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Reading an article about leadership development I came across the folowing comparison, that leadership development is like physical exercise!
Nobody gets fit by watching other people talking about fitness and working-out, neither by reading books!
That is very true, reading about leadership is very good and gives one alot of insight, however being a leader helps one increase in learning by having hands on experience and as the saying goes, experience is the best teacher.
Let me explain the rational behind it, which in fact I find very very successful and appropriate.

Essential points of leadership can be missed by sitting in a leadership class or reading about the theory but such points are hard to miss when you are actually practising it. If you remember, instead of only talking about the leadership issue in general, we had exercises where most of us had the opportunity to be leaders and practice different styles. It was a very important experience for most of us who hadn’t try a similar role in real life!
No matter how many books you read, how many courses attend or go in seminars and so on, the leadership ability will not be fully developed.

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leadership development exercises

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