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The Leadership Reaction Course is an important component of your leadership grade at Marine OCS. Essentially, the LRC is a group of mini challenges and obstacles that are carried out as a fire team. Candidates are given a set amount of time to receive an order, create an order, issue the order, and execute.
These tips are derived from personal experience, and feedback that candidates received from instructors. This is a tough thing to do given time constraints, but do not fall victim to panic and rush things.
A common mistake that candidates make is to skip entire sections of the order because it has no impact on carrying out the actual mission. For instance, if the mission is to build and cross a bridge then the fire team leader immediately starts moving lumber and runs across first. The plan will not go smoothly, and if it does then the instructor will throw in some twist to make it more difficult.
Part of the evaluation process is making sure candidates can come up with new plans and develop decisions on the spot. A great leader inspires and motivates others to realise their full potential and move beyond their personal limitations to see opportunity where there would otherwise be confusion and uncertainty. It is not as heavily weighted as SULE, but the skills practiced in the LRC will carry forward to SULE.

Every candidate will be required to take the role of a fire team leader and attempt an obstacle.
The LRC is very time constrained and it’s important that you are completely competent when it comes to the Operations Order.
The instructor will give you a very quick and chopped up order that you must then turn into something that is complete and concise within about a minute. If your not sure what this means you just have to know that the section contains information about food, ammo, prisoners of war, and casualties.
It probably won’t be perfect, but you just have to go with it and make changes throughout the execution. They should give orders to others and observe closely so that changes and new decisions can be made. Some candidates end up falling into water while others have to hang on to an ammo can with every muscle in their forearm. COPAHNI invited him to a special leadership seminar in New England that was attended by 2000 participants.
Further topics include the supporting management tasks of leadership, such as problem solving and decision making in this programme.
Some of the obstacles are ridiculously difficult to complete and take more time and people to actually accomplish the task. Practicing these ideas will make a difference in your LRC grade and help you better develop leadership skills.

Candidates will likely not receive more than 20% of the information that goes in the order. The instructors are literally holding a grading sheet that has check boxes next to each component of the order.
The instructor doesn’t like that your plan is working so he tells you that the candidate you sent over was just sniped in the head.
If you spend the entire duration of the course continually attempting to do something that clearly isn’t working you are hurting yourself.
There are going to be enjoyable aspects to the course, but main thing is to stay focused and pay attention to everything. There is nothing wrong with pausing for a few seconds, calling in your fire team, and working together to develop a new plan. Get help from other candidates, but make sure that you first demonstrate that you can come up with a plan on your own.

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leadership course syllabi

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