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The Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Committee trains Cadets on CBRN tasks and develops the cadet’s confidence in the U.S.
The Cultural Awareness (CA) Committee exposes cadets to cultural factors; ethical dilemmas, politics, religion, economics and their potential impact on Military Operations and Mission Accomplishment within the Contemporary Operating Environment (COE). The Mission Command Committee exposes cadets to modern Mission Command and training opportunities available in the modern Army. Task Force GOLD’s mission is to familiarize the cadets by synchronizing the Road to War Brief, ARI testing, Sex Signals Training, and the Accessions Briefing to establish an environment conducive to ensuring Cadets possess basic knowledge required to make informed decisions and successfully lead others.  Through the leadership discussions and briefings, cadets gain an understanding of leadership that allow them to make informed decisions. Course code: DWLC Become an accredited Day Walk Leader with this nationally recognised course.

This course differs from the Day Walk Assistant Leadership Certificate Course as it trains you to be a full leader. This program is designed to train Leaders who wish to lead groups on Day Walks on recognised trails, within 1 hour of outside assistance. We believe this course will provide you with valuable skills and knowledge to become a competent leader. Army ROTC cadets to Army standards and to develop leadership and evaluate officer potential.
We offer courses for assistant leaders, full leaders, day walk leaders, and multi-day walk leaders.

This is accomplished through a tiered training structure using light infantry tactics as the instructional medium. Utilizing the Mission Training Complex facility at JBLM, qualified instructors facilitate cadet participate in a leadership discussion that highlights modern battlefield command and control.  Additionally, cadets become familiar with training simulations by participating in a virtual Squad STX to prepare for follow-on military operations.

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leadership course tafe

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