.
They also contribute to cultivating a culture of engaged employees and delighted customers.
Contact Nicole for a complimentary 1 hour mentoring session where you are guaranteed to leave with actions to implement immediately.

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leadership consulting salary jobs

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