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Develop the leadership capacity of your team work force by broadening their organizational perspective, enhancing their management capability and strengthening leadership behaviours. An integrated curriculum comprised of intensive, hands-on courses that teach how to apply the core concepts contained in the LEADS in a Caring Environment capabilities framework. Participants will learn with and from each other, exchange their knowledge, share ideas, and develop a leadership learning community. Delivery is fast-paced, challenging, and geared to high performing learners, and permit maximum benefit in a minimum of time away from their work.
The majority of course time involves small group interactive activities, supplemented with short presentations to establish concepts and the theoretical underpinnings of those concepts. Again our focus is always on transfer back to the workplace and the all important behavioural changes that should accompany quality Development Programmes. The Centre offers a range of leadership programmes from an introductory level through to focused personal and interpersonal development for senior managers. Our approach is practical and applicable, providing leaders with experiences and development that impacts on how they manage themselves and how they manage their work place relationships. We work with groups in a relational and emergent process, which means we tailor our programmes to the needs of the group on the day and work in response to what is happening within the group as well as the experiences they bring. We generate learning through creating fresh experiences using interactive activities, discussion of personal experiences, critique of management and leadership models and personal reflection. We utilise practical, interactive tasks and the outdoors to provide "here and now" experiences, which support the raising of self awareness. We run our leadership development courses from our exclusive venue in the New Forest, just outside Lyndhurst. We can set up our mobile activities and provide facilitators for leadership development programmes off site at your chosen location - your offices, hotel, conference centre or country park.
For an informal discussion about how we can able to help your company or organisation with a leadership development course please contact the office on 02380 284 401 or email us. The experts in outdoor team building in the New Forest, Hampshire The New Forest Outdoor Centre is owned and managed by Activate Outdoors Ltd Company Reg No.
Beacon of Leadership Excellence Program® is based on the values of Integrity, Discipline, Passion, Respect and Commitment. This course focuses on the value of integrity and the implications that leaders experience when integrity is not held as a guiding principle.
This retreat will have organizational leaders soaring as this experience re-ignites their passion for the work they do.
Members who successfully participated in the Beacon of Leadership Excellence program will receive a certificate and a Beacon of Leadership Excellence lapel pin commemorating their quest for lifelong learning and leadership excellence.

There is a stark contrast between the way a manager thinks, behaves and communicates and the way a true leader thinks, behaves and communicates. This interactive workshop is designed to have learners critically think about and apply the competencies necessary for successful performance as a true leader at the supervisory level. In today’s economy and declining markets, it is more important than ever to have a firm understanding of financial concepts. NILOD professionals are well prepared and experienced to help you develop an improvement strategy. Ideal for those who want to assume broader leadership responsibilities, and to enhance their capacity to tackle the challenges facing their organization. We aim to develop leaders through supporting individuals to raise their emotional intelligence in order for them to become more effective personally and interpersonally. We explore beliefs and attitudes, embrace diverse values and journey with curiosity into the dynamics of groups, culture and leading people in a complex organisational environment.
On going coaching and facilitation of action learning sets can be included to enhance the learning. With a diverse range of outdoor activities as well as indoor facilities, our site is an ideal venue for an outdoor-based leadership development course.
A nights stay on site, either in our Shepherd's Huts or camping in tents or shelters always augments a course, with the delegates benefiting from an evening together away from it all. All of our programmes are tailored to meet your specific objectives so we do not publish a price list - but please do not let this deter you from making an enquiry. Survey DIY Leadership Analysis DIY Teamwork Analysis Tool Blog LMA Library Courses What do you need? Respect is the cornerstone for creating a healthy and inclusive work environment that is founded on valuing differences and leveraging team members for maximum effectiveness. This course introduces specific strategies the leader can employ to instill the value of commitment throughout the work culture. This course illustrates the difference between leadership and supervision by highlighting clear leadership practices and identifying strategies for leveraging strengths through leadership. This room set-up will create a more informal, relaxed atmosphere that is more conducive to group participation. This course broadens the participants’ perspective on leadership and really helps them to take the next step towards establishing true influence by working through people and systems. This class instills the foundation to develop leadership skills in several areas including: thinking like a leader versus an employee, goal setting and action planning, communication skills, setting employee objectives and expectations, giving specific and timely feedback and support, coaching for excellent performance, meeting management and facilitation and the fundamentals of delegation with strong emphasis on continuous improvement.
Setting performance expectations and holding people accountable are critical for getting results.

Conversely, ineffective communication is at the root of most failures, challenges and crisis.
Furthermore, leaders and employee alike need to know how these concepts impact their individual roles, their departments and ultimately their organizations. Allowing each delegate to more fully understand how they choose to operate in various management and leadership situations. We support individuals to become more aware of their personal connection of thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physiology and to use this awareness to understand and appropriately meet their needs. We provide first-class catering for all of our tailored programmes and can arrange cold buffets, hot suppers, bbqs and hog roasts. Participants will leave this course with a clear understanding of how to ensure the achievement of the mission of the organization and the execution of the vision through true leadership. This course focuses on performance management, effective communication, conflict management and cultural competency as imperatives for leaders to execute in the workplace.
Participants will have the opportunity to examine ethical dilemmas, utilize an ethics checklist, identify key ethical mistakes to avoid, and walk through the four steps to accountability. This course helps participants to identify their communication styles and preferences arming them with the ability to leverage their styles for improved communication skills. It makes a clear linkage between the individual, their team and the organization in terms of performance accountabilities.
This course supports fiscal responsibility, a financial planning mindset and enlightenment around key terms and concepts. This course offers a comprehensive leadership overview that delves into the topics of effective communication, team building, developing others and leading people.
The intent of this course is to support leaders in creating an environment where employees can maximize their talents and perform at or above expectations. Critical thinking exercises support the course objectives for successful transfer of training and ultimately improved performance. This course also provides information and skill practice around giving and receiving feedback, coaching for high performance and re-recruiting high and medium performers. This course would not be complete without a desert survival simulation where the objective is to function effectively in a team based, stressful scenario where leadership naturally emerges.

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