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The Air Force has moved forward with new programs that have affected the enlisted corps and Airmen need to learn how to deal and adapt with the changes - those were just two messages shared by Chief Master Sgt. Airman 1st Class David Culbertson, 15th Operational Weather Squadron, asks a question during an all-call at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, Jan. The Air Force is moving forward with new initiatives that affect enlisted members and all Airmen must lead through the changes. During an Airman's Call, one Airman asked how the new Enlisted Performance Reports would promote teamwork. Cody expressed that suicide, domestic violence, financial hardships, sexual harassment and sexual assault are great concerns to him. Other topics discussed were the fiscal constraints, tuition assistance, training, promotions and retirements.
Cody said, "Last year was tough for us because we had to go through a lot of stuff--tough stuff. Cody explained that the Air Force understands and values the importance of teamwork, and it would reflect in the evaluations. Amber Kelly-Herard, 18th Air Force Command Chief Executive Assistant, said "I thought Chief Cody was very honest in giving us the answers, even if he felt we weren't going to like it.
Jeanette Voight, 375th Operations Group commander, during a visit to Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, Jan. Christina Henderlong, 54th Airlift Squadron, during a tour at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, Jan. Cody talked about professional military education, special duties, and the expanding the roles and responsibilities of NCO's.
Cody talked about physical training being removed from the enlisted performance reports and why they were taken off, the change of the EPR overall and helping airmen. Cody visited a number of units around the base such as the 375th OG, 375th Communications Group and Air Mobility Command. The visit focused on the benefits of having active duty, guard and reserve working together within a unit and how it improves performance and training effectiveness. Cody shared some of his personal career experiences with the flight and thanked them for their hard work and dedication to the mission.
Cody served as the command chief for 18 AF from 2008 to 2010 and talked about his time there during his tour. Cody answered questions from the crowd and talked about a variety of topics including performance reports, education and special duty assignments. Henderlong emphasized the cooperation between guard, reserve and active duty members in the unit and how that benefits the individuals and the mission. It's hard on you, and it's hard on your families so we have to somehow get after this in a different way," said Cody. Cody and his wife, retired Chief Master Sergeant Athena Cody, spent two days meeting with Airmen to thank them for what they do, answer their questions and discuss changes including the Enlisted Evaluation System and force management programs.

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leadership course epr bullet maker

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