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Time to completion: Most students finish the program within 18 months and many can transfer degree credits into this program. Admissions requirements: A four-year degree from an accredited university qualifies you to apply. You’ll learn to make your organization stronger, communicate your vision and guide a company through crisis and change seamlessly.
Working collaboratively to make ethically, socially and environmentally responsible decisions. Navigating organizational politics and building strong teams within diverse cultural groups.
Professionals from virtually any industry can position themselves for success with CityU’s Master of Arts in Leadership.
This introductory leadership training course presents students with historical contexts in leadership (Ex: authoritarian, democratic, and laissez-faire) and will review a 5-level leadership model. Ethical considerations are foundations to management policies in successful and sustainable organizations. Managing change or adapting to challenging environments requires flexibility and the ability to manage stress.
As the organizational catalyst for change in management policy and culture, leaders must understand political agendas and maintain stakeholder involvement.
Leaders create socially and environmentally responsible organizations through cost benefit analysis, sustainable leadership techniques, and successful communication strategies. Leaders require skills to effectively collaborate within a multi-cultural environment, evaluate culturally diverse talent, communicate team goals, and foster global team interactions. Incorporating leadership values, models, and theories, students will analyze leadership through personal-reflection, a cornerstone for successful leadership. This course emphasizes the changing expectations for ethical behavior and accountability that currently impact the practice of philanthropy.
This course examines the elements, processes, and dynamics of board governance and volunteer management of nonprofit organizations.
This course provides a foundation for effective financial management to promote the financial sustainability of the nonprofit organization. This course focuses on research, development, and analysis of a practicum experience or submission of a leadership article for publication.  Emphasis is placed on completion of a project or practicum. Recommendation: All courses should be taken in numerical sequence, if possible, for smoother flow of related concepts.
A: I have instructed courses in Marketing, Communications and Leadership at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Q: What is one thing that you always tell your students that may or may not relate to your class? Q: What is something that you have learned from end-of-course evaluations that you applied later on? A: Engage students through many avenues of communication and apply technological solutions to support the learning environment. A: I thoroughly enjoy preparing students to become marketplace leaders, effective communicators and critical thinkers. A: Long Scholarship Award, Regent University, 1996, presented to a student who shows greatest entrepreneurial promise. Outstanding Faculty Acknowledgement Award, 2011, presented to faculty who go above and beyond in assisting students with their academic pursuits. A: Twelve years of nonprofit executive leadership and 10 years of online and traditional university teaching experience, including program chair and doctoral dissertation chair experience. A: City University of Seattle attracts a higher caliber of students than many other institutions. Author of several leadership and diversity books including Diversity At Work and Emotional Intelligence.
A: I love expanding my knowledge in leadership, diversity, teams, culture, communications and management. A: I get to work with graduate students who often quickly learn to embrace academic research then take that research to new levels in my classes by synthesizing what they find to create new and brilliant insights for everyone engaged in our intellectual feast. A: CityU’s academic model gives me the opportunity to provide innovative instruction to my students. A: I attended the University of Montana for my Bachelor’s in Education and received my Master’s in Education Leadership from California State University at Channel Islands.

A: Initially I taught numerous courses in the School of Education primarily in math, science, and technology. A: At the 2007 graduation, I had taught so many students in the School of Education that when they were departing, there was a line of 80-100 students thanking me for teaching them. A: Advertising, marketing, public relations, marketing research, building marketing plans and business plans. A: President and chairman of the board of a full-service advertising agency that earned $60 million per year and handled 3M Corporate. Northcentral University (NCU), a global online graduate school, is launching three new programs and 27 new degree specializations, to meet student interest in emerging areas of study. The three new NCU programs launched today are the Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership (PhD-OL) and the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL), both from the School of Business and Technology Management (SBTM), and the Doctorate of Marriage & Family Therapy (DMFT) in the School of Marriage and Family Sciences (SMFS). The PhD-OL degree program is a challenging, in-depth study of leadership with broad application across industries, allowing students to examine leadership in a multitude of dimensions, while the MSOL program provides an intense examination of the current state of leadership within a given profession.
Within a given program, NCU offers a variety of specializations to meet constantly evolving demands from industry professionals.
NCU offers weekly course starts and students may begin applying to the three new degree programs and specializations effective today. Founded in 1996, Northcentral University is a regionally accredited, private, online and graduate-focused university serving professionals globally.
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Students will reflect on their personal experience, behaviors and personality to assess their own leadership style, competency, and potential. Strong personal ethics is a key leadership trait that inspires, motivates, and builds employee trust. When procedures or policies do not exist to solve a problem or cope with change, leaders must determine what is essential or what is superfluous, and adapt to create innovative solutions.
Through creative advancement and thinking, thought leaders provide information, processes, and methods that engage and inspire consumers, employees, and other stakeholders.
By analyzing change management theories, students will apply strategies that incorporate diverse perspectives and cultural identity to create sustainable organizations. Through heightened consumer awareness and social engagement, leaders are learning that their organizations must adopt social and environmental strategies to remain viable in the years ahead.
To compete globally, leaders need to learn practical leadership strategies for building cohesive, motivated, high-performing, global teams. Cementing their understanding of leadership, students will analyze their understanding of leadership, apply preferred leadership styles, and synthesize leadership values and concepts to employ a personalized approach to self-leadership.
Leadership theory will illustrate how the public and private sectors influence policy, planning, and organizational development in the nonprofit sector. Fundraising theory is applied to the development of a comprehensive program, personal fundraising philosophy, and framework. Students will analyze a leadership environment, identify the root cause of an existing problem, identify opportunities for improvement, recommend a solution, and evaluate the impact of the practicum or leadership article. Although, I didn’t really know how much I did enjoy it until about 14 years later, after my return to the states again. Staff employ the continuous improvement model and the drive to be the best we can be makes not only teaching, but learning fun.
I understand their background, their method of learning and their way of receiving feedback.
I run a business, and was for years trying to change the way the other (majority) owner would conduct business.
When students complete my courses, they have grown as a scholar-practitioner and have made significant progress toward achieving their academic and career goals.
They are generally dedicated to working hard, digging deeper and committed to doing high quality work that builds our reputation of excellence. Additionally, my work spans several disciplines ranging from leadership to science and from marketing to technology.
Through opportunities to travel globally I have also been able to improve my overall instruction and depth of global knowledge. More advanced studies continued with fellowships to study at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson Institute and University of Washington’s Genome Science Division in areas of advanced science and technology instruction. I have since branched out into the School of Management’s Technology Institute and the MBA program where I focus on information security, systems design, managing intellectual property, managerial global economics, global leadership, project management, and operations management.

If you like a dynamic learning environment, a clear path to success, and a passion to make quality contributions, then taking one of my courses will be a very rewarding experience for you.
Some of our favorite activities have included biking, rollerblading, snowboarding, cheerleading (no, I do not do that one), and swimming.
These are critical to students who hope to enter or improve their standing in the business world.
Arron Grow, Associate Program Director School of Applied Leadership Recently you received some exciting news. City University of Seattle is a nonprofit university affiliated with the National University System and an EO institution accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
The 27 new program specializations are spread across NCU’s Schools and represent emerging fields such as a Nursing Education specialization in the Doctor of Education (EdD) program, an LGBTQ Couple and Family Therapy specialization in the Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy (MAMFT) program and the Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship specialization in the Doctor of Marriage & Family Therapy (DMFT) program. Northcentral University offers doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degrees in business and technology management, education, and psychology, as well as doctoral and master’s degrees in marriage and family therapy.
Skills like communications, change management, vision and emotional intelligence – the most sought after skills in the global marketplace today. Students will complete a personalized 3-month leadership development plan to facilitate growth within targeted leadership traits. Students will learn adaptive leadership skills that can be used in any level of an organization, both domestically and globally. Students will analyze what makes a thought leader and how these leaders increase an organization's strategic visibility.
Students will analyze how social and environmental strategies can produce better products and services, reduce organizational overhead, and build long-term prosperity for organizations.
Students will explore team-building strategies effective in virtual and global environments. Additionally, aspects of the fundraising process for nonprofit organizations will be examined including general fundraising principles, fundraising techniques, sources of donations, and key aspects of developing and managing the strategic fundraising process. The course includes analysis of the respective roles of the board, executive director, staff and volunteers to maximize organizational effectiveness. Specific deliverables for the practicum or leadership article are defined in the Project or Practicum Experience Handbook for the MAL Program. I then communicate to the broad range of student levels and abilities and help each develop an appreciation for the content being learned.
A student in one of my doctorate classes said to me, “why try to change someone else, change yourself and see how that will change the outcome you are looking for.” I’m two years into that strategy, and it works great. In doing so, I hope to serve as a catalyst who challenges, stretches, and helps them achieve their maximum potential.
Dig deep into the literature and support your ideas well with lots of ideas from experts found in our library databases.
Without physical residency requirements, courses are taught one-to-one by an NCU professor, all of whom have doctoral degrees. After being led by the Spirit to began praying for others, God moved her to a level of speaking on programs at various churches and laboring in womena€™s prison ministry. Through evaluating strategies for ethically sound leadership, students will explore values-based decision-making and assess personal, organizational, and societal pressures. Students will learn how to assess and improve the effectiveness of a board, the senior leadership, volunteers and the overall governance of the nonprofit organization. Recently, I accepted a position working in training and development for the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA). After accepting her call to ministry, July 10, 2004, Minister Johnson was licensed andA began being mentored into her labor of love for ministry under the spiritual leadership of Dr. Coleman; there soon after uniting with Second Baptist Church where God has allowed her to exercise her gifts of preaching the word of God both at A her home church and at various other churches, prayer and various ministry task.
Johnson teaches Bible Study, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, baptizes converts, perform altar and pulpit duties throughout each month.A A Rev. Johnson conducts services at Second Baptist in the absence due to other engagements of our pastor; also has conducted revivals, preaching in other states. Johnson has received her certificate of Bible Study from United Theological Seminary; where presently she is pursing her Master of Theology degree.

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