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At Corporate College, successful leaders are developed through customized learning solutions designed to fit the needs of a wide range of industries.
Corporate College offers organizational development tools and services including training and development consulting, executive coaching, train-the-trainer seminars, surveys and assessments to increase levels of performance, employee engagement and business results. Welcome to Cuyahoga Community College's online knowledge base of frequently asked questions and answers. Express Leadership University’s A La Carte classes were designed to provide organizations and individuals with a variety of leadership training options. Express Leadership University will regularly schedule a variety of classes for the business community. If an organization would like to book a group of more than 10 people for a specific ELU class, that group may attend with other individuals or book the class exclusively for themselves.

If an organization would prefer leadership training to occur on-site, ELU will accommodate that request for groups of 10 or more. Our professional training team is led by Dave Anderson, a West Point alumnus and Fortune 50 business leadership veteran. The series of half day sessions spread over six months has effected change more than expected from the typical single multi-day session approach.
I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in building a stronger team, improving their communication skills, or simply becoming a better leader. The decision to cancel a class due to low enrollment will be made on or before the Wednesday prior to the first day of class; if the class is canceled, you will receive an email notification of this decision and any tuition paid will be refunded or applied to another class. These classes can be held at the Express Leadership Development Center or on-site for client organizations.

Each of these classes, while varying in scope can be modified to be delivered in a single 2 – 4 hour session. Individuals or groups will benefit from receiving world class training in an environment away from the demands of the workplace.

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leadership development classes youtube

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